• Photo: Paramount PicturesCalling all romantics! Yahoo Shine and Paramount Pictures want to give you a special Valentine’s treat: two special “Labor Day” movie prizes.
    One Grand Prize :

    - One grand prize winner will receive a “Labor Day” poster, autographed by Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin

    - Two (2) tickets to see “Labor Day” at a cinema

    - Pie baking set

    - T-shirt

    (Approximate retail value of Grand Prize: $75)
    One Runner Up Prize:

    - Pie baking set

    - T-shirt

    (Approximate retail value of Runner Up Prize: $50)

    Here’s how you can enter:
    Step 1:
    Follow @YahooShine on Twitter

    Step 2:
    Tweet this: I want to win the #LaborDayMovie giveaway from @YahooShine!
    (Note: One entry per person/email address/Twitter handle.)
    The giveaway runs from 9:00 AM PT on February 4, 2014 until 12:00 PM PT on February 14, 2013. Winners will receive a Direct Message on Twitter with further information. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. If you have any other questions, check out the official rules.

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  • Make this Valentine's Day weekend--or any weekend--special at one of these dreamy retreats.

    Big Sur, CABig Sur, CA
    Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, CA
    The most dramatically situated and architecturally ambitious of the Big Sur inns, Post Ranch Inn has rooms set along the bluffs and others tucked away in the forest. And what do we think of the clifftop rooms? Wow. As in: Wow, check out those end-of-the-earth ocean views and get a load of those James Bond-worthy bells and whistles. But also as in: Wow, $1,060 to $2,185 a night? Youch. Regular rooms start at $675--still a splurge, yes, but there's no dreamier perch. postranchinn.com.
    A bit steep? Try these more affordable romantic getaways.

    Methow Valley, WAMethow Valley, WA
    Rolling Huts, Methow Valley, WA

    Skip the snow cave, and check into a stylish winter perch. Tucked into the tranquil upper end of northern Washington's Methow Valley--where the loudest noise is the swish of cross-country skis--are the Rolling Huts, tricked out with platform beds, wood-burning fireplaces, and sleek

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  • By: K. Aleisha Fetters

    Getty Getty

    Thanks to on-stage brainwashing sessions and movies featuring disgruntled workers taking a baseball bat to the printer (Office Space, anyone?), hypnosis has a rep for being little more than pure entertainment.

    Not true. Hypnosis was birthed from the brains of psychologists and researchers, and while its story was sullied by decades of disrepute, it's now making its way back into the mainstream.

    The British Psychological Society has now officially declared hypnosis a proven therapeutic medium to curb stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, and migraines. "Improvements from hypnosis can be as specific as eliminating erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, remaining committed to a workout plan, delivering a dynamic sales presentation-or as broad as improving motivation and increasing confidence," says psychologist and certified hypnotherapist Marty Lerman, Ph.D., author of Mindshift.

    And while it's strongly linked to the psycho-sciences,

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  • “Dear Odd One, You were only 12 years old when you first saw the world behind cold steel bars, Those lonely nights & Terrified days, You kept it tough, Showed no fear at any space" 

                                                                                                                                           -Gloria Basulto
    Gloria Basulto was facing a harsh reality.

    Raised by a single dad in Hollywood, California, Gloria’s mom was a heroin addict who left when she was just 8. “I don’t doubt that she tried to care for me, I just don’t think she knew how to. She was very young when she had me. She was 19,” says Basulto. “I don’t blame her. I don’t have any anger towards her. I used to.”

    Gloria was 12 when she was first sent to a juvenile detention center. Angry at everything and everyone, her teenage years were spent fighting students, teachers, and anyone else who didn’t move fast enough off her path of self-destruction.  The result was six years spent in and out of juvenile

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  • by Lexi Petronis

    Romulo YanesRomulo Yanes

    I have a bunch of friends who are turning 30 this year, and they're--well, let's just say they're a little freaked out by it. I totally get it. I felt that way too. But I'm here to tell you--from the other side--that 30 was one of my favorites. And you know what? If you get some of these health habits in line by the big 3-0, you'll know that you have even more ammunition to make this (fabulous, I promise) year the best one yet.

    Get more calcium: Until you're about 30, your body is still working on making your bones as strong as they can be--so make sure to get your dose of the recommended 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day. (If you're past 30 already, don't fret--you can still prevent bone loss by making sure to get in 1,200 mg daily, preferably through foods such as yogurt, dark leafy greens, cheese, and sardines.)

