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    Easy ways to boost your self-confidenceEasy ways to boost your self-confidence

    Research has shown that seeing idealized images of thin, flawless-looking supermodels and celebritiescan make women feel bad about themselves. But a new survey from German beauty company Braun suggests that women feel judged every day, regardless of the situation.

    Some of the instances in which women don't feel they "measure up"? Dropping their kids off at school, giving a presentation at work, and shopping. Yikes!

    Everyone has a down day once in a while, but in a world where women are arguably enjoying more success than ever, why do so many feel so bad about themselves?

    To start, we live in a culture that perpetuates judgment based on looks and weight, says Jennifer Lombardi, executive director of the Sacremento-based Eating Recovery Center of California. It starts early, with children as young as five learning that being "thin" or "skinny" is good and being "fat" is bad, she says.

    Then add that we live in the golden age of the 24-hour news

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  • Skip the chemicals and the cost by making your own.Has your laundry detergent ever given you pause? Maybe it's the amount you spend in any given year on Tide. If cost isn't a concern, perhaps the chemical content has you freaked out. Most store-bought laundry detergent is chock full of harmful materials like sulfates, fragrances and phenols. It gets worse: Certain brands even contain petroleum distillates, which are linked to cancer and lung disease. Frankly, it's just not worth the risk.
    Some of the environmentally-friendly options seem okay; but on the other hand, they don't strike us as getting everything terribly clean. So what about whipping up a batch of detergent yourself?
    Lest you shrink back from the idea because of the false belief that it involves more drudgery than doing the laundry itself, let us be the first to tell you how easy it is.
    While many of the DIY instructions we found overlap in ingredients and how-to, we're recommending the information provided by the blog Wellness Mama, who swears that making your

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  • My Pregnant Body — From Loathing to AcceptanceMy Pregnant Body — From Loathing to AcceptanceI am not a tiny pregnant lady - it's just a fact.

    Those women who are only pregnant in their bellies … you know, the kind who, even with big bellies, perfectly round like a basketball, are still in possession of lovely, lithe limbs and a chin with a visible jawline? Yeah, that's so not me. When I am pregnant, I'm pregnant everywhere. My arms look pregnant, my thighs lose whatever semblance of a "gap" they ever had, my bum gets a bit squishy and my jawline slowly disappears over the course of nine months.

    During my last pregnancy, I had a really difficult time with this. I remember feeling like my body was hijacked and the weight gain felt totally random and uncontrollable. I gained nothing during the first 18 weeks of my pregnancy despite a lack of morning sickness - and then, suddenly, without changing my eating or workout habits, I gained 20 pounds in a two-week span. It was insane. After that, I pretty much just gave up. It felt out of my control, so I figured why bother? I

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  • The Varied Personalities of Numbers

    It is 4/4, and you may notice more people taking a "my way or the highway" approach to life. That's because in Numerology, the number 4 is stubborn and no-nonsense.

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    Numbers, like people, are not always as predictable as you might wish them to be. Each of the single-digit numbers has a wide range of qualities, many of them apparently paradoxical, as is the case with people. Some of their qualities are hiding in the wings until circumstances send them to center stage. Some of those qualities are clearly two-faced: one day they show their good side, but the next day their bad side reveals itself.

    When I first became involved in Numerology, I took the descriptions of the meanings of numbers more or less literally. It was all pretty straightforward. Over time, the more I practiced and the more I learned, that picture changed. I no longer thought about numbers as clearly defined and severely limited

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  • If you use Instagram, it's probably for sharing photos of your travels or that amazing sushi roll you ordered last night, but two long-lost sisters got much more out of the photo sharing app recently: They found each other after 18 years apart. 

    Nia Edwards, a 22-year-old customer service rep from Hazlehurst, Mississippi, has four siblings but was separated from them as a child because, though they all shared the same father, some had different mothers. “I was so young when we all split up, but I knew about my siblings because I had family photos,” Edwards tells Yahoo Shine.   

    It was only during high school when Edwards started getting more curious about her family roots. She joined MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook and began searching for her siblings, but she never found a trace of them online. “My mom and I even paid for a few of those ‘people finder’ subscriptions but we didn’t have luck and because I didn’t have contact with my father, I couldn’t ask him for help,” she says.

    More on

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  • sugar cubessugar cubesBy Woman's Day Staff

    With the amount of sugar found in common foods, it's hard to avoid the sweetener. Make it easier on yourself (and your waistline) with this easy-to-follow advice. Click through to find out how to nip those pesky cravings in the bud.

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    The physician says…read labels Don't blame brownies for your sweet tooth. As much as half the sugar you consume comes from savory sources such as pasta sauce, salad dressing, condiments, crackers and bread. These stealth sugars are dangerous because they condition your taste buds to expect sweetness. The more sugar you eat, the more you want-and that's when you reach for the brownie. Excess sugar in your diet can lead to a host of health problems, from heart disease to diabetes. So shop smart: Compare labels at the supermarket and choose brands that contain fewer grams of sugar per serving, or substitute a different food entirely. Try using hot sauce instead of ketchup,

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  • sick womansick womanBy Sarah Burns

    Cold season's arrival doesn't mean you have to be down for the count-or dole out needless dollars at the drugstore. "The newest research reveals certain lifestyle tweaks can boost your body's natural defenses to help you better fend off colds and flu," explains Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, author of Real Cause, Real Cure. Here, 10 side effect-free strategies to keep you in fighting form.

    1. Keep your toes toasty.
    A case of cold feet could lead to a lot of achoo-ing, says Ron Eccles, PhD, director of the Common Cold Centre at Britain's Cardiff University. How? Chilly tootsies tell your brain to conserve your body's heat, he explains. The brain then responds by firing messages that reduce blood flow to areas that lose heat quickly, like the mucus membranes of the sinuses. Decreased blood flow means decreased flow of infection-fighting white blood cells, leaving your body more vulnerable to viruses. Dr. Eccles's advice: Wear warm socks.

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  • The sunshine never felt so good.You know your day would be way more efficient if you could just drag yourself out of bed before work and fit in your workout.

    But executing this healthy plan is way easier said than done. If you're looking for more motivation to get up and get moving, a new study from Northwestern Medicine might give you that extra push.

    The April 2014 study of 54 participants (men and women with an average age of 30) found that people who got the majority of their daily light exposure in the morning had a significantly lower BMI than those who didn't get much exposure until later in the day.

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    This connection was independent of each person's physical activity level, caloric intake, sleep timing, age or season. Researchers point to sunlight's role in regulating our circadian rhythm as the explanation for its effect on BMI.

    "Light is the most potent agent to synchronize your internal body clock that regulates circadian rhythms, which in turn also regulate

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  • High-powered professionals from CEOs and DEA officers to Carnegie Hall musicians are retraining their lungs to help them keep cool under pressure. Here's why you should too.

    By: K. Aleisha Fetters, Photograph by Dylan Coulter

    Dylan CoulterDylan Coulter

    Lying prostrate on the ground with the rifle in his hands, eyes narrowed on his mark, Steve Kardian concentrated on not moving a muscle. "I need complete control for long-range shots; even one micro flinch can send the bullet flying feet from your target," he says. The FBI defense tactics instructor had been called upon by a top military agency to take on a classified secret service-like assignment-if he failed these qualifying tests the job was gone. Just before stepping up to the line, Kardian performed a deep diaphragmatic breathing exercise taught to him by his respiratory guru of two years, Belisa Vranich. "It brought a calm over me. I was able to maintain my positions and hit all my targets."

    Kardian was so impressed with the changes Vranich's

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