• John Herr/FITNESS MagazineJohn Herr/FITNESS MagazineBy Lauren Cardarelli

    Still haven't tackled a mud run? Women make up 58 percent of the racers, so if you haven't, you're missing out on good, grungy fun. "Plus, simply training for one can take your running to the next level," says Miriam Wasmund, the official trainer for the Mudderella series.

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    Keep gear tight, not white.
    On race day, wear lightweight spandex that hugs your body, Wasmund suggests. Baggy cotton clothes chafe, easily get caught in netting and branches, and weigh you down when wet. Add runners' gloves and high socks to nix scrapes.

    Train like GI Jane. "You'll meet hills, wall climbs, mud pits, and other obstacles during arace," Wasmund says, and that requires adding muscle, not just mileage. Steal Wasmund's key strength moves.

    Get your feet wet. Some mud races boast being over-the-top tough. Start with these newbie-friendly picks: the Mudderella 5- to 7-milers (mudderella.com), the Pretty Muddy 3-miler

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  • Workers who got a happiness boost like chocolate or a funny movie before facing a hard task were more productive.Workers who got a happiness boost like chocolate or a funny movie before facing a hard task were more productive.

    By Susan McMillan

    Can chocolate doled out by your boss make you and your coworkers happier and more productive at work? (Hey, who doesn't want to enjoy their job more?)

    That's the theory that economists at the University of Warwick in Britain wanted to test. They recruited more than 700 participants, then created a series of math problems that participants had to complete. The task was timed at 10 minutes, simulating work under pressure.

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    A "Shock" of Happiness
    In order to create what researchers called a "happiness shock," some test subjects watched a stand-up comedy video before taking the test, while others were offered a buffet of chocolate and fruit first. The control group either watched a generic video or was asked to sit and wait for 10 minutes ahead of testing.

    Overall, the groups who got the happiness incentives were 10 to 12 percent more productive solving the problems than the control

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  • by Sophia Panych

    David StesnerDavid Stesner
    Last night, I got a spray tan that started out just like any other spray tan. I got naked, slipped on a paper thong, tucked my hair into a shower cap, and waited for my spray tanner, Natalie Cupid, to come in and find me standing there awkwardly. But then Cupid broke out something I had never seen before during a spray tan: Ben Nye Latex Paint. "This is for your nails," she said, as she started brushing the gooey stuff on my fingers and toes as if it were nail polish. Just like barrier cream or regular lotion, the latex paint protects your nails from staining, Cupid explained; it just does a much better job. And once you're sprayed and waiting to dry, all you have to do it peel the stuff off with your fingers, kind of like the glue on the back of credit cards (sometimes called "booger glue," I found out after a quick online search).

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    Latex makeup paint is primarily used by special-effects makeup artists to

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  • How to stop friends and family from wrecking your diet. | Health.com
    Trying to lose weight and get healthy is no easy task. Telling others about your good intentions could make it even more difficult. Though you're sure to find friends and family members who are supportive of your goals, you may also encounter pushback, questioning, or comments that set you off course. Here, experts describe the most common ways those around you may sabotage your efforts, and ways to stay on track.

    The insecure spouse
    Sometimes an insecure person seeks out an overweight partner to alleviate his or her own insecurity, says Peter LaPort, MD, medical director of MemorialCare Center for Obesity at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center in Fountain Valley, Calif. "It's usually very subtle, but a normal-weight husband may, for example, order something he knows his overweight wife wants but shouldn't eat," Dr. LaPort says. Your spouse may fear you'll leave him behind or you are no longer the person he married.Stay on track: It's best to confront your spouse, says Dr.

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  • To really make a difference, start looking in these unlikely places.When the World Health Organization recommended that people reduce their daily sugar intake to under 6 teaspoons, or 25 grams, they ramped up pressure to do something that a lot of you were probably trying to do already. We recommend that you eliminate any added sugars and syrups-and certainly keep your intake to at most 4 grams of added sugar per hour.

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    If you're capping your cookie quotient, or replacing sugary sodas with unsweetened teas and water with lemon, great work, we applaud you! Moves like these are important, but we know it can be hard to break a sweets habit, or resist the temptation to indulge in your favorite dessert. Fortunately, there are other ways to cut down on sugar that won't feel like a punishment. And if you already think you're doing all you can, these tips will bolster your fight against these sweet beauty-busters.

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    1. Go easy on the sauce. Bottled sauces and condiments may seem

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  • These eats may be ridiculously low in calories, but they're loaded with nutrients that can help speed up weight loss and boost your immunity

    By Hollis Templeton and Emily G. W. Chau, Fitbie.com

    So-called "zero-calorie" foods, like celery and cucumbers, contain fewer calories than the body uses to break them down. And although nutritionists account for the energy it takes to chew and digest them when they calculate how many calories we need, these eats deserve prime spots on our plates. You can eat them in large quantities without busting your gut, and low-calorie doesn't mean low nutrients. "And, obviously, if eating very low calorie foods keeps you from eating higher calorie foods, that's a win," says Monica Reinagel, licensed nutritionist and creator of the Nutrition Diva podcast. So fill up your fridge with the following 20 foods that are loaded with vitamins and minerals--not calories.

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    If you're tired

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  • Boost your chances for lasting success in just one week with these sensible tips
    By Angie Makris, PhD, RD, Prevention.com

    There's a lot more to losing weight than simply eating better and working out. If you want to dramatically increase your chances for long-term success, you'll also want to modify the behavior that surrounds your meals and physical activity.

    Try following these simple tips for one week--one for each day--to learn how to approach food and exercise differently.

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    Sunday: Plan your meals for the week
    Eating can become just as disorganized and chaotic as any other activity that isn't thought out ahead of time. Planning establishes structure, which can help you stay within a calorie budget, reduce daily decision-making, and prevent overeating. Carve out some time today to think through a plan for the week. Start with a few basic foods to eat each day and add others to diversify your meals. Make a grocery list as you go.

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  • Irene Chansawang washes her hands 20 times a day. She doesn't get manicures or pedicures because she thinks nail salons are too dirty. She wouldn't dream of getting into the shower at the gym without wearing flip-flops, and keeps antibacterial wipes in her desk drawer.

    "I wish it was a cultural norm in this country to wear those SARS masks when you're sick," says the self-professed germophobe.

    In fact, all of us are like petri dishes: If you looked at your skin under a microscope, you would see it teeming with bacteria. But some scientists are suggesting that instead of running for the hand sanitizer, we should be grateful for the bugs -- some of them may be keeping us healthy.

    The common wisdom is that the only good bug is a dead bug -- and in an age of flus like H1N1, it's no surprise. Every subway pole, doorknob, or coughing coworker could be a source of life-threatening illness. Physicians say a little common sense is still the best strategy to ward off colds and flu.

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  • Finding the right sports bra is more important than you think.Finding the right sports bra is more important than you think.

    With so many brands, styles, and features to choose from, finding the right sports bra can seem like a tricky task. But wearing the correct sports bra should be a vital part of your exercise routine.

    Here at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, we tested 39 medium and high impact sports brasfor women of all different sizes. We put them through the wringer in our lab to see how well each managed sweat, held up during the wash, and maintained its color through perspiration, crocking, and laundering. We then had real testers -- women ranging from A through H cup sizes -- try them out. After more than 23,400 minutes of exercise and 3,900 consumer evaluations, we came up with these best bets. And compiled these tips for finding your right pick:

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    1. How to Find the Right Size
    Each bra is sized differently, so follow the size recommendations for the individual styles -- and don't be alarmed if your sports bra

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