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    Stop smoking: It's not good to light up at any age, of course, but there's something

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  • Your Feng Shui Guidance for February!
    Feng Shui is the area of Chinese medicine that helps you rest, relax, and restore your vital energies through healthful practices and a calm environment. Learn how Astrology.com's Ellen Whitehurst can help you create a peaceful home, landscape, and workplace by applying Feng Shui principles of balance and harmony to your everyday life!

    See how your Chinese element and animal signs influence you with a free sample Elements of Feng Shui Reading!

    With so many of February's energies devoted to flowers and hearts, what better time to share a Feng Shui secret demonstrating how the former could quite possibly lead to the latter?

    This tradition says that red or pink flowers -- preferably placed in a pink, white, crystal, or clear glass vase and placed on both bedside tables (because you do have two bedside tables, yes?) -- will heal relationships on subtle, yet sublime levels. Following this Feng Shui idea may even bring a new mate your way!

    Of course, if you use roses for this (or

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  • by Courtney Rubin

    Edward SteichenEdward Steichen
    Being chilly during a workout could help you torch up to 15 percent more calories. Here's why.

    First let's address that 15 percent! it can add up to a bonus 77 calories on a 5-mile run. Pretty major. And here's how it works: When you feel cool, your body actives brown fat. This so-called good fat uses sugar and fat as fuel to generate body heat -- a seemingly simple process, but it requires a ridiculous amount of energy (aka caloric burn -- or 15 percent) to pull off, The Journal of Clinical Investigation found. But there's a Goldiocks clause, researchers say: To turn on your brown fat, you can't begin a workout so bundled up that you feel toasty or so freezing that you're shivering. Create a just-right temp and burn max calories with our tips.

    See more: 5 Simple Steps to Cellulite-Free Skin

    * COVER LESS: Hats can trap too much warmth. The result? You overheat and brown fat hibernates. Our trick: Insulate just your ears with a headband.

    * LAYER

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  • by Alexandra Samuel

    David TsayDavid Tsay We've all picked up a magical cream, or an eye mask or sliced up raw veggies in the name of less baggage (around our eyes, that is). Sadly, no matter how many jarred-miracles you use, there's one enemy to looking bright eyed in the AM that's impossible to ditch: gravity.

    Yup. Gravity. When you lie flat in bed, fluids in your body pool around your eyes leaving 'em puffy and swollen-looking in the AM.

    Instead of sucking it up, you can turn the beauty foe into your beauty BFF by simply elevating your head, which will cause all those gnarly fluids to draw down into the rest of your body. This is also a great move if you get dark circles that may originate from sinus issues versus discoloration from skin pigmentation. Propping your head higher than the rest of your body helps your sinuses drain more efficiently which makes you less congested.

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    The only problem with this seemingly-easy fix is forcing yourself to

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  • photo: Twitter/Gwen Stefani
    In 1983, Gwen Stefani was just another Sting superfan with a treasured autograph and photo to match. Thirty-one years later, she's got superfans of her own, and some of them weren't too pleased when she tweeted a photo of her first meeting with the singer. Blame the accompanying caption: “Chunky me 1983. Getting @officialsting autograph backstage.” The tweet sent an unintended message to her followers: At 44, Gwen Stefani still thinks she was overweight as a teenager, even though she very clearly wasn't. Cue Twitter outrage:


    If Stefani—indisputable rock star who was once voted as having the “most inspirational mid-riff,” accomplished business woman, and mother of two gorgeous boys with one on

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  • How to spot digital eye strain...How to spot digital eye strain...

    By Markham Heid, Prevention

    The average American spends 6 to 9 hours every day staring at some type of computer screen, whether it's a tablet, a laptop, or a smartphone. And we're guessing you do, too.

    If so, you may join the ranks of the nearly 70% of adults who suffer from "digital eye strain"--a progressive condition that could eventually lead to serious eye diseases, concludes a new report from The Vision Council, a nonprofit organization that supports the optical industry.

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    Digital eye strain is an escalating health issue. Your eyes aren't made to stare at a fixed point for hours and hours on end, especially one that emits high-energy visible light, a.k.a., artificial "blue light." Overexposure to this type of light--and the fatigue of focusing on the same middle-distant point for a third or more of your day--can

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