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    Yandy.comYandy.com While putting your Halloween costume together this year--whether or not it's something like this sexy pineapple (to round out a sexy fruit salad group costume, of course)--keep these dos and don'ts in mind. Because, yes, even Halloween costumes can be health-ified!

    * Take that mask home from the store and scrub it with rubbing alcohol. After all, other shoppers have already tried that sucker on plenty of times--and researchers have found that they end up teeming with bacteria as a result (ew).

    * Have some sort of reflective material on your costume if you're going to be wandering outside in the dark--taking kids out trick-or-treating or bar-hopping with friends.

    * Use luminescent zinc sulfide if you're going to use glow-in-the-dark makeup. This is the only kind of glow-in-the-dark cosmetic approved by the FDA (for limited use).

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    * Make sure your costume doesn't drag on the ground--if it's

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  • breasts are older than you are breasts are older than you are As I sit here, celebrating my birthday today, I'm struck by how weird it is to age. Sure, I don't feel any different than I did yesterday. Or maybe even last year. But rewind three or five years and yes, I can definitely say I feel a bit older. But while different parts of me feel as young as ever, others feel those birthdays adding up. My cheek, for instance, has what I thought was darkened pigmentation from pregnancy. But now that I'm almost 20 months past that pregnancy, I'm certain it's just the beginning of an age spot. My ankles, always a weakness, have begun to remind me to slow down if I try to do too much too fast. But my brain still feels like it's 20, and I'm wondering when it'll catch up to the rest of me.

    It almost seems that different body parts age differently, and new research shows that this may be true-at least on a cellular level. Scientists were recently able to identify a so-called internal timepiece-a biological clock-that accurately gauges the age of human

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  • Your walking pace might say more about your relationship than you think.Our walking speeds are dictated by more than whether we're rushing to an appointment or taking a leisurely stroll. Rather, we subconsciously tailor our pace according to our physical features, such as how long our legs are and how much we weigh, in order to minimize energy expenditure. For men, hitting that sweet spot generally means walking faster than women.

    But what happens when men and women walk together? In order not to lose each other on the street, someone would have to either slow down or speed up their natural pace. An October 2013 study finds that the adjustment says more about love than mechanics.

    MORE: The Ups and Downs of Long Distance Relationships

    Researchers recruited 22 guys and gals of various weights and heights. Some of them were romantically involved, others were just friends. They paired the participants up with either love interests, same-sex friends or different-sex friends, and asked them to casually walk around a track while their speeds were

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  • How much water should you drink?How much water should you drink?by Chanie Kirschner, Mother Nature Network

    Everyone's heard the old refrain - drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. Turns out that's not entirely accurate. The Mayo Clinic recommends about 13 cups a day for an average male and about nine cups a day for the average female. But the actual amount of water a person should drink in a day can vary based on where you live, how much you weigh, and what kind of lifestyle you lead.

    Water makes up 60 percent of our body's weight and is absolutely imperative for our organs to function. Since we are constantly losing water through sweat, urine, and even our breath, drinking enough water is crucial. If you become dehydrated, you will lose energy and become nauseated, headache-y, and tired. Severe dehydration can even send you to the hospital so drinking an adequate amount of water is crucial to maintaining your health on a daily basis.

    If you exercise, you are losing more water than the average person. Therefore, it's important to

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  • Good news for indulgent diners: Turns out that foods like cheese, cream, and red meat have been "demonized" when it comes to heart health. At least that's the controversial claim of one British cardiologist, whose article published Tuesday in the British Medical Journal challenges much of what we've been taught to believe about saturated fat.

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    "Let's bust the myth of its role in heart disease," writes Aseem Malhotra of Croydon University Hospital in London. Saturated fats, along with cholesterol, occur naturally in foods such as meats and dairy products. And they've generally been labeled as big no-no's for anyone at risk of heart disease. But Malhotra — contrary to more conventional dietary guidelines, and to the opinions of some nutrition experts who spoke with Yahoo Shine — believes we've been led astray.

