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    How to cheat on your diet and still lose weight!Fact: Diets can be mind-numbingly boring. Between eating the same things almost day, abstaining from what we love, and limiting our intake on so-called "bad" foods, it's no wonder that most dieters experience astronomical failure rates. Another fact: There are ways to buck the system when it comes to casual dieting by-for lack of a better word-cheating once in a while.

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    We're not talking about claiming a regular table at your local McDonalds, but rather making informed decisions about the foods you crave. Here, we've highlighted exactly how to cheat on your diet, and still lose weight in the process.

    1. Memorize the calorie count of your favorite food. Knowledge is power, and memorizing exactly how many calories are in that slice of pizza can help you mentally manage what you eat the rest of the day. Even if you're not on a diet per se, this tip is still a good one, as it'll allow you to make wise choices with

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  • Sure, you're all about Team USA now that the Olympics are kicking off, but how many of the American athletes – specifically, some of the amazing female athletes – do you know much about? (Considering Lindsey Vonn is injured, Gabby Douglas is only allowed to compete in the Summer Olympics, and there aren't a ton of household names yet, it's understandable if the answer is zero). To get you started, here are five women who've overcome plenty – from financial troubles to serious injuries – to make it to Sochi and make us proud. Check them out and cheer them on.

    Emily Scott (Getty Images)Emily Scott
    Age: 24
    Sport: Speedskating
    Why We're Rooting for Her: Hundreds of strangers helped her get here.

    After Scott's monthly stipend from the U.S. Speedskating organization was cut from $1,900 to $650 last year, the Springfield, Missouri, native was forced to apply for food stamps, but she also got creative, turning to the crowdfunding site Gofundme.com to raise money to continue her training and hopefully make it all the way

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  • Despite a recent tobacco ban at CVS, there are still harmful products in your pharmacy. Despite a recent tobacco ban at CVS, there are still harmful products in your pharmacy. Despite a recent tobacco ban at CVS, there are still harmful products in your pharmacy.

    By Leah Zerbe, Rodalenews.com

    You may have heard about CVS's tobacco ban, a major step forward. After all, pharmacies are supposed to help people live well, right? (Not sell them known carcinogens like cigarettes and chewing tobacco.)
    While we applaud the bold move, a stroll down most box store pharmacy aisles shows we've still got a long way to go. Here are some of the most unhealthy, harmful products you should dodge during your next trip to the pharmacy.

    There are a lot of unsavory facts about soda (like these 9 Disturbing Side Effects of Soda). Besides fueling a major obesity epidemic, soda assaults our bodies in several other negative ways: The excess sugar promotes dangerous fat buildup around our organs, and a flame retardant (brominated vegeteable oil, or BVO) used in orange sodas and Mountain Dew has been linked to skin lesions, memory loss, and nerve damage!

    Try This

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  • I Can't Wait to Tell My Daughter CVS Won't Sell Cigarettes AnymoreI Can't Wait to Tell My Daughter CVS Won't Sell Cigarettes Anymore"I don't get it," my daughter asked on a recent trip to our local pharmacy.

    I was puzzled. "You don't get what?"

    "Well, all the stuff here is to make you better. But they sell cigarettes, which can kill you."

    Yes, score one for mom! I will be the first to pat myself on the back for this one, thankyouverymuch. Since my child was little, like really little, my husband and I began talking to her about the negative side effects of smoking. Neither my husband nor I have ever smoked. We just don't get it. It doesn't look cool. It's not tasty. It's smelly. It's expensive. Oh, and as my daughter so wisely noted, it "can kill you."

    Even a girl who is in the second grade can notice the disconnect between a place that sells things to make you healthy - from vitamins to medications - and also sells things that can damage your body. And this is why it is so awesome that CVS/Caremark has made the decision to stop selling cigarettes at their stores nationwide. This isn't just a business

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  • Sweettooths on a diet can still indulge in some candy.Sweettooths on a diet can still indulge in some candy.

    Keeping candy in the house? Make sure it's the individually wrapped kind. In a Swiss study, people ate 30% less chocolate when they had to free the goodies first.

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    "Every little bit of effort helps you eat less," says study author Thomas A. Brunner, Ph.D., so stash treats on a high shelf, take one, and put the bag back right away.

    Two of our foil-wrapped faves: Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Diamonds (60 calories apiece) and Hershey's Bliss Dark Chocolates (35 calories).

