• (Lauryn Lax / Facebook)At first, Lauryn Lax's local YMCA was just a place to work out. But it became a place where her life would change. Technically, it was the Nashville Y's parking lot, where Lax was first approached by a group of fellow gym-goers.

    A few of the gym's members began noticing that Lax, despite her thin frame, was constantly working out. They wondered if Lax was suffering from an eating disorder. Rather than sit and watch her wither away, eight gym-goers banded together and started thinking about ways that they could help Lax. One researched eating disorders online. Another tracked down Lax's parents in Arkansas. They confirmed that Lax had been struggling with anorexia since she was a girl, and they agreed to help with an intervention.

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    One fateful day in August, Lax was headed to the Y for what she described as "my first 2 1/2 hour workout of the day." In the parking lot, she was suddenly surrounded by the eight

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  • ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A school district and a girl represented by the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota have settled a lawsuit that claimed school officials violated the student's constitutional rights by viewing her Facebook and email accounts without permission.

    The Minnewaska School District has agreed to pay $70,000 to settle the 2012 case involving former Minnewaska Area Middle School sixth-grader, Riley Stratton, now 15 years old.

    According to the lawsuit, Stratton was given detention after posting disparaging comments about a teacher's aide on her Facebook page, even though she was at home and not using school computers. The ACLU also said administrators viewed her online conversations with a boy because of a complaint the two were using computers to talk about sex.

    "It was believed the parent had given permission to look at her cellphone," Minnewaska Superintendent Greg Schmidt said Tuesday. But Schmidt said the district did not have a signed consent from the parent.

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  • A new Snickers ad has put a seemingly refreshing twist on an old stereotype: catcalling construction workers, who in this case yell out empowering statements to startled female passersby, like, “You want to hear a dirty word? Gender bias!” But the campaign, released in Australia and viewable on YouTube, may actually be doing more harm than good, according to a rising tide of social media critics. That’s because the ad’s confusing premise — that the men simply aren’t themselves when they’re hungry — seems to cement the idea that, normally, male workers are offensive cretins. 

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    “The moral of the new Snickers ad is that we should keep men in a state of constant hunger,” one tweet suggests. And while some tout it for being “great” and “surprisingly funny,” more call it out for being “puzzling,” “confusing,” and “offensive,” with one man noting, “I don't really understand this Snickers ad… Eat Snickers and go back to being a

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  • by Elizabeth Siegel

    Getty ImagesGetty Images

    Here's some light reading for the beach: The Washington Post recently reported that eight sunscreen ingredients have been on the FDA's docket awaiting approval for years, and the agency hasn't approved a new ingredient since 1999. Talk about red tape, right?

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    OK, so what does that mean? For one thing, it most definitely does not mean that there's anything wrong with the sunscreen you're using (you should definitely keep using it). But many sunscreen ingredients protect against UV rays in slightly different ways, and so the more ingredients you can mix together, the more effective you can make any sunscreen, says Steven Q. Wang, director of dermatologic surgery and dermatology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering in New York City.

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    Plus, the SPF factor on any bottle of sunscreen only measures the degree of protection against UVB rays (the kind that burn skin).

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  • Doron Gild/FITNESS MagazineDoron Gild/FITNESS MagazineBy Sara Reistad-Long

    It was three days before my best friend's wedding when I saw it: a big slice of flourless chocolate cake, beckoning to me from the bakery case. Yes, I had a formfitting bridesmaid's dress hanging in my closet, but I'd been good lately, and I could always double up on my gym time. Just like that, my resolve went up in smoke.

    "We're at our most creative when we're trying to justify giving in to a craving," says David Colbert, MD, a coauthor of The High School Reunion Diet. Luckily, scientists know more than ever about using our powers of persuasion for good, not evil. Here's how to talk yourself out of temptation.

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    Old Excuse: "If I deprive myself now, I'll just eat more later."
    New Mantra: "I'm making a choice, not a sacrifice."
    We tend to want what we can't have. But when it comes to cravings, not getting what you want can dampen your desire. "Studies show that we crave what we eat," says

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  • What advice do you wish you had?Your 20s are those amazing years when you are just starting to get your act together, and still have plenty of time to make up for wayward decisions. Here, YouBeauty editors and our team of experts wax poetic about what we wish we knew back then. What would you tell your younger self if you had the life knowledge you do now? Share with us in the comments below!

