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    Sunset associate garden editor Johanna SilverSunset associate garden editor Johanna Silver
    Planting secrets from Sunset associate garden editor Johanna Silver

    Design: I love the keyhole-shaped bed! It frames the planting so the crops never look out of control as they grow.

    Soil: I till the bed with a garden fork to remove rocks and break up clumps before raking the soil smooth. Then I cover the soil with a few inches of compost, till that in, and rake again.

    Planting: I start most of the seeds indoors in September--except arugula, which I sow directly in the ground--then transplant seedlings outdoors six to eight weeks later. (In cold climates, plant in spring.) I always sow extra seeds in case some don't germinate, and I keep excess seedlings in case any plants in the ground fail.

    Spacing: Though I follow the recommendations on the seed packets, I space seedlings on the tighter end of the range so the beds will look lush.

    Harvesting: When arugula

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  • Source: Printable Full-Body Circuit Workout - No Equipment Needed!

    You have no excuses not to do this full-body circuit workout. Not only can you do it almost anywhere, but you don't need any special equipment (just a wall and a chair or bench). The entire workout takes about 20 minutes; first warm up with about five minutes of light cardio, then repeat each of these circuits twice. Get the PDF printable version of this workout here and learn more on how to do each exercise here.

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  • POPSUGAR FitnessSource: 2 Dozen Ways to Show Stress Who's Boss

    In all honesty, we're heading into the most stressful time of the year . . . the holidays! While stress is unavoidable and completely normal, there are a few ways - 24, to be exact - that will help you remain calm, cool, and collected. Whether you choose to sweat it out or take 10 minutes for a good laugh, these stress busters are here to help. Now breathe.

    • Inhale, exhale, and repeat: This will immediately slow things down and help you regroup.
    • Make a list: Just jotting everything down will help you get organized and see things differently. As a list, your stresses may not look so bad after all!
    • Step outside: Head outside for some fresh air - it will energize you.
    • Turn off your phone: If emails and texts are the source of stress, turn off your phone (especially before bed).
    • Do Downward Dog: A beginner-friendly, relaxing yoga sequence will relax muscles, release tension, and help get your head in a happier place.
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  • SWNSToday in horrible news: Two friends in England thought it would be hilarious to wear Halloween costumes depicting New York City’s twin towers burning to the ground. They've issued an apology for their actions, but that hasn't stopped the story from going viral, with people expressing their outrage and disgust.

    Amber Langford and Annie Collinge, both 19-year-old students at the University of Chester, sent the following statement to the British newspaper, The Sun, which broke the story: “We never meant to be offensive, but we apologize if any offense was caused. The idea was to depict a serious, modern-day horror that happened in our lifetime and was not intended as a joke.”

    On Oct. 31, as part of a Halloween contest at Rosie’s Nightclub in Chester, the women wore cardboard cutouts of burning skyscrapers labeled “South Tower” and “North Tower.” Each featured protruding fiery flames and figures of people jumping to their deaths on September 11, 2001. They also wore hats in the shape of

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  • Source: The 3 Weight-Loss Rules You Need to Remember

    Losing weight is a slow and steady process, but every little bit helps. Employing these smart tricks every time you eat a meal will keep you on the right track.

    Think fiber and protein: When it comes to creating the best plate for losing weight, choose the nutrients that give you the most bang for your buck. Make sure you have lean protein and fiber-filled foods like fruits and vegetables at each meal - you'll stay satisfied longer than if you chow down on fast-burning carbs. Add a sprinkle of chia seeds, a side of broccoli, or these other fiber-filled foods, and make these lean meats or these vegetarian protein sources your plate's star.

    Sit down at a table when you eat: Walking around snacking, eating at your desk, or indulging on the couch can mean adding hundreds of extra calories into your day. Make meals about mindful eating by sitting down at a table when you eat and paying attention to your meal. When you focus on

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  • Source: The 10 Commandments of Snacking

    Snacking not only wards off hanger (hungry anger), it can fill the holes in your daily nutrition and weight-loss goals too. But since healthy snacking is all about the right choices, let the 10 commandments of snacking be your guide. From choosing a right pre-workout bite to using snacks to satisfy cravings, these rules are here to help (not doom) your diet!