    If you're in the mood for a real treat, try one of our yummy slimmed-down desserts.

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  • Courtesy of Getty ImagesCourtesy of Getty Images

    By K. Aleisha Fetters

    Every four years brings a batch of OMG moments. Here are 10 from Winter Games past that rocked the world's biggest sporting stage -- and still have us talking.

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    #10: The Bobsledding Boxer
    Early in Olympic history, the U.S.'s light-heavyweight boxer made a cameo at the Winter Games, and earned gold doing it. Eddie Eagan, who had previously won gold at the Summer Games, took a historic bobsled ride in the four-man at the 1932 Lake Placid Games. He had taken up bobsledding just three weeks earlier. As if that weren't quirky enough, the race didn't end up happening until two days after the Games had closed, thanks to a sloshy course.

    #9: The First Olympic Double Axel
    Sure, ice skating is beautiful. But let's face it, most TV spectators watch it for the double axels. The courage -- or perhaps recklessness -- of one 18-year-old skater named Dick Button made that possible back in 1948. Only two days after

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  • How the miles you log can affect medical tests.

    By Cindy Kuzma, Runner's World

    If there's one time to brag about being a runner or staying active, it's at the doctor's office--especially when your appointment includes blood or urine analyses. "Let your physician know if you are exercising heavily, and also how often and how recently you did tough workouts; it can influence how we interpret tests," says William Roberts, M.D., a family physician and medical director for the Twin Cities Marathon. If you recently ran hard--or even ran to your appointment, which Dr. Roberts's patients have been known to do--your doc might elect to reschedule some lab work. Here's a quick report of some exercise-influenced workups.

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    Tells your doc: Whether you've had a heart attack or other type of muscle breakdown; often done if you've experienced unexplained muscle pain or weakness or chest pain or tightness

    Running's effects

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  • By Leslie Goldman

    Photo: ThinkstockWhen mini emergencies arise, like a minor burn from a hot stove or a pounding headache, antibiotic creams and ibuprofen are often the first line of defense. While these old standbys can help, research shows that more-natural cure-alls may be the ultimate win-win, producing faster relief and fewer side effects. For at-home triage, consider these healthy swaps.

    What Ails You: Sore Muscles

    Old-School Fix: Smelly pain-relieving creams containing methyl salicylate. If you're taking a prescription blood thinner, the interaction could lead to dangerous side effects. New-School Remedy: Tart Cherry Juice Sipping two 10-ounce glasses of this highly anti-inflammatory drink may be enough to ease the damage you did in yesterday's spin class. A 2010 study showed that when runners downed a glass of cherry juice twice daily for a week before a race, they reported 67 percent less postexercise pain than those who didn't drink it.

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  • Health.com

    Whether you're the life of the party, a bookworm, or a night owl, your personality plays a surprisingly large role in your ability to slim down. Follow this guide to discover your personality type and use your own characteristics to lose weight and keep it off for good.

    If you're impulsive…
    In a famous 1972 study, scientists offered young children a choice between a single marshmallow immediately or, if they could wait 15 minutes, two marshmallows. Those who waited went onto experience more success and higher SAT scores later on in life. The ability to delay gratification also relates to weight loss, says Art Markman, PhD, professor of psychology at the University of Texas. "People tend to be either a 'one-marshmallow person' or a 'two-marshmallow person.'" If you're struggling with weight loss, you are more likely a one-marshmallow person. Eliminating little temptations will help: stop stocking your pantry with junk food, and avoid the break

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  • Juice is actually the perfect supplement to an active lifestyle.Juicing may seem like the realm of pin-thin models and waify types who don't mind subsisting on 1,000 calories a day, but the right juices can be beneficial to even the most active lifestyles. Yankee's first baseman Mark Teixeira says that he started trying juices because they fit into his busy schedule. "I'm on the go a lot and it's hard to sit down and make the good food decisions," he says. "The juices I consume really help my overall nutrition."

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    In the morning, he drinks a combination of grapefruit juice, lemon juice and orange (Juice Press's "Glo"). "You wake up thirsty and dehydrated, and it's refreshing," he says (full disclosure: Teixeira is an investor in Juice Press). "The citrus and vitamin C give me energy and it's filling but not ultra heavy." This juice with a side of oatmeal is the perfect breakfast according to Teixeira, who likes to eat about half an hour before he hits the gym.

    After a workout, Teixeira turns to liquid

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