    "The mantra that saturated fat must be removed to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease has dominated dietary advice and

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  • By: K. Aleisha Fetters

    Miles Aldridge/Trunk ArchiveMiles Aldridge/Trunk ArchiveWhen it comes to matters of health, it seems that everything you do-or at least want to do-is bad for you. But recent research is calling into question exactly how bad our biggest vices truly are.

    It turns out these so-called health offenders can actually strengthen your muscles, up your gym performance, boost your immune system, fight flab, and even prevent chronic diseases. Not bad for "unhealthy" habits, eh?

    Here, 10 vices you can finally embrace guilt-free.

    Sleeping In
    Go ahead-hit the snooze. Or just break the damn thing altogether. According to a recent study from the University of Munich, people who wake up to an alarm rather than according to their body's internal clock are three times more likely to be overweight. Waking up before your body is ready messes up your circadian rhythms, leading you to feel perpetually jet lagged and eat when your body isn't primed to absorb nutrients, slowing your metabolism considerably.


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  • Several NYC subway signs have been changed from an 'N' to an 'Ñ' as a temporary nod to Hispanics and their contributions to the Big Apple.

    The change has not been approved by the MTA, New York city's public-transit authority, but seems to be getting approval from others.

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  • by Jacqueline Risser

    Getty ImagesGetty Images You may have noticed that we are fans of newly relauched Victoria's Secret Sport's sport bras. Case in point: Both Jenna Dewan Tatum and Shakira are on SELF covers sporting (pun intended) the super-flattering and supportive Angel.

    Lily Aldridge, who rocked the new Incredible style bra -- great for max support -- and Lindsay Ellingson (donning our beloved Angel bra) celebrated the launch of Victoria's Secret Sport's new colors and duds yesterday in NYC.

    As if their fitspirational bods weren't enough of a sell (those are some seriously toned abs), we also got a chance to meet Lily and the VS Sport team and take a peek at the gear in person.

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    Lily was an absolute doll (so sweet, and literally, so pretty that she could be a doll) and the pieces the team shared with us not only looked like they'd get the job done regardless of boob size, but came in cool styles and prints that would lift your girls...and your

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  • by Sarah-Jane Bedwell

    Courtesy of Burger KingCourtesy of Burger King Perhaps most widely known for its flame-broiled burgers and the, well duh, Whopper, Burger King is known for its Whoppers and flame-broiled burgers, but their newest menu item, the Satisfries, may be the most exciting. Besides the whirlwind of buzz these babies have created (we first reported on 'em at launch). Besides, let's face it, if anyone says they don't like fries, they're lying! You see, Satisfries are true French Fries, but Burger King's special new batter and recipe ensures that the fries to absorb less oil. The result? 40 percent less fat and 30 percent less calories than traditional fast-food fries. If that isn't enough to get you to Burger King, these enticing, yet till totally delicious picks from the King.

    Satisfries: Not only are these crinkle-cut fries lower in fat and calories than their traditional counterparts, they also have over 100mg less sodium than BK's original fries and still provide potassium. Plus, a value size Satisfries has just 190

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  • Yes, there is such a thing as good fats. Here's how to get more of them.
    by SELF Staffers

    photo: Travis Rathbonephoto: Travis RathboneFirst, a primer: Monounsaturated fatty acids (aka MUFAs) help control hunger and blood sugar and are found in avocado, nuts and olive oil. You can have between 30 g to 50 g of these a day (based on a healthy woman eating 1,800 cals a day).

    Eat more ... Avocado!
    Use 1/4 of an avocado instead of cheese on a sandwich
    * Cube it and put it on your chili
    * Mash it up and serve it on lightly toasted bread as an app
    * Make a rich risotto
    * Roll it in panko and make fries (seriously, they're awesome!)
    * Heck, put some salt, pepper, and balsamic on it and eat it with a spoon!

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    Eat more ... Nuts!
    Sneak slivered almonds into your oatmeal
    * Snack on unsalted peanuts at the airport
    * Grind up pistachios and sprinkle them on a pasta dish
    * Use almonds instead of pine nuts in your next pesto (more MUFAs!)
    * Roast peanuts with curry powder and serve them as an

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