• 10 Dates You'll Both Love

    David StesnerBy: Ariel Nagi

    Face it: Dinner and a movie is sooo overdone…and, in case you didn't already know it, men aren't exactly loving the whole chick flick and candlelight dinner thing. We're not saying you have to sit through a 12-inning baseball game or chug down cervezas with his amigos. We say the best way to up the fun and lower the pressure for both of you is to try guy-approved-and either free or inexpensive-dates you can both enjoy. Check these out.

    A Concert
    Ever heard the sounds of a Cuban drum circle? Jammed out to Brazilian jazz? Salsa danced to a live performance? There are thousands of free Latin concerts around the country, like the Jones Beach Free Latin Concert Series in Long Island, N.Y, Descarga 2012 in Los Angeles and the Tito Puente Latin Music Series in Boston. Google "free Latin concerts" to find one in your area.

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    A Comedy Show
    This is another fun option that can keep the mood light on your first meetup. Visit

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  • From old-guard designers to cutting-edge newbies, Latino fashion said presente at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City, showing a world of exciting new options for the 2013 Summer/Spring season.

  • Having a flawless, "airbrushed" look is easier than you think! In this video blog I will show you my favorite system, and how to expertly apply makeup using an airbrush kit.

    By Charleen Gonzalez for Shine Latina

    Why choose airbrush?Airbrushing creates a perfect makeup finishAirbrushing creates a perfect makeup finish

    The number one question I am asked as a makeup artist is "how do I find the right foundation color for my skin?" This is a tricky subject as all skin colors are unique, and it's hard to find the exact shade that's right for you. This is especially difficult for Latinas with olive complexions trying to find the right tonality in a sea of alabaster and ivory. What makes airbrush foundation an excellent choice, beyond giving your makeup a flawless finish, is the fact that you can mix different foundation colors to get the precise match for your skin. The airbrush system I chose is from Dinair, and I couldn't be happier with it. With Dinair you get to choose your foundation shade from a range of options, plus they offer blush, bronzer, eyeshadow shades, and

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  • By Liliana Moyano for Shine LatinaMango'ritaMango'rita

    I'm usually the bartender of every party even when it's not at my house. Somehow I always end up taking over the making of the drinks at gatherings, reunions and even at a friend's bar. My amigos call me the "frustrated bartender", but I disagree because I enjoy doing it only at social events. Before I make a drink I always open the fridge to see what ingredients I can mix into a refreshing and delicious cocktail.

    Try this drink with my tequila guacamole for an all-Mexican night.

    Coming back from a weekend getaway in Mexico I stopped at the duty free and sampled an exquisite mango liquor. It was sweet, thick and tasted like real mango juice. The store attendant recommended drinking it on the rocks but in my mind I already had a recipe. I couldn't wait to get home and try out my new invention. The same night, when I finally arrived home, I opened the fridge and found some other ingredients that would blend well with my drink. Cointreau,

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  • By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

    I always thought the best way to make carne asada (or grilled steak) was my dad's way: simple, flavorful Carne asada con cervezaCarne asada con cervezaand tender. He used to grill every Sunday and on special family gatherings. My uncles always wondered what secret ingredients he used on the meat that made it so delicious. He always insisted that sea salt was the only item he needed to make his churrasco taste good. Besides purchasing good quality meat, he grilled only on wood or real charcoal without using any lighter fluid to start the fire. He also insisted on waiting until the flames touched the metal grid before placing the steaks on the grill, and then he'd turn each piece only once.

    Delight your guests with my shrimp ceviche on avocado before enjoying this great carne asada.

    About a month ago, I traveled with my best friend to Los Angeles, and her family received us with a grill-full of Mexican-style carne asada. I wanted to help out in the kitchen, so I asked my friend's dad

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  • By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

    Avocado shrimp cevicheAvocado shrimp ceviche

    No matter what beach you visit in South America, you'll always find a random guy that comes to sell you fresh ceviche de camarones (or shrimp ceviche). This type of dish is pretty much an altered version of the classic shrimp cocktail, except that the shrimp gets bathed in loads of onions, tomatoes, ketchup, lime with a touch of cilantro. It is definitely the perfect snack to enjoy under the sun while drinking an iced cold beer.

    My mother, who is an amazing cook, makes her own version of the shrimp ceviche and adds avocado to it. Avocado perfectly balances the acidity of the lime when combined with the shrimp and tomato flavors. Trying to figure out a creative way to serve her ceviche, she decided to use half of an avocado as the serving dish. It makes for a beautiful presentation, and you get to enjoy a slice of avocado with every bite. My uncle loves my Mom's ceviche, and every time he comes around she knows she has to prepare her famous

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  • By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

    Empanadas Light Empanadas Light

    Empanadas, pastelitos, tamales and many other types of savory pastries have been around my family for generations. Mi abuela used to make delicious soft pasteles with semi-sweet dough filled with a meat and rice mix. The only person who could replicate this deliciousness was my Nana (or nanny) who still makes them when we ask her to delight us with her culinary skills.

    A few months ago my Nana came from Colombia to visit the family, and we began celebrating our infamous Empanada Nights--an event that usually turns into an Empanada Midnights! Typically, all of our close friends and family members are invited, and while Nana and the girls cook, everyone else is impatiently waiting for their delicious empanadas. Gradually, the night turns into a laughter session remembering our childhood stories and talking about life. After hours of talking and drinking wine, we finally get to eat the pastries, which is usually well after midnight.


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  • Life changed completely for Jessica Alba and husband, Cash Warren, when daughters Honor and Haven entered their lives. See how the busy actress is enjoying life to the fullest with her two little girls.

  • Cosmopolitan MagazineBy Ariel Nagi

    So things didn't work out between you and your boo. If it ended badly, we don't blame you for wanting to be una loca and slash his tires...but don't. We have better solutions than sending your tios or hermanos to kick his butt. These will help you feel better and save the drama.

    1. Get a Makeover

    Dye your hair or get a new cut. Buy a new outfit or those kickass shoes you've been eyeing for weeks. Focusing on you and making yourself feel good will build confidence and help you not sweat the small stuff.

    2. Go on a Date with Your Girls

    Your amigas are always there, but men come and go, as we always say. Set up a spa date or go out for drinks. Studies have shown women get over breakups faster than men because we have better support systems-aka our girls.

    3. Spill it…ALL

    Talking is the best therapy. Vent to your friends, mami, or whoever you trust. Getting it all out is a huge stress reliever, and forget paying for a therapist!

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  • Getty ImagesBy Ariel Nagi

    When we saw Venezuelan beauty Gaby Espino at Premios Tu Mundo, we couldn't help but admire her messy fishtail braid. We were shocked to learn how simple a celeb-inspired hairdo could be! Gaby's stylist Marcos Carrasquillo gave us a step-by-step how-to.

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    1. Wet your hair and apply a generous amount of volumizing mousse, like L'Oréal Paris EverStyle Volume Boosting Mousse.

    2. Blow-dry your hair using only your fingers to give it texture.

    3. Make a side part all the way down your head, dividing your hair into two sections.

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    4. Grab a small section of the hair from the back of the right side, and add this section to the left side by folding it over with your left hand. After you've added a strand to your left side, grab a strand from the back of the left section. Fold it over and add it to the right section. Repeat this step, alternating sides.

    5. Keep the look

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