• Source: The Late-Night Snacking Mistakes That Are Wrecking Your Diet

    After a jam-packed day of eating right, staying active, and other healthy choices, the last thing you want to do is undo all your hard work just minutes before bedtime. Make sure you stay on the right track by avoiding these late-night eating mistakes.

    Mistake #1: Going to Sleep Too Full
    Going to sleep on a full stomach can cause discomfort and disrupted sleep, which can wreak havoc on your waistline by causing you to hold on to belly fat and eat more. Make sure you eat dinner at least a few hours before bedtime; if you need a snack later on, keep it under 200 calories.

    Mistake #2: Eating the Wrong Thing
    It's not just when you eat, but what. Eating the wrong foods late at night can also leave you wishing you could just drift off to slumber. Avoid greasy, high-fat, heavy-protein foods if you want to catch more weight-regulating Z's; a small amount of lean protein and a little carb should be your go-to

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  • Source: 3 Ways to Be a Healthier Eater Starting Today

    Your diet of eating every comfort food you could stick your fork into finally is catching up with you. Not only are you feeling bloated in your skinny jeans, you're also foggy-headed and tired, too. If eating healthier has been on your mind since the weather's been warming up, make it happen today with these three simple tips.

    Veggies Aren't Just For Salads
    Make a rule to eat veggies at every meal and snack, not just at lunch and dinner. Throw some kale, broccoli, or beans in your smoothie, snack on celery or carrot sticks smeared with nut butter and chopped dried apricots. For lunch, go for an enormous salad, and for dinner have at least three different kinds of veggies such as roasted brussels sprouts, yellow peppers, and broccoli. Don't forget about dessert - these brownies are made with zucchini and these oatmeal cookies are sweetened with sweet potato.

    Try Something New
    If you're excited about the food on your

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  • Source: How to Get Great Sleep the Night Before Your Marathon

    Prerace jitters are common for everyone, even marathon pros. After all, those months of training have finally paid off, and your big day is finally here, so it's understandable if you find it hard to get a full night's rest. But since a well-rested body will help you perform your best on race day, follow these prerace tips for a great night's sleep.

    • Find your room zen: If you've traveled for your race, make sure you get a room that's far from noisy corridors, elevator shafts, and ice machines. Request a new room if you notice distractions that will make it hard to get a good night's rest. If you're at home, make sure your roommates or family know that you need to sleep early, so they can keep things quiet.
    • Prep beforehand: Worrying about your race to-do list can keep you up well into the night. From your outfit to how you're getting to the starting line, get as much prepped before bed as you can so you can
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  • 30 Fitness Commandments to Live By

    Don't worry, we'll spot you.

    By Ruthie Friedlander

    Going to the gym can be stressful. Instead of leg elongating slacks, calf-defining heels, and tricep shrouding knits, we're thrust into the intimidating world of green juiceheads wearing nothing but our butt huggers. And though the only posted guidelines are few and far between-ditch the cell phone and re-rack your barbells (it's what separates us from the animals!)-sweat enthusiasts know there's a secret manual of unwritten rules. Here, we unearth it:

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    1. If you think you are in everyone's way while you are jumping rope, you most certainly are.

    2. During SoulCycle, if I'm not on the beat, and you're just jamming away with your dominant leg to "Holy Grail," let's avoid eye contact. We both know what's happening.

    3. Don't check your e-mail while doing your planks. This too shall pass.

    4. There is no shame in an Eminem-only playlist game.

    5. It's okay to cry during Eagle Pose. We store emotion in

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  • Know Your Feelings: How to Manage 5 Negative EmotionsKnow Your Feelings: How to Manage 5 Negative Emotions Do you ever get so mad that you feel like your blood is literally boiling and your brain is going to explode out of your skull if one more thing pisses you off? Obviously, your blood can't literally boil, but I challenge you to find someone who hasn't been so angry that they've seriously questioned the possibility. As my son is now at the age where he gets loudly and violently frustrated when he can't express his emotions, I've been thinking a lot about how to teach him which emotions are which. Happy and sad are pretty easy: I smile overly brightly and shake my hands excitedly for happy. I frown, look down, and lower my voice for sad. Mad is not too hard, either: I clench my fists and squish my face as I shake my head and hands back and forth. But what about the more complicated emotions? How do we express and convey those? Embarrassment, disgust, apprehension? Teaching my son has been a good lesson for me; it's taught me to learn how I identify and demonstrate what it is I'm Read More »from Know Your Feelings: How to Manage 5 Negative Emotions
  • By: Danielle McNally

    Packaging of Wholesome FoodsPackaging of Wholesome Foods

    BRANDS USE SPECIFIC visual cues to get you to buy stuff that seems "wholesome." Michael Bierut of famed New York City design consultancy Pentagram reveals three tricks of the trade.

