• Shirley RodriguezBy Sofia Quintero

    Sofia Quintero is a Puerto Rican-Dominican author, filmmaker and educator and most recently, cancer warrior. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2012.

    "Don't shave your head! Why don't you just wait and see? La tia de fulano did chemo, and her hair didn't fall out." Almost everyone in my family said it.

    But once I learned my treatment called for surgery followed by chemotherapy, I insisted on defying my relatives and shaving my head before I lost my hair. Allow a clump of hair to end up in my fist while tossing it seductively at the chulo in the bookstore? Ni lo pienses! I'd be damned if I gave cancer that much power.

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    So first off to Fekkai SoHo to cut off eight inches of natural curl into a Hallesque do. Next: gather some girlfriends for a ceremony to have each cut off a lock before the Big Buzz. They would create a healing circle both to ease the loss and imbue it with positive meaning. Read More »from "I Kicked Breast Cancer's Ass" Part 2: Fighting Breast Cancer My Way
  • By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

    Anise Halloween Drink Anise Halloween Drink

    Halloween calls for creative costumes, decorations and fun gatherings. I love to host a good costume party and, of course, I always try to make a drink to suit the occasion. With temperatures dropping, I make sure to have a drink for warming up by the fireplace or out on the porch.

    Our traditional liquor in Colombia is Aguardiente, an anise and sugar-based drink with a very unique and strong flavor. Some people drink it straight up, but in many bars and restaurants it is mixed in cocktails and hot drinks. Another typical beverage is the Agua de panela con limon. Panela is the final product of unrefined whole cane sugar. It is used in drinks, desserts, and some abuelas even use it to give their beans a sweet kick. So, I combined panela and anise liquor to make the perfect Halloween-inspired hot beverage. I took some pumpkin-shaped buckets and turned them into my serving cups. For a fancier, autumn presentation, serve the drink in an Irish

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  • In this video blog I'll show all the hot new beauty products I'm loving right now.

    By Charleen Gonzalez For Shine Latina

    This month I found fabulous products for Latinas, including a flat iron tailored for thick and unruly hair, Eva Longoria's new seductive fragrance, high-quality brushes that are affordable, Halloween-inspired nail polishes, a color-packed eyeshadow palette and super moisturizing lipsticks. Don't miss the video below!

    A flat iron made for Latinas
    I don't know about you, but my hair reacts to humidity as soon as I walk out the door. In order to combat the elements and put my unruly thick hair into submission, I found Sultra's new The Diva Pressing Iron. This flat iron is designed for frizzy and thick hair, the kind many of us Latinas have to battle against. The plates on this iron are curved and really press down your hair for sleek and straight results that last even in the most humid of climates. The iron has two temperature settings- one for natural hair, another

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  • What to Eat at 3am

    Brian NavarroBy Caroline Buia

    Whether you stop at the pupusería on your way home from the club or scarf a plate of empanadas after a night on the town, after dark is the worst time to eat. If you're risking starvation (or at least a killer hangover), go ahead and indulge your craving. A few words to the wise:

    -Fill up on water or caffeine-free tea before so you'll eat less.
    -Keep the food portions small
    -Eat slowly
    -Out with friends? Share your plate so you're only having half the amount of food.

    Buen Provecho!

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    A Yen For Mexican



    738 cals/86g carbs

    Chicken quesadilla
    563 cals/37g carbs


    Burrito bowl with greens, beans, cheese, chicken and pico de gallo (skip rice) 340cals/30g carbs

    Quest For Cuban


    Ham croquetas
    280 cals/30g carbs

    139 cals/21g carbs

    471 cals/77g carbs


    Sopa de pollo
    172 cals/14g carbs

    Baked sweet potato fries
    140 cals/23g carbs

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  • By Ariel Nagi

    El Día de los Muertos has been the party of the year for the indigenous of Mexico for hundreds of years… Ready to try your own modern take on this bizarrely fun tribute fest? Here's what you'll need.

  • By Ariel Nagi

    You don't even have to go to the costume shop for these.

  • Shine Latina sat down with Colombian mixologist Gabriel Orta to discover the secrets of mixing the perfect cocktail and get the recipe for a luscious pineapple-lime margarita.

  • Abuela Rigo lived a life full of adventures and hardships. She loved and fought for what she believed in and for those she loved the most. Her stories growing up very rich (and then very poor) in Puerto Rico are the stuff of legends, and I'll try to share them- and her- with you. Welcome to The Abuela Chronicles.

    The family had finally moved to their new home in the outskirts of the town of Caguas. The sprawling estate of over 50 acres was precisely what Mamá wanted: sturdy, roomy and just the place they needed to settle into now that Pepe, her husband, didn't need to travel as much to oversee tobacco plantations. Caguas was also the town where both Mamá and Papá were from, so there were plenty of familiar faces to welcome them and their children. To eight year old Rigo, this was the most amazing place she'd ever been to, complete with a brand new puppet theater, a store that sold every kind of luxury item (from canned fruit to Victrolas) and even a park where kids played

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  • By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

    Plantain-Cilantro-Chicken soup Plantain-Cilantro-Chicken soup

    My brother in law, David, went to culinary school about 10 years ago. While my college homework consisted mostly of writing papers and studying for exams, David's included cooking recipes for the entire family. We always managed to find one or two nights during the week to gather around the kitchen to watch him working on recipes for school. One of his famous, signature dishes is a Cilantro and Plantain Chicken soup that the entire family has enjoyed since the moment he first made it. We kept asking him to make the soup and to make enough to last for a few days. Now, more than a decade later, we still make the soup during family gatherings and lunches. The big difference is that while we used to cook and eat whenever we wanted, now we have to consider a new generation. We have kids that range from seven months to five years old running around the house during the day, with parents trying to get them into bed early so they can make it to school

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  • From Argentina to Venezuela, meet a few of the Latinas who brought home the title of "the most beautiful woman in the world."


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