    • Thou Shalt Measure It Out: Once you choose a snack, measure out the appropriate serving, leave the kitchen, and sit down to enjoy it. Avoid eating straight from the box of cereal or while standing at the kitchen counter, because you're more likely to keep going back for more (and more!).
    • Thou Shalt Fill in the Gaps: Use snacks to fill in the holes in your diet. If you didn't get your greens in at lunch, munch on a few veggies in the afternoon. This will ensure you have a well-balanced diet - not to mention fruits and veggies are lower in calories and higher in nutritional value than
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  • POPSUGAR FitnessSource: 8 Detox Superfoods of Fall

    With the feasting season quickly approaching, we are here to remind you that your diet is not doomed! The autumnal season is loaded with detox powerhouses; these pieces of produce will naturally help you get back on track. Nutrient-rich foods like ginger, kale, and beets not only have flat-tummy powers, but they also taste good. Eat these good-for-you salads, soups, and quick post-workout smoothies to move past those sugar lapses. Learn about our eight favorite Fall detox foods to help you get cooking!

    • Ginger: Tummy problems? Turn to ginger. Not only can this spicy root relieve your digestive system, it is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Ginger might also boost the immune system, assisting in detoxification by promoting a healthy sweat, ridding your body of infections.
    • Beets: Beets have been shown to provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification support. They are also filled with folate, fiber, and
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  • Lindsy Wadas welcomes Major Matthew Winkelbauer at O'Hare International Airport. Photo: Lindsy Wadas. Nine Marines got a special surprise welcome at Chicago's O’Hare International Airport on Monday during the last leg of their 5-day journey that began in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, and was slated to end at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in San Diego County, California. The big homecoming included a water salute from the Chicago Fire Department, which took place as the Marines’ plane taxied under an arch of water on the tarmac, as well as a greeting by a cheering welcoming committee at the gate that included members of the Chicago Fire and Police departments, volunteers from the USO at O’Hare International Airport, and American Airlines passengers and personnel.  And there was still more to come.

    “It’s a really super nice gesture,” Major Matthew Winkelbauer, one of the nine marines, tells Yahoo Shine. “It’s nice to know that some people are still following troop redeployments and the war going on in Afghanistan. For people to take time out of their day to stop by and give us a

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  • by Lexi Petronis

    Kate PowersKate PowersWhen you're trying to find the motivation to eat well and exercise regularly, "my significant other will looooove the results" can occasionally have a spot on the "reasons to exercise" list. Oh yes--I'll cop to it!

    But according to a new study, that possible "do" might actually turn out to be a "don't" when it comes to your relationship.

    Researchers at North Carolina State University studied 21 U.S. couples--all of whom who had a partner who had lost an average of 30 to 60 pounds within a two-year time span. All were given questionnaires inquiring as to how the weight loss had made a difference with their relationship.

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    In some cases, communication improved after the weight was lost--those who had shed pounds were usually more likely to talk about how to live healthily, and even try to inspire their partners to exercise or eat better. When the other partners were into the idea, the relationships were

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  • The AngelsWhat do Doutzen, Lily, Lindsay and Erin have in common besides hitting the genetic jackpot? Religious Ballet Beautiful workouts leading up to their big reveal. By Nicole Catanese

    The annual, and much anticipated, Victoria's Secret show will be taping one week from today (and airing on Tuesday, December 10th 10/9 C on CBS). And many of the main girls, aka the Angels, the likes of Lily Aldridge, Doutzen Kroes, Lindsay Ellingson, Erin Heatherton have been getting in hour-to two hour-workouts, six days a week, at Ballet Beautiful. We went to the Soho studio to test-drive the unparalleled toning (and yes, we saw Doutzen on her way out) and to talk to Mary Helen Bowers, New York City Ballet veteran and creator of the ballet-inspired workout.

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    Harper's Bazaar: Why is Ballet Beautiful the perfect workout for the girls leading up to the show?

    Mary Helen Bowers: The muscles that are used in Ballet Beautiful are similar to

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