• They're making a comeback as tools to help you drop pounds fast--especially with these fun and super-effective routines. By Jane Bianchi, REDBOOK.

    Why the craze?

    After so many off-the-wall trends (Shake Weight, anyone?), classes like Equinox's new TreadZone are taking a back-to-basics approach. "Walking fast or jogging is one of the most natural and easy things for the human body to do," says Gregory Florez, a trainer, executive coach, and spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise. "And there's no better cardio workout." Interval training, which is the basis of all three of these routines, is proven to burn the most calories and get you in tip-top shape fast as can be.

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    Wait a second!

    Before you get started, reduce the likelihood of soreness (ow) and injury (more ow) by doing a few stretches before you really start moving. Florez recommends stretching both hamstrings for at least 30 seconds by standing with your feet hip-width

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  • By Louis DeNicola, Cheapism.com

    Usher in the New Year with a new you. For many, this means resolving to eat better and exercise more. If that's your goal for 2014, a well-balanced and easy-to-follow weight-loss plan can help you hit the mark.

    There are many types of weight-loss plans. The least expensive are self-directed; that is, you learn about a diet and exercise options from a book and resolve to stick with the program. Would-be dieters who prefer more guidance can find lots of meal plans, food, and exercise recommendations in online diet programs along with interactive tools and community support; most are membership-based and some require a weekly or monthly fee. There are also food-delivery diet programs that send you prepared meals and/or snacks, but these tend to be expensive and don't suit everyone's palate. Moreover, you don't really learn to make smart food choices when all the preparation is done for you.

    Cheapism weighed the pros and cons of several of the

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  • POPSUGAR FitnessSource: Eat Carbs, Lose Weight: It's All About Timing

    Despite what popular diets say, carbs are not the enemy. But if you're on a weight-loss mission, a diet that's heavy in calorie-dense carbs is not going to support these goals. Luckily, many experts agree: you can have your carbs - and eat them too! - just make sure it's for breakfast.

    Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper tells his clients on the ranch to "front load their carbohydrates." Many people ask Bob if they should be cutting carbs entirely, but he completely disagrees, since "your body needs carbs for fuel." When you eat carbs earlier in the day, however, "you'll know you'll have time to burn them off" with exercise.

    Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson also recommends that his clients skip carbs later in the day - especially if they're getting ready for an important event! Foods like rice, grains, pastas, oatmeal, and potatoes make your body retain water, "which blurs, to a certain degree, definition and muscle

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  • POPSUGAR FitnessSource: No Juicer, No Problem! The Best Store-Bought Juices

    If you don't own a juicer, you can still reap the benefits. Understanding that convenience is key (especially around the holidays), here are the best sips that the grocery store has to offer. Forgoing the cart full of veggies and that tedious cleanup; these six juices are packed with detoxifying benefits to get you back on track after a splurge. Choose a juice, search by zip code, and consider it done.

    • Evolution Fresh: If you're a Starbucks regular looking for a quick boost, then pick up a bottle Evolution Fresh instead of a pastry when you go to order your next cup of coffee. While there are serval juices to choose from, the Essential Vegetable Juice has a hint of ginger to fire up your body's natural detoxification process.
      Where to buy: Major chains like Starbucks and Whole Foods. Search by zip code here.
    • Suja Juice: When you're looking for a snack or a three-day cleanse, Suja Juice can help. The Apple Cucumber
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  • Source: Do These 7 Things on Sunday to Lose Weight All Week Long

    You know you should be eating right and exercising all week to reach your weight-loss goals, but when you're so rushed between work and family responsibilities, it's tough to have the time to make it happen. A little planning ahead goes a long way, so here are some things you can do on Sunday to ensure you stay on the healthy path all week long.

    Plan Your Workouts Don't just think to yourself that you'll squeeze in a run here and a trip to the gym there - plan it out. Sit down with your weekly calendar and jot down every workout just as you would doctor's appointments and meetings. Use this time to call your fitness buddy or trainer to make dates, check out studio schedules to find classes you want to take, and check the week's weather to figure out which days will be best for that run or snowshoe outside.

    Hit the Hamper Nothing puts a damper on a workout more than not being able to find a clean sports bra, so do a

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  • POPSUGAR FitnessSource: 4 Mental Roadblocks That Sabotage Weight Loss

    It's not just about putting in time at the gym and eliminating certain foods; your mental state has a huge influence on whether you hit your weight-loss goals. Old thought patterns can seem unbreakable, but moving forward is more possible than you think. Find out if these negative thoughts are holding you back from success.

