• The family command center gets a modern upgrade thanks to Day-Glo Plexiglas. A sturdy pegboard base proves perfectly suited for sorting mail, displaying photos, and storing small items.

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    Wooden pegboard
    Gray spray paint
    Neon Plexiglas sheets
    Plastic cutter
    Electric drill
    Plastic drill bit
    Neon acrylic rod
    Gray elastic cord

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    1. Working in a well-ventilated area, spray the pegboard with gray paint until evenly coated; let dry completely.

    2. Use a marker to indicate the size Plexiglas pieces you'd like to cut (ours measure 4" by 6", 6" by 6", 6" by 9.5", and 1.75" by 5.75"), making sure that the corners of the piece line up with holes in the pegboard. (Tip: You can also order Plexiglas in custom sizes from tapplastics.com.)

    3. Using a plastic cutter, score the Plexiglas along the marker line. Place

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  • woman eating a saladwoman eating a saladBy Joy Bauer, RD

    If you haven't quite reached your slim-down goal yet, and your go-to weight-loss tips are no longer doing the trick, follow this plan to keep dropping pounds. Photo by Getty Images.

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    1. Take Stock of Your Habits
    It's amazing how much extra food you can eat without realizing it: nibbling while cooking, finishing your kid's leftovers, munching while you watch TV. Even if the bites are small, every bit adds up over time. Give yourself a reality check by keeping a food journal for one week, writing down everything you eat and drink. Are you hitting the vending machines in the afternoon instead of packing a bag of carrots and hummus to get you through the afternoon slump? At the end of the week, you'll be able to spot any unhealthy eating patterns you need to rethink.

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    2. Say Good Night to the Kitchen
    The toughest time to

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  • You might be peaking earlier than you thought.It's one of the eternal questions about aging: At what age do we reach our peak? The answer isn't so easy, because it depends on what you consider your "peak" to be: Intelligence, physical fitness levels and beauty all meet their scientific peak at different ages.

    But when it comes to cognitive motor performance-the fancy name for how long it takes your brain to react to something-if you're over 24 years of age you've already reached your peak, according to an April 2014 Simon Fraser University study.

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    The answer came from analyzing data from a video game (at least they're good for something) StarCraft 2. The 3,305 players ranged in age from 16 to 44. Researchers crunched the data on thousands of hours of strategic real-time cognitive-based moves performed at varied skill levels, looking at how players responded to their opponents and more importantly, how long they took to react.

    "After around 24 years of age, players show slowing in a

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  • keyswhereSamuel Johnson wrote, "It is by studying little things that we attain the great art of having as little misery, and as much happiness as possible," and I'm often struck by how much happiness I get from making improvements in small, seemingly trivial aspects of my life.

    And one of those aspects? Keeping track of my stuff. Not being able to find something is a minor challenge to happiness, of course - but it's one of those minor things that can make me crazy.

    Today, Sumathi Reddy wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal that had a great series of tips about how to find a lost object.

    Apparently - and this is no surprise - the most commonly misplaced possessions are: cellphone, keys, sunglasses, purse, umbrella, bank card, tablet, documents (that's a little broad), and wallet. The average person loses up to nine objects every day.

    The article included these tips from Michael Solomon's How to Find Lost Objects:

    Don't look for it yet - wait until you have some idea where

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  • They'll keep your body running (and looking) its best--without ever resorting to a juice fast. By Erin Zammett Ruddy, REDBOOK.

    None of this.Cleanses are the new black, seducing celebrities and regular women everywhere with their promise to flush out toxins, jump-start weight loss, clear skin, and tap new energy. But these extreme programs can be unhealthy and angry-making (just try being nice when your last "meal" was lemon juice with cayenne pepper). We do accumulate toxins, says Melina Jampolis, M.D., a Los Angeles-based physician nutrition specialist. "But our body is built to cleanse itself constantly. The way you live has a more profound impact than any fast fix." Follow this advice and you'll never sip your dinner through a straw.

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    1. Start your day with water and lemon...

    "Sleep is dehydrating," says Zelana Montminy, Psy.D., a nutrition expert based in Los Angeles. She and other experts suggest warm water, because it's less taxing on the

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  • 7 Ways Doctors Nix Back Aches

    Get this: 80 percent of us will experience back pain at some point. The advice these docs give their pals can help you stay miraculously immune. By Lisa Mulcahy, REDBOOK.

