• It might be time to actually start thinking about breathing.Most of us breathe the way we dance-we think we're doing it right, but we're not. Even more than bopping to the beat, breathing is a natural, automatic action, and one we don't often give much (if any) thought to. In fact, you probably think more about how you look on the dance floor than you do about how you breathe. And you know which one is more important. (Answer: It's the one that provides oxygen for every part of your body.) Breathing right, and taking time to do it, makes you look and feel younger. But don't worry, we'll teach you how.

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    Before you say, "Hey, I know how to breathe, I've been doing it my whole life!" take this little quiz: Look ahead for two breaths. Then, look down for two breaths. Do you see anything moving? Probably not, or at least not much. That's because most people usually take very short, shallow breaths that come only from the chest. Your lungs are capable of inhaling 6 quarts of air per minute, but unless you're using

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  • Source: Why You Need to Snack on Raw Pumpkin Seeds ASAP

    If you're not enjoying pumpkin seeds regularly, then it's time to start incorporating these little guys into your diet. While the seeds straight from the pumpkin are delicious - after they're roasted, of course - the more concentrated nutritional value comes from raw pepita seeds, the hulled, flat, green seeds you'll see in the bulk section of your supermarket. More than adding a seasonal flair to your favorite salad or bowl of yogurt, here are all the healthy reasons you should snack on pumpkin seeds as soon as possible.

    They support weight loss: Raw pumpkin seeds are a great source of protein and fiber, which work to fill you up and keep you satisfied for longer. Snacking on them raw is great when you're in a bind for time, but you can also enjoy them in the form of this cilantro-pepita pesto that's a delicious dip for baby carrots or that you can easily spread on some whole-grain crackers or sliced turkey.

    They improve

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  • Source: Sip Up to Slim Down: Pear Berry Weight-Loss Smoothie

    The key to weight loss is filling up on low-cal foods that are high in fiber and protein to keep you satiated longer. Pears, berries, kiwi, avocado, greens, and flaxmeal are known for their high fiber content. Throw in some Greek yogurt for protein, and you've got a tangy breakfast that'll keep hunger at bay for hours, which means fewer calories consumed throughout the day. It's an easy way to sip down 19 grams of fiber and 13 grams of protein. Keep reading to learn how to make this 350-calorie weight-loss smoothie.

    From Jenny Sugar, POPSUGAR Fitness

    Pear Berry Weight-Loss Smoothie


    1 pear
    1 kiwi, peeled
    1/4 ripe avocado
    1 cup frozen raspberries
    1 cup raw spinach
    3 ounces nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt
    1/2 teaspoon flaxmeal
    2 cups cold water

    1. Mix everything in a blender until smooth.
    2. Enjoy immediately.


    Category: Drinks, Smoothies
    Yield: 1 serving
    Cook Time: 5
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  • Source: 4 Things You Should Never Eat (and How to Stop)

    Despite its name, the Telluride WOW Fitness Festival wasn't just about push-ups, crunches, and burpees. There was also some great advice being shared - including this nugget from trainer Jonathan Ross: "One bad meal won't transform your body, just like one good meal won't equal immediate results; the body builds itself from habit." Curious to know which habits matter in the long run, Jonathan offered up his rules for things you should always - and never! - do when it comes to eating.


    • Eat veggies and protein at every meal: We're not talking fried, cheese-covered, or canned vegetables, either. Not only are fresh veggies rich in vitamins and antioxidants, but also, the water and fiber content help keep you full. If the thought of eating veggies all day long makes you gag, then get over it, says Jonathan. "Healthy food tastes boring for a little while. Your taste buds adapt." Alongside those veggies, make sure you
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  • POPSUGAR FoodSource: Tactics That Prevent Overeating: Do These Work For You?

    We've all stuffed ourselves silly once in a while; it's bound to happen sometimes. Saying no during holidays, weddings, or family-style dinners at Grandma's can be challenging. When you're trying to drop a few, portion control is tough but essential. Read through, and share whether these techniques would prevent you from overeating.

    • Chewing Gum: Sometimes your mouth just needs to keep busy, and chewing gum or sucking on candy does the trick. Does it help you?
    • Filling Up on Water: Drinking water throughout the day can stave off hunger cravings, and sipping a big glass while eating can also help you feel full faster. Do you drink water to prevent overdoing it during meals?
    • Eating a Salad Before the Entrée: Noshing on a salad before dinner offers fiber to fill you up, which can help curb your urge to stuff yourself once you get to the entrée. Is this a helpful tactic for you?

