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  • The Best Fruitcake Recipe in the World

    I hate traditional fruitcake. In fact, I wouldn't even call that stuff with the petrified fruit in it cake at all. That is a huge stretch even by my imagination. I have a fruitcake recipe that has been handed down through the generations in my family. I have made a few modifications to it, and have settled on a recipe that I enjoy all year long. So here, as my Christmas gift to you all, is The Best Fruitcake Recipe in the World.

    (We always called it Boiled Cake)

    2 C raisins

    1 chopped apple

    2 C sugar

    3/4 C shortening

    2 C water

    dash salt

    Combine above ingredients and boil for 2 minutes. Add:

    1 ½ tsp. each of Cinnamon, Allspice, and Nutmeg. Remove from heat and add 1 tsp baking soda. Stir well. Allow to cool.

    When mixture has completely cooled, add enough flour to make a medium batter (approx. 2 C)

    Add 2 beaten eggs, 1 C nuts, and any of the following you desire:

    1 can chopped pineapple


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  • Users' favorite recipes for cocktail party bites and beverages

    This year we decided to highlight the recipes-holiday cocktail party hors d'oeuvres, desserts, and drinks-that received among the highest marks from our loyal users, along with some of the corresponding comments and tips. The recipe collection below has been curated by our users.

    Herbed Cream Cheese Cucumber Rounds

    Need a vegetarian option? Ceej2002 from Minneapolis, comments that "these little edible pieces of art" are "delicious, refreshingly light and so easy to prepare." While many thought they were a great summer snack, TEC from IL, finds them a "much needed reprieve after filling up on heavy holiday fare" and Rick99 from Boston, discovers the colors remind him of Christmas. There's more: A Cook from Texas praises the recipe for making use of "ingredients you usually have on hand." Others admit you could omit the mint if necessary or use chèvre in place of cream cheese for a little added flavor.

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  • Let's be honest: It's not about the awards, where you sat at dinner, or even who your date was-it's about what you wore. Here, 2009's most memorable frocks.

  • Parents of older children may not be surprised to read this confession: as my daughter gets older, shopping for safe toys - holiday presents and otherwise - is getting harder. Even for an "expert" like me. I find this endlessly infuriating. And confusing.

    This holiday season, I have been trying to follow my own advice as I do (pretty minimal) holiday shopping. I've asked the grandparents to buy her tickets to shows and classes. So in January, she'll start a dance class at a cute spot across the street. Great. She'll also go see some of her favorite kids' music with us (haven't listened to Elizabeth Mitchell yet? Do!).

    In years past, I mainly curated whatever toys she was getting, based on what was developmentally appropriate and what she was most fond of playing with at friends' houses. I have tried to find safe, hard wood, preferably local(ish)ly made versions of things like train sets, doll houses, musical instruments, blocks, play fruits and veggies for her play kitchen,

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  • Now that you've finished all of your holiday shopping--(okay, maybe not), the time has come to find the perfect holiday dress for you. What sounds like a simple task can turn into quite the production: Will Grandma think you look slutty in spaghetti straps? Will the fabric withstand tugs from your 3-year-old cousin? And perhaps most importantly, will you look hot enough at your friend's Christmas party to make your ex-boyfriend cry with regret that he dumped you? Well, we hope so (on the last one), but unfortunately we can't answer that for you.

    Holiday Beauty Blunders: Don't Make These Makeup Mistakes!

    We can, however, help you out in one important area--finding a dress that flatters your figure so that you look your best, even after downing that third helping of pecan pie. Trust us, if you're feeling good about yourself and what you're wearing, the rest of the night will follow suit. Follow our lead in finding the perfect holiday frock depending on your body type below:

    1. If you

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  • I brought my two-year-old to see Santa yesterday, and she didn't want to go anywhere near him. We watched him from afar and she observed as other children went up and talked to him and sat on his lap, and that was good enough for her. There will be no picture with Santa this year, but respecting my daughter's feelings is very important to me.

    I have a friend who made her screaming, terrified two-year-old sit on Santa's lap. Then she made a joke about it, saying, "We got the same photo last year."

    I don't understand why someone would do that to their child. Is the picture that important?

    Do you "make" your child visit Santa even if he doesn't want to?

    Written by Suzanne Murray in Toddler Buzz for CafeMom Toddler

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    Will You Take Your Toddler to See Santa Claus?

    Scared of Santa

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  • It's Monday and we only have four days to finish all our Christmas shopping! Here are a few sales to keep in mind as you furiously cross off the ladies on your list…just remember to treat yourself to a cosmetic goodie, too!


    Tarte continues its 12 days of Savings. Here's the schedule:

    • Today: 50% off Lights, Camera, Splashes Waterproof Mascara. Enter code LCS5 at checkout.
    • Tomorrow (Tuesday): 50% off Smooth Operator Tinted Moisturizer. Enter code SMP5 at checkout.
    • Wednesday: 50% off emphasEYES Inner Rim Eye Pencil. Enter code EMPHASEYES5 at checkout.
    • Thursday: 50% off Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler. Enter code PICTURE5 at checkout.
    • Friday: 50% off Lock and Roll Creaseless Shadow Duo. Enter code LR5 at checkout.

    **See Our Favorite Mascaras Here**

    • 20% off of all products on Kinerase.com December 21-25.
    • Daily deals like the "Girls Night in Kit" - a $156 value of Cream, Clear Skin Regulating Mask and Instant Radiance Facial Peel for only $66.
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  • Is anyone else stumped what to wear on Christmas? I am! Going to multiple families, cooking, eating, standing, sitting, opening presents= the need for a breathable, comfy outfit. Here's the breakdown:


    • Look festive (without wearing anything tacky)
    • Look cute (duh!)
    • Look put together (not like I just woke up and/or sloppy)
    • Be Comfortable (playing with little kids, I need to be able to be on the floor)


    • To be warm (for possible outside activities)
    • Comfy (no stiff fabrics allowed)
    • Not tight fitting (allows room for stomach to expand)
    • Covers all essential parts (no butt/boob cleavage in front of relatives)
    • Appropriate dress code (no under/over dressing, makes for awkwardness)

    I'm not going to buy anything new, since I need to buy a few last minute gifts, plus it is more fun to buy for others anyway.

    So let's do a little shopping of our closets this week.

    My favorite inventory includes comfy sweaters, and cardigans,

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  • We mined our database for recipes from top chefs, then put them together in a Christmas menu of restaurant-quality dishes you can make at home

    Ever wished you could have Joël Robuchon, Thomas Keller, and Jean-Georges Vongerichten giving you pointers over your shoulder as you cooked? Well, maybe not literally-these notoriously exacting personalities might be a handful in person. But on Epicurious, we have a virtual collection of chefs that includes these award-winners and countless others. They've all contributed their recipes to our database.

    So this Christmas, we decided to make the most of this goldmine by creating a memorable Christmas dinner menu with recipes from 11 culinary all-stars. Some of the recipes are classic, like Robuchon's impeccably French steak au poivre, and some are innovative, like Ming Tsai's East/West cranberry-crab dumplings. But they all exemplify the peerless techniques on which these chefs have built their reputations, techniques that can lift your

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