    You always put yourself down: Feeling bad or shameful about food choices or your body does not make for a healthy lifestyle; it actually hinders your ability to succeed. Health psychologist and Stanford lecturer Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D. explains, "If you focus on self-criticism, you'll be like a laser on it." Instead of focusing on putting yourself down, draw attention toward what you want to fix and accomplish. Above all else, treat yourself with kindness.

    You can't picture the new you: For women who have struggled with their weight for years, the idea of a lighter and healthier version of themselves might

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  • Ah, January. It's the time of year when you can't scroll through your Facebook news feed or sit down at brunch with friends without hearing about the topic of the moment-the New Year's resolution. While some are legit, there are plenty that have us rolling our eyes. Here, five grandiose proclamations we hope never to be uttered again.

    By Lexi Dwyer for TheNest.com
    Thinkstock / The Nest

    "I'm shutting down my Facebook/Instagram/Twitter account. I'm just done with social media."

    Yeah, right. Until her raging case of FOMO sets in and she comes crawling right back. Thankfully Facebook will creepily save all of her friends' passionate pleas asking her to stay-maybe all she wanted in the first place?-until she reactivates her account.

    "I'm purging every refined carb from my pantry and going totally Paleo from this day forward."
    Yeah, because making sweeping, cold-turkey changes to one's diet is so realistic. Since you're his friend, we know you won't mock him when he's chowing down on pizza two

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  • POPSUGAR FoodSource: Classic Comfort Foods Lightened Up

    Breakfast pastries, creamy soups, pot pies, and apple pie are just a few of the nostalgic, comforting foods we eat when the weather cools off. Since nutritional value is on your mind, we've gathered a number of healthy twists on our decadent favorites to please your palate and satiate comfort-food cravings.

    Cutting back on gluten and grains? This veggie-powered pizza needs to make its way to your kitchen. Freshly grated cauliflower serves as the base for the creative and delicious crust that you can fold up just like traditional pizza! The recipe only called for grape tomatoes and fresh basil, but feel free to toss a ton more veggies on this pizza pie to bulk it up a bit. At less than 300 calories for half the pie, this is a pizza recipe you can enjoy sans guilt. Get the recipe below, then check out 15 more half-calorie classics here!

    From Paula Deen

    Cauliflower Crust Pizza


    Nonstick spray
    2 1/2 cups cauliflower,

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  • Drew Barrymore on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Photo: Michael Rozman/Warner BrosThere’s nothing better than stuffing your face with giddy, entitled abandon when you’re pregnant — something Drew Barrymore, who’s expecting her second child, seems to understand well. “Oh God. I mean, I just eat everything I want,” she announced on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Monday. “I just want to enjoy the pasta right now! It’s not like it’s going to look that much different. What’s 10 pounds?” The night before, the star capped off her evening at the Golden Globes by tucking into a big cheesy slice at her “favorite pizza joint,” Instagramming a snapshot of the big moment with the hashtags #waitedallnight and #canteatfastenough.

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    It was a refreshing, validating sentiment from body-obsessed Hollywood and surely had plenty of regular ol’ women breathing a sigh of relief.

    And yet, the 38-year-old Barrymore told DeGeneres, she knows that her gorging “isn’t healthy” and admitted that even her doctor suggested she “pull back a

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  • How to Rethink Negative Memories and Improve Your Emotional HealthHow to Rethink Negative Memories and Improve Your Emotional HealthWe all have stories we always tell: some that are about how we miraculously survived the year we spent living in the sketchy part of town, others that explain why we are never, ever, ever going to eat a bowl of oatmeal again, and more that we tell just to make people laugh. But are some of the stories we tell ourselves holding us back? Putting us in a role of powerlessness or sticking us in a cycle of self-destructive thoughts?

    For many, many years I had a story about how I was the tag-along sister. My sister's friends were my friends, and my friends were her friends. I thought it explained why I always felt more comfortable around people a few years older than me than around my same-age peers. More recently I realized there was a subtler, more malicious storyline lying underneath that one that was killing my self-confidence and causing me all sorts of anxiety in social situations, and that was that people were not really interested in me - unless I was with somebody else: my sister,

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