• Get to know Mary Jane Montoya, the Latin baby who recently became the new star of the Gerber Generation campaign.

  • Abuela Rigo lived a life full of adventures and hardships. She loved and fought for what she believed in and for those she loved the most. Her stories growing up very rich (and then very poor) in Puerto Rico are the stuff of legends, and I'll try to share them- and her- with you. Welcome to The Abuela Chronicles.

    "This is your home, so when you get ready to die, come back and die in your own bed!"

    And with those words, Petra slammed the door behind her husband as he left, suitcase in hand.

    It was over. Over when Petra found out that Pepe had a girlfriend in every town they had lived in and had set each one up with an apartment, car, driver and housekeeping staff. Over when Petra learned that the endless sacks of money her husband spilled onto the mahogany dining table were not the result of his work overseeing the tobacco fields, but the illegal gains of his long nights gambling and moonshine-making. And now, with the police after him and a pregnant lover demanding him

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  • By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

    Garbanzo Beans with Chorizo Garbanzo Beans with Chorizo

    Growing up, my parents traveled quite often to attend educational seminars around the world. One year they attended a meeting in Madrid, Spain; while the business part of it lasted only one week, my parents decided to extend their stay and tour Europe. After what seemed like an eternity without my parents, they finally arrived back in Colombia filled with amazing culinary experiences and brand new recipes. My dad, the cook, gathered the family to try one of the dishes he enjoyed the most while in Spain. It was a blend of garbanzo beans with chorizo, bathed in a creole sauce with a thick garlic paste- a perfect blend of flavors! Unfortunately, I never bothered to ask my Dad for the recipe.

    While vacationing in Spain last Summer, I went to a small tapas restaurant and- surprise!- found the same garbanzos with chorizo on the menu. I ordered it without hesitation, and when I took the first bite, I was that little girl again, living in Colombia

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  • By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

    Bean soup de la abuelaBean soup de la abuela

    Mi abuelita had several food traditions in her house; every morning she made her old-fashioned beaten egg whites with sugar, while every afternoon there was tea with cookies or mantecada (pound cake). On Tuesday nights, she roasted peanuts. We all helped to peel them, and put them inside a big jar so we could have snacks to munch on during the week. On Thursdays she made our favorite dish, sopa de frijoles con plátano, or bean soup with plantains.

    Her now-famous soup tradition began one Wednesday morning when she left dried beans soaking in water until late afternoon. Before going to bed, she took out her big crock pot, and put the beans in with pigs feet, a ripe plantain and water. She then left the mix to slow-cook overnight. I got up around three in the morning, only to notice an enticing smell that traveled all the way into my bedroom. I sneaked into the kitchen to taste the concoction in the pot without getting caught by abuelita, and

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  • By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

    Crunchy and healthy chicken tenders Crunchy and healthy chicken tenders

    I always wonder why the most flavorful (and popular) dishes are the unhealthiest ones.There is something about eating fried food that satisfies not only the belly, but also brings happiness to the soul. In fact, even when I eat a light dinner at a sushi restaurant, I always end up ordering a roll filled with fried shrimp tempura. I began to analyze the situation and came to the conclusion that there is something special about "the crunchy" you get when you fry food.

    A few days ago, I was talking with mi hermanita Angie, who is always finding ways to eat healthy. She's worried about her daughters- ages two and four- constantly asking for french fries and chicken tenders for lunch or dinner. Both girls eat fruits and vegetables without a problem, but they clearly love their fried favorites. So, Angie and I went on a mission: make a healthier version of chicken tenders that the kids would love as much as the fried ones. We tried different

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  • As the holidays grow near, we predict what our favorite Latin celebs are hoping to find under the tree.

  • Clip-less curling irons are the latest innovation in hair technology. Learn how to get luxurious curls How to create beautiful curlsHow to create beautiful curlswith this hair tutorial!

    By Charleen Gonzalez for Shine Latina

    Traditional curling irons with clips can leave ugly kinks in your hair. Well, it's time to throw away your old iron, and try the new clip-less version that curls your hair in seconds and leaves it looking sultry. After trying Sultra's The Bombshell Cone Rod Curling Iron, I'm never going back to a clip-style curling wand. With this new product, you can create many different looks- from tight curls to loose waves. The nicest thing about The Bombshell is that it has little grips on the barrel which grab your hair making it easier to curl. The bonus? A special glove to avoid any burns while curling your locks.

    How to curl your hair with a clip-less iron

    Step 1:
    Divide your hair into at least three sections- top, middle and bottom layer, and clip in place. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you might need to divide it

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  • A labor of love brings a Latin family's Christmas table together in the US.Puerto Rican PastelesPuerto Rican Pasteles

    At four feet, eleven inches, my Abuela Rigo was a bundle of energy that had no match in my family. She could clean a house, take soup to a sick neighbor, argue with my uncles and still have the strength to take us grandkids shopping all in one day and well into her 80's.

    But there was no place like the kitchen for the dynamo that was my grandmother; she could cook like no other. And all her Puerto Rican dishes-from rice and roasts, to potato salad and sweet coconut desserts-were absolutely the best thing our family ever had. Her trademark? Make everything from scratch, and spend the money on the best ingredients you can find.

    So, you can imagine what our Christmases were like. When we lived in Puerto Rico, the menu for Navidad included roast pork, arroz con gandules, her own potato salad, glazed ham with pineapple, maraschino cherries and cloves, arroz con dulce (coconut rice with raisins) and the

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  • Enjoy one of the Caribbean's most cherished holiday dishes.

    Makes 4 dozenPuerto Rican PastelesPuerto Rican Pasteles


    1 ½ cup of corn or vegetable oil
    ¼ achiote (or annatto) in powder form*

    Check out the story of how Abuela's pasteles are the ultimate!


    2 lbs. boneless pork shoulder
    1 lb. boneless smoked ham
    ¼ cup Adobo Goya Sin Pimienta*


    1 garlic bulb, peeled and finely chopped
    1 large green pepper, seeded and finely chopped
    1 large yellow onion, peeled and finely chopped
    1 cup cilantro, finely chopped
    1 tomato, finely chopped
    1 small can (8 oz.) tomato sauce
    1 can (16 oz.) garbanzo beans with liquid
    ½ cup raisins
    1 jar (8 oz.) chopped pimentos with liquid
    1 jar (8 oz.) manzanilla olives, drained
    ½ cup capers, drained

    MASA (or dough)

    5 lbs. yautia or malanga, chopped*
    25 green bananas, chopped**
    2 lbs. pumpkin or squash, chopped
    2 green plantains, chopped
    ½ cup

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  • A great holiday deserves a tasty turkey.A great holiday deserves a tasty turkey.A family rub recipe that will infuse great, Latin flavor into your holiday table.

    I come from a long family line of meat-cooking greats: from my Tío Marcelo and his restaurant featuring a delicious Christmas fire-roasted pork, to my brother-in-law Brad who's an ace at cooking an authentic Puerto Rican Thanksgiving turkey. But no self-respecting Boricua will ever cook meat that has not been carefully and thoroughly seasoned beforehand. The whole idea of putting a "plain" turkey or a roast in an oven could send my family into gasps of horror. ¿A quién se le ocurre comer una carne sin adobar? (Or, who could even think of eating meat without seasoning it?)

    Serve this amazing cilantro and plantain soup to begin your holiday dinner

    So, with so many good cooks in the family, it becomes a bit hard to decide who has the better rub recipe. No one can argue, though, that my uncle Peter knows his stuff when it comes to pre-seasoning and cooking a great, holiday bird. I sat down to rack

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