    You might be the back-pain "type." Relax, already!

    "I see people all the time who have certain traits that can really contribute to back pain. Usually it's that woman who's very stressed, which makes her body susceptible to inflammation, a major cause of back pain. She's dehydrated, sits at a desk, and doesn't exercise enough. I tell my friends to cut out caffeinated drinks--caffeine can dry out the cushions between the vertebrae, leading those vulnerable bones to develop cracks. Instead, drink water. And when sitting, straighten up and open your legs slightly, which will stabilize your back. When you walk, keep your core engaged: Think about how you hold in your stomach as you're trying to get into a tight pair of jeans. Your back will thank you!" -Isis M. Medina, chiropractor and certified clinical nutritionist in Read More »from 7 Ways Doctors Nix Back Aches
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. By Ava Feuer, REDBOOK.

    Detoxing will help you lose weight
    "Detoxification is a made-up term," says Yoni Freedhoff, M.D., author of The Diet Fix. "Juice cleanses that call themselves that rely on pseudo-scientific babble." Yes, you'll lose weight on a three- or five-day liquid diet, but once you go back to solid food, you'll gain it all back--and maybe more thanks to acting on feelings of deprivation and the idea that you deserve treats after being "good." "Our liver, kidneys, and skin detoxify our bodies naturally. There is nothing left over that we need to remove, nor is there any mechanism by which these cleanses could do so."

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    There's a miracle in a bottle
    "I am constantly bombarded with questions about supplements--right now it's raspberry ketones and green bean coffee extract," says registered dietitian and author of Skinny-Size It Molly Morgan. "But there's very little

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  • Dark chocolate

    By Elizabeth Stark

    A lot of scientific studies you read about often seem too good to be true, and they usually are; sadly, Croatian scientists will probably never find that 74 percent of subjects who ate only cake actually lost weight,or that a caramel latte a day will reduce your risk of stroke. But sometimes, on a few glorious occasions, it turns out something you love actually is good for you.

    I'm talking about chocolate here. So let's really talk about chocolate. Not all chocolate packs the same healthful punch - the kind you can eat with moderate abandon (an ounce or so a day) is dark chocolate, cocoa, or cacao. Look for chocolate that touts a 70 percent or greater cocoa content, and then get down to the healthy business of inhaling it. Milk chocolate and even a lot of "dark chocolate" candy bars have tons of sugar and a lot of fat either introduced or reintroduced in manufacturing. So any health benefits you get from these are going to be outweighed by the added sugar

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  • Everyone dreads going to the dentist — thinking of the drill buzzing alone is enough to induce nightmares — but to keep your pearly whites looking, well, pearly and white, professional teeth cleanings are absolutely necessary. But to ease your fears of the intimidating oral tools, know that, someday, the person behind the mask about to fill your cavities could possibly be one of these silly dental students featured in the “Wax it Fresh, and Carve it Smooth” video.

    The creators of the cheeky video, Sam King and Greg Montgomery, are in their second year at Creighton Dental School in Omaha, Nebraska, and decided it was time to put down the books and drills and let loose using their newly acquired knowledge. King filmed and edited and Montgomery, the dapper almost-dentist rapping and rhyming about root canals, wrote the maddeningly catchy song. Lyrics like “having dreams about my teeth falling out,” and “I spit out you haters with my anti-plaque” are some of the most memorable lines. The

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  • One in three U.S. adults has high blood pressure. One in three U.S. adults has high blood pressure.

    By Jennifer Brown, PhD, Everyday Health

    Sometimes medication is simply not enough to control high blood pressure - or so doctors thought. But in their search for why some patients don't respond to treatment, a team of researchers found many were in fact not taking their drugs at all, based on levels of the medications in their urine samples.

    Lead investigator Maciej Tomaszewski, MD, and others make the case for using a simple urinanalysis to check whether patients with "resistant" hypertension actually take the drugs they were prescribed. The results of their research at the University of Leicester in the UK were published this week in the journal Heart.

    Barriers to Getting Hypertension Under Control

    High blood pressure puts you at risk for heart disease and stroke - two good reasons to get it under control. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States for both men and women, yet many physicians believe it is preventable by effectively treating its

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