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  • Source: How Your Car Helps You Lose Weight

    Driving can definitely cause weight gain. If you're bored on long work commutes or road trips, snacking or hitting the drive-through can make the time pass. And sitting in traffic all the time doesn't quite burn calories the way running does. It doesn't have to be this way! Here's how your car can actually help you slim down.

    • Sip on this: Keep a reusable water bottle in your cup holder so you can sip it when you feel like snacking.
    • Stash healthy snacks: Forget McDonalds! Stash nonperishable healthy snacks in your car so you can reach for those instead of hitting the gas station mini-mart. Nuts, trail mix, granola bars, whole grain pretzels, and shelf-stable soy or almond milk are great options. If you know you'll be in the car for a few hours, pack a healthy meal so you can avoid having to hit the drive-through. Eating every few hours keeps hunger at bay and can prevent overeating at mealtimes.
    • Extra kicks: You never know when
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  • 8 Best Spa Getaways Around the World

    Whether you'd like to swim with sea turtles or slim with supermodels, you'll find your new happy place at one of these getaways.

    HalekulaniHalekulani1. Halekulani, Hawaii
    The revamped program at this bastion of bliss on Waikiki Beach includes Mind-Body exercise classes and new treatments drawn from Polynesian and Asian traditions-including a first-in-Hawaii Tahitian taurumi monoï-oil rubdown.
    Top treatment: Try the Ho'olele massage, in which therapists use their bare feet to target sore muscles. Hang 10!

    2. El Secreto, Ambergris Caye, Brazil
    This secluded hideaway 11 miles from the nearest town (arrivals are by boat only) ensures the sort of casual luxury where sea turtle spottings and poolside coconut mojitos are a given.
    Top treatment: You don't have to be betrothed to enjoy the Jasmine Organic Brides Ritual, which involves a massage, body wrap, and flower bath, but be prepared to field proposals afterward.

    3. Miraval, Tuscon
    Perhaps the first wellness retreat inspired by a skin-care

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  • 7 Party Dip Recipes7 Party Dip RecipesWhen the weekend comes we all like to get our party on, and nothing makes a party better than a tasty tip! From the dips that go well with pita to those that play up their own flavors, we love to graze on these finger-lickin' tasty snacks! The problem with dips, though, is that they are mindless munchies. You pass the bowl, take a dip, and repeat until you're scraping the bowl for sides.

    It may seem obvious which dips are the best for your health. But sorry to tell you partiers: looks can be deceiving. Your dip may contain words like "spinach" and "red pepper," but these suckers can pack a punch calorie-wise - especially since you know you are going to go over the recommended serving size (2 tablespoons?! Come on.)

    So in hopes of keeping you healthy while you're living it up this weekend, we compiled a roundup of common party dips ranked from the unhealthiest to the healthiest for your next party.

    You and your guests can snackfear-free if you follow our advice!

    Blue Cheese

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  • by Jay Cardiello for SHAPE.com

    Want to gain weight? These tips help you do so in a healthy way.Want to gain weight? These tips help you do so in a healthy way.Not all women are looking to lose weight-some actually want to add a few pounds. But not just any pounds, they typically mean they want to gain lean muscle. And just as with weight loss, weight gain comes down to caloric intake versus caloric output. There are other factors that can help, however, so that you put on muscle in the healthiest and most efficient way.

    When you're in the gym working out, you are breaking down your muscles (i.e. putting stress on them); out of the gym they recover and grow via diet, sleep, and hydration. Here's your two-part plan to maximize muscle growth.

    Inside the Gym

    1. Do strength exercises that are compound muscle movements.
    In other words, do moves that utilize multiple muscles and multiple joints at the same time. These recruit and break down more muscle fibers so that in recovery phase, more are building and growing than if you were to do just isolated muscle moves. Exercises include squats, lunges,

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  • Most of us don’t anticipate saving a life when we head off to work each morning, but one Detroit mail carrier did just that when he prevented a woman’s house from burning down.

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    On Tuesday, postal worker Darrian Crutcher, 48, was making the rounds on his usual 10:30 a.m. route, when he noticed smoke billowing from the upstairs window of a home on Stansbury Street. “There was a young girl, around 12 years old, sitting on the front steps crying,” Crutcher tells Yahoo Shine. “She said her mother was inside the house, so I called 911." The dispatcher told Crutcher to make sure everyone was out of the home—and without a thought to his own safety, he walked inside and found the homeowner, Carolyn Patterson. “She was standing in the living room panicking, so I asked if she had a hose,” he says. 

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    The hose was located on the side of the house. Crutcher raced outside to

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