• William Levy has been the body behind many a steamy novela scene, but the "Brad Pitt of Mexico" is now lending his face to a Pepsi NEXT campaign featuring new tropical flavors like Paradise Mango and Cherry Vanilla, targeting Latinos and calorie-conscious consumers.

    "Mango has a past with me," says Levy of his favorite of the two new offerings. "I used to steal mangos all the time from my neighbors in Cuba." It was only a matter time before the endorsement deals starting pouring in for this Cuban-born actor who has a built up a loyal following in Latin America and most recently in the US after a stint on "Dancing with the Stars".

    Photos: Levy's sexy dancing style

    With the continued exposure, Levy is rapidly becoming a recognized name for housewives and abuelas alike. And he appreciates the love, regardless of where it's coming from.

    Levy talks attention from the ladies:

    As for his fit physique, Levy assures his time as a father keeps him in shape.

    "I have two

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  • This month's birthday celebrations include some of our favorite movie stars, legendary music icons and even "a couple of presidents". ¡Feliz cumpleaños to all!

  • Ryan Guzman / WireImageLatino actor and model Ryan Guzman tells us what it's like acting on the big screen and what he loves about Latina women.

    By Krystyna Chavez

    I love researching what hot Latino guys are up and coming (my job is tough), so when sexy model-turned-actor Ryan Guzman's photo landed in my inbox, I could hardly contain my excitement! Not only is he starring in his first-ever role as the lead in Step Up Revolution, but the half-Mexican actor also grew up in my home state of California. That always wins points in my book! Ryan dishes on exactly what he likes about Latinas, his struggle to hold onto his Latin roots and dancing on the big screen for the first time.

    Be sure to check out Ryan starring in Step Up Revolution, out in theatres July 27, 2012!

    What was the biggest challenge in working on Step Up Revolution?

    The biggest challenge was getting all the choreography down and learning how to freestyle in front of a big crowd. Not only did I have to learn how to dance, but I

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  • Summer makeup products I love (iStockphoto)Summer makeup products I love (iStockphoto)These are my favorite beauty products of the moment, featuring bright color trends and light, summer-ready makeup.

    By Charleen Gonzalez for Shine Latina

    Trendy nail colors

    Let me start off with my favorite nail polishes this month: Zoya and their Beach and Surf collection. I'm wearing Zoya's Shelby, and it is the perfect cherry blossom pink for the summer. I also love wearing orange nail polish for the summer like Zoya's Arizona (a bright citrus orange with a cream finish) and Myrta (a medium orange coral with a metallic shimmer).

    Light, sun-proof foundation

    Most women like wearing tinted moisturizers during the summer months because of their lightweight formulas and easy application. Try Laura Mercier's Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 which has light to medium coverage and looks as flawless as foundation. On days where I want my natural skin to shine through, but still need a bit of coverage, I use BECCA's Luminous Skin Colour Ultra Sheer Foundation with SPF 25.

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  • As adapted from Manola Urquiza for omg! en Español

    Selena Gomez / FacebookSelena Gomez / FacebookIt may not be a drastic change, but Selena Gomez has debuted a new haircut showing off a more adult look. Just recently, the singer revealed a sexier and more mature side on the cover of ELLE magazine, but Gomez generally maintains a young, wholesome image.

    VIDEO: Get the look of Selena Gomez

    Justin Bieber's lady love posted a photo of her new, shaggy 'do on her Facebook and Twitter account along with a caption that reads, "new hair for a new movie :) I love changing my hair!" The singer, who just celebrated her 20th birthday, is currently filming "Getaway". The movie will be her second dramatic role after the thriller "Aftershock".

    What do you think of the Latina's new look?

    For content that speaks to you, visit Shine Latina

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  • Investing 101 (iStockphoto)Investing 101 (iStockphoto)You have taken the reins of your finances; you feel more in control. It's time to look at possible investments, and make your money work for you.

    Shine Latina sat down with personal finance adviser Andrés Gutiérrez to unravel the world of investments and learn how take advantage of financial opportunities.

    Why aren't more Latinos investing?

    No family investments: When it comes to minorities like US Latinos, Gutiérrez believes that they don't invest because they have never been exposed to it. "Latinos are very entrepreneurial; the moment they hear about a business opportunity, they want it. This is the type of venture that gets passed from one generation to another, but, when it comes to investing, they have never seen anyone in the family doing it."

    That "get rich quick" mentality: Besides not having precedent of investments in the family, Latinos tend to buy into short-term wealth. According to Gutiérrez, products that promise to double your money in six months or to make you rich in

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  • When it was time to fall in love and get married, all my siblings married Americanos. That's right-white, red-blooded, not a pinch of Latino-Americans. Soon, there were holidays together, the next generation of children was born, and we basically merged into a nicely-mixed (sometimes mixed-up!) family. But one day I started to wonder- has anyone ever asked them what it has been like to be a gringo (and I use this term with great love and affection) in a Latin family?

    I sat down with my in-laws--Sarah, Sammy and Brad--for a first-person account of what it's really like to marry Latino.

    Pre-conceived notions of married life

    Sarah: I had none, mainly because of where I grew up (Virginia Beach). This was a very diverse area where many Navy families lived, and I made friends with many of them. Some of my friends there were of Mexican descent, although none were Puerto Rican.

    Brad: I really had no pre-conceptions. It was all new to me!

    Sammy: I thought it was neat!

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  • In the world of love and romance, piropos are the Hispanic culture's answer to the pick-up line.

    Piropos, the Spanish language of romance (iStockphoto)Piropos, the Spanish language of romance (iStockphoto)If you have been to a bar, bets are you've heard them all: "Your legs must be tired because you've been running through my mind all night." Or how about, "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" Pick-up lines have existed as long as men have tried to capture a woman's attention with wit and poetry. And when it comes to love, this type of interaction can be found across languages and cultures.

    In Spanish-speaking countries, those admiring statements men say to pretty young women are called piropos. And while in the US men usually need to have a couple of drinks in order to approach a woman and toss her a witty line, in Latin America they're usually heard aplenty everywhere from public streets to a town's plaza as girls make their rounds and boys sit appreciating the view.

    BLOG: Bi-racial dating in the Latino world

    Pick-up lines can be flowery or elaborate at times, but

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  • Being famous requires keeping the body in tip-top shape at all times, but there's no time like summer to find out if the fitness efforts of the famosas are really paying off. We take a look at stars who are raising temperatures with their cute bikini style and hot bods.

  • When nothing seems to bring relief to a crying baby, moms seek out those tried and true, homemade remedies that never fail-the kind abuelitas always recommended. Here's some well-honed baby care wisdom from past generations.

    Abuela's remedies for baby care/(iStockphoto)Abuela's remedies for baby care/(iStockphoto)Skin care solutions for…
    Cradle Cap: Also known as Seborrheic dermatitis, it's a common skin condition that causes yellowish, flaky scales on a baby's head, forehead and sometimes inside the ears. Apply almond oil to the baby's skin half an hour before his bath. This will help keep the baby's skin soft and supple. Applying baby oil or a very thin layer of Vaseline to the affected area is also an effective option.
    Contact dermatitis and eczema: The pulp of the aloe vera plant is a perfect, natural solution for the treatment of dermatitis and eczema. It soothes, moisturizes, and it has many anti-bacterial properties. Just take a full-grown aloe vera leaf, peel it with a knife as if it were a fruit, and apply the jelly straight into the affected

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