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    Ni'Kita Wilson, 39
    "The only limitations are the ones that you place on yourself. To hell with what others think about you or what you can accomplish."

    Shelby Freedman Harris, Psy.D., 35
    "Exercise isn't a four letter word. You'll not only look better, but you'll also be mentally, physically and spiritually stronger by making time to exercise on a regular basis."

    Julie Giusti, 33
    "Buy Apple."

    Jim Perko, 58
    "Spend more time with Mom and Dad because it's your greatest gift of happiness to them!"

    Art Markman, Ph.D., 48
    "You don't have to win your

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  • Freshen your life and home through the art of Feng Shui

    Now that spring has officially sprung, it's time to clear out the clutter and make way for a brand new season of growth. Here are 10 Feng Shui tips designed to bring renewed energy into your life -- just look up the area you want to improve most!

    And for more tips that are geared at your life and situations, get advice from a personalized Feng Shui Report that unites your own Astrology birth chart with the art of Feng Shui!

    Love and romance: Clear out the space beneath your bed

    If you'd like a happier, healthier love life, look under the bed. Relocate any items you use regularly, then discard or donate the rest. By keeping the space beneath your bed totally clear, you'll resolve any deceptions, hidden resentments, and childhood traumas that have affected your romantic relationships.

    Communication: Erase old messages

    Do you feel misunderstood or unappreciated? Then get rid of old emails, texts and voicemails. Letting messages accumulate can make it difficult to get

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  • Eat Healthy with a Busy Schedule

    Meet the Fort Family: The Fort family from Euless, Texas, is an active crew. So dinner prep often falls by the wayside, making their host of restaurant menus look mighty tempting. Diet Coach Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, taught them that whipping up a healthy home-cooked meal doesn't have to eat up your entire evening.
    What they typically eat: • Burgers and fries • Tacos • Chinese takeout • Burritos • Pizza • Fried chicken tenders

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    Strategy 1: Stock Up on Healthy Staples
    You'll always have a head start on dinner if you keep healthful frozen and pre-prepped foods on hand.

    Fill your cart with these smart picks:
    Frozen unseasoned vegetables: Already cleaned and cut, they're major time-savers. Toss into stir-fry or serve as a side dish.
    Frozen precooked shrimp: A fast way to add protein-they take five minutes to heat up.
    Chicken breasts: Use them in sandwiches, wraps and pasta and even on pizza.
    Bagged salad or spinach:

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  • Eating right is always a challenge, but it can be especially tough when you're on the go. That's when you need energy and healthy nutrients most -- and when you have the least time to make sure you get them.

    Dr. Jana Klauer, nutritionist and author of "The Park Avenue Nutritionist's Plan," shares tips for smart eating under hectic circumstances.

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    Avoid Energy Lows

    Busy people tend to power their high-octane lifestyles with quick fixes like coffee and junk food. Dr. Klauer cautions against over-reliance on caffeine. "It'll give you a temporary jolt at best, which leaves you more tired later on," she says. The same goes for soda and candy, which contain processed sugars that cause a spike in blood sugar, followed by a sugar low that results in fatigue and hunger.

    Instead, counter the afternoon yawns with a healthy snack that will give you more lasting energy. Nutritious protein shakes, like Dr. Klauer's Everyday Nutrition

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  • By Lisa Lillien, REDBOOK.

    Who wouldn't want to lose weight while eating huge servings of delicious foods? It's the Hungry Girl way! And while I've met thousands of fans over the years who've shed pounds with my recipes, I'm always asked, "When will you come out with a specific diet plan that takes the guesswork out of weight loss?" The answer is now, with my new book, The Hungry Girl Diet. One great way: Try one of my food-expanders. These are low-calorie foods that'll pump up your portion sizes. Here are my four favorites from the book.

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    Portabellas and other mushrooms
    Mushrooms, especially portabellas, have major meaty potential. Each large mushroom cap (or 2 cups chopped) has about 35 calories, 2 g fiber, and 3 g protein. Add chopped mushrooms to extra-lean ground beef (4 percent fat or less) when you make taco meat for a slimmed-down swap. This trick works with burgers and meatloaf, too.

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