    1) Brown Baggin' It
    "Earth tones, rough-hewn typography, and stamps all evoke the world of brown rice and unprocessed flour-honest with a capital H."

    2) At A Minimum
    "The 'healthy expensive' look is understated-lots of white space. Not antiseptic but simple, like a Tiffany box."

    3) Keep It Personal
    "Labels that go on about a product ('harvested in sunny hills for generations') imply authenticity. As does transparency: Items that are hardly packaged at all-just cellophane, tape, a label-suggest it's come direct from a farm."

    Looking for a snack we guarantee is healthy-no brand decoding involved? Here are 14 delicious and good-for-you options that satisfy.

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    The Top 7 Trends from Spring 2014
    Get Your Ass in Shape
    The 18 Best-Dressed Short

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  • Researchers are finding connections between everyday chemicals and the bulging-belt-line epidemic.
    By Leah Zerbe, Rodalenews.com

    There's more to the obesity epidemic than eating too many hot wings and excess sitting. Certainly, poor food choices, particularly too much sugar and sweeteners, and a lack of exercise are major pieces of the obesity puzzle. But a landmark 2002 study, published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, found the obesity epidemic paralleled the increase of industrial chemicals in the environment.

    Now researchers are finding that exposures to certain common endocrine-disrupting chemicals--not just lifestyle choices--could be programming us for weight gain, diabetes, and related problems. "We have to acknowledge the fact that obesity is not just about will power, that it's not just all someone's fault," says developmental biologist Retha Newbold, MS, CT, of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

    PLUS: Detox your home by

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  • How’s this for familiar: You walk into a restaurant intending to eat healthfully, but before you know it, you’ve ordered a burger with a side of fries. Don't blame yourself just yet — the problem may not be your willpower, but the menu layout. According to a new study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, people make unhealthy food choices when they read menus with low-calorie sections.

    The study found that when healthier fare is grouped together under general headers such as, “Under 550 calories” or “Low-fat meals,” diners outright ignore those choices in favor of bad-for-you dishes. “People generally want to make healthy choices, but because menus have so many options, it’s easier to dismiss an entire food category when it’s grouped together — especially the healthier section,” Jeffrey R. Parker, PhD, assistant professor of marketing at Georgia State University, tells Yahoo Shine.  

    Here’s what happens when people read menus: Due to an overload of choices, the brain

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  • Zzzzz...As our societal demands get even greater with each passing year, we find that we are "on" 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This results in greater rates of insomnia, with more and more people reporting that they just can't turn off their brains at night.

    Mental over-activity is a big problem for many people, but there are some helpful techniques that might aid in quieting things down at night.

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    1. Give yourself some mental and physical wind-down time. We are so busy nowadays that there's just not enough time in the day to get everything done. As a result, many people are working (housework, schoolwork, job tasks, managing finances) up until bedtime. The problem with this is that sleep isn't simply an on/off switch. We need to unwind and dim our mind in order to set the stage for sleep. Allow for at least an hour before bedtime to be protected, relaxing, wind-down time. This can help create closure for the day and allow your brain to

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  • Sure you want to touch that?
    By Linda Melone, Prevention

    You wouldn't think of using your gym's elliptical without first wiping it down, and you've been giving anyone with the slightest of sniffles a wide berth since you could walk. But it turns out some of the most contagious things lurking about don't even involve germs--and all the hand sanitizer in the world won't keep these weird things at bay. Check out these surprisingly "catching" issues and the simple ways to protect yourself.

    RELATED: Think public toilets are gross? Check out the 10 Worst Germ Hot Spots that you never would have guessed.

    Your co-worker's crummy day
    A stressful day for your office mate may rub off on you, according to research from the journal Social Neuroscience. The study shows that even simply seeing an anxious person ups your stress hormones. "To protect yourself, take steps before and after you interact with a stressed-out person," says Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD, a Chicago-based psychologist.

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