• There's no need to drop serious cash on new shoes just to wear to holiday parties. This easy DIY requires just a little ribbon to dress up any pair of heels.


    What You'll Need

    - At least three feet of wide ribbon or lightweight fabric
    - Scissors

    Step 1

    Slip into your heels and start wrapping ribbon around your foot from the bottom side of the shoe.


    Step 2

    Criss-cross it as much as you'd like for extra flair.

    Step 3

    Once ribbon is nearing its end, tie bow on the side of ankle, or front or back - wherever you fancy.

    Step 4

    Trim to your desired length and snip away any straggly threads.


    Step 6

    Voila! You're done. Put on a cute number and shimmy into the world.

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  • *Please note: This is not a Kosher menu

    With the onset of the holidays, Suzanne Tracht, chef-owner of Los Angeles's award-winning Jar, finds herself doing a lot of entertaining, not just at the restaurant but at home, too. "People seem to invite themselves over," she says.

    Jar stands for "Just Another Restaurant," but Tracht's ideas about food are anything but commonplace. The elegant interpretation of comfort-food favorites featured at her modern-day chophouse helped renew a trend in Los Angeles of focusing on straightforward preparations of top-quality ingredients. For Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, Tracht uses Jar menu items as the inspiration behind the dishes she serves to friends and family, including her son Max, 13, and daughter Ida, 12.

    Since the story of Hanukkah revolves around a small amount of oil miraculously lasting over eight days in a holy temple, Tracht's menu features several dishes prepared with oil. Potato latkes are a traditional

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  • A video or other embedded content has been hidden. Click here to view it.

    Watch as the stars of ABC talk about their most memorable holiday traditions. This week, Modern Family's Rico Rodriguez, Ariel Winter and Nolan Gould share their best holiday memories.

  • It's that special time of year-when elementary school teachers, grandmothers, and "ugly Christmas sweater party" guests proudly don the blingiest, cheesiest, most OTT themed sweaters around. But, while holidays sweaters aren't the most fashionable things to wear, there's something sensational about the commitment to unabashedly spreading so much holiday cheer! To celebrate this sartorial boldness, check out five of our favorite wonderfully ugly Christmas sweaters.

    Bling to Make the Three Kings Proud

    Gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh have nothing on the beads, sequins, and metallic threads on this Three Wise Men sweater ($89 from Casual Living).

    See 25 hot and figure-flattering holiday party dresses.

    The Perfect Choice for Dog Lovers

    Friends of Fido will be barking mad for this wacky sweater ($148 from Rose Garden Boutique), which features canine faces floating in Christmas-tree ornaments. Truly a strange way to spread holiday cheer! $148

    Shop gorgeous-and affordable!-holiday

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  • Come Thanksgiving, we flock to the web to find recipes we need -- a new variation on pumpkin pie, an amazing expression of sweet potatoes, or a turkey recipe that will not fail us. We enter the name of the dish we're looking for into the search bar, and hope to be presented with the perfect recipe in return. What are the most searched terms? This is a countdown from 10 to 1 of the most searched Thanksgiving dishes on Yahoo! As the food editor, I've added a recipe pick for each, so you can stop hunting and begin enjoying the holiday! (If you make any of them this Thanksgiving, please come back to share how it went.)

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  • Make your holidays happier and healthier (and calmer) with these 15 sneaky strategies. Instant peace!

    By Dorothy Foltz-Gray

    Skip the family tug-of-war

    You want to be thankful. Really. But, sometimes the stress of the holiday catches up with you. Instead of succumbing to that third piece of pie for solace, try these tips for a healthier, happier way to bless-and save-the day.

    For starters, refuse to argue about whose family-his or yours-gets you this year. Simply make a two-year plan-alternating households or meals-tell everyone, stick with it, and focus on what matters. "Make spending some time with each family during the holiday the goal, not seeing who gets you for the main event," says family therapist Carleton Kendrick, Ed.M., LCSW, co-author of Take Out Your Nose Ring, Honey, We're Going to Grandma's.

    Your Get Ready for Thanksgiving Guide!

    Don't expect people to change

    You want your mom to say you're the world's best cook, but in your heart you know she'll find lumps

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  • If you wear your hair the same way almost every day, it's time to switch up your look. To help you, we chose celebs with four distinct hair textures who aren't afraid to experiment with their tresses. Find the star with the same hair type as you, then get inspired this holiday season.

    Curly Hair: A Bouncy Blowout

    Even girls with super-curly hair can master the perfect wavy blowout. The key is to work with small sections, using a large, round brush. Be sure to keep the blow-dryer aimed downward to prevent frizz. When you're finished, use a wide-barrel curling iron from your ears down to create loose waves. Smooth down fuzzy pieces with a styling cream.

    Real Beauty product pick: Frédéric Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream, $23; sephora.com

    Fine Hair: Tousled Bedhead

    If you want to add a touch of oomph to your naturally straight strands, as Kate Bosworth does here, start with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Then, saturate damp hair with a texturizing spray before blow-drying, using

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  • wine corkwine corkYour mission, should you choose to accept it, involves choosing the perfect wine for Thanksgiving dinner. You have exactly one week to navigate the shelves at your local wine store before deciding on a vino selection that doesn't suck. It is essential that you succeed in this undertaking: The wrong choice may result in death, destruction, or worse, a crappy holiday celebration. Your guests are depending on you. This message will self-destruct in five seconds.

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    Seriously, choosing wine for Thanksgiving dinner doesn't have to be intimidating. Just follow these five handy wine-buying tips for the big day.

    1. Decide on a price point. Cost is probably the biggest factor in your wine decision. Determine how many guests will attend your celebration and how many glasses of wine each will drink throughout the day. Using these numbers as your guide, figure out how much you are willing to spend on each bottle, and try to stick to

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  • It's holiday time-and excuses to binge abound. If you overdo it on the hors d'oeuvres (or cocktails), rebound in the morning with a nutritious, restorative breakfast. Follow our fast tips-and healthfully delicious morning meals-to get back on track:

    1. Choose the Right Combo. The ideal breakfast will be a mix of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Protein and fats keep you satiated, while carbohydrates give you a boost of energy. Just be sure to avoid saturated fat and opt for whole grain, like oats and wheat, over refined carbohydrates.
    2. Aim for 400. A 400-calorie meal will keep you energized and jump-start your metabolism without giving you that too-full feeling. Plus, if you're aiming for a 1,600 calorie diet, a 400-calorie breakfast fits in perfectly with your plan.
    3. Rehydrate ASAP. A lot of party foods are full of fat and salt-and if you kicked back a few drinks, those are mighty dehydrating too. By starting the next day with plenty of fluids, you'll

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  • By Maris Callahan - DietsInReview.com

    The holiday season can be a time full of friends, family and laughter. While a lot of social events revolve around food during the holidays, what's good for your soul might wreak havoc on your diet.

    This year, don't wait until January 1 to start eating healthier and trying to slim down. Instead, be aware of what you're putting in your body throughout the holiday season.

    According to Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., medical director of the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center, it's better to eat slowly and savor small portions of your favorite foods rather than throw caution to the wind simply because it's a special occasion.

    "When people feel guilty about eating dessert they inhale it quickly without even tasting. Not having tasted it, they aren't satisfied and they go back for more," said Teitelbaum. "Instead, realize that your sweet tooth taste buds are saturated after one or two bites, and the one or two bites are not what pack on the pounds, so enjoy and

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