• I'm minding my own business looking for shampoo at the local Walgreens when I hear a little girl whine: "Mami, but I want it!" The whine becomes louder by the minute, when finally the little girl throws herself to the floor, screaming at the top of her lungs, "I waaanntttt iiiitttt!!!" The mother doesn't even react; she finishes her shopping trip and the girl eventually follows her mother out still mid-tantrum. It made me think: WWPaMD (What would Papi and Mami Do)?
    To spank or not...that is the question (iStockphoto)To spank or not...that is the question (iStockphoto)
    They certainly wouldn't have left me on the floor making a scene. I know that Papi would have stopped the whining long before the tantrum started with a stern warning, and if that failed, he would have swiftly picked me up, exited the store and gotten to the bottom of the matter. And if that still didn't work, a good nalgadita or two would have been issued. Then I'm thinking, caray, well by that time there would have been enough correazos, chancletazos and nalgadas to ensure I'd never throw a tantrum in my life. As far as

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  • We know them for playing many roles on-screen, but turns out they also speak many languages. Whether they're foreign actors who master the English language for film or Americans we thought were just monolingual, find out which celebrities are linguistically talented when it comes to foreign tongues.

    Academy Award winner Benicio del Toro answers questions in his native Spanish during a press conference for his movie "Wolfman". It surprised us how soft spoken the Boricua actor (who's better known for his rough characters) becomes when he's off the movie set.

    Movie heartthrob Bradley Cooper speaks perfect French during a TV interview to promote his movie, "The Hangover". Cooper, who speaks the language fluently, spent time as an exchange student in Aix-en-Provence.

    SLIDESHOW: Celebs Who Immigrated to the US

    Coldplay front man and Gwyneth Paltrow's other half, Chris Martin, speaks French during an awards show, doing a pretty good job at speaking the "langue" of Napoleon. Martin's wife

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  • I'm one of the lucky ones. I have very loving and devoted parents, the best any child (actually, the best any four children) could ever have. And we couldn't love them more. When it comes to wisdom, affection and plain old silly-fun, my Daddy takes the prize. As I reflect on all that Papi has imparted on my life (and I have a list of over 50 items!), here are some of the best and sweetest things I've learned from my Dad.

    Build healthy relationships: Papi has always been about relating, communicating, interacting, looking at you straight in the eye, giving you a strong handshake and making you feel like you are the most important person in the world.

    • Make sure you let your Papi know that, no matter what, you love and appreciate him .Make sure you let your Papi know that, no matter what, you love and appreciate him .With his children: As a Dad, that meant that his kids were to listen to his advice (especially when they had misbehaved) whether they felt ready for it or not. Sometimes we wished he'd given us una buena nalgada (a good slap on the butt) than take the long way to the supermarket and back just so we could listen to his "how to
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  • With wedding season here, we've got bridal fever. You're cordially invited to take a look at our list of the most gorgeous Latina novias who were beautiful, dressed in white and very famosas.

  • A year ago, Washington Post's Pulitzer Prize winner Jose Antonio Vargas surprised the world when he admitted to being an illegal immigrant in an essay published by the New York Times. Today, a photograph taken by Gian Paul Lozza featuring Vargas with 35 other undocumented immigrants became the cover image of the June 14th issue of TIME Magazine. In a poignant "Behind the Cover" photo gallery, Lozza shows individuals who identify themselves as "American Immigrants" sharing their future aspirations for themselves and their new country.

    Can Someone Tell Mis Papás that We Live in the U.S. Of A.?

    As an undocumented journalist living in the United States and writer of the TIME cover story, Vargas relates closely to the plight of the Latino immigrant and the lack of progress in immigration reform. Photographer Lozza wanted to open up the concept of illegal immigration in the American mind by making sure he included as many ethnic and cultural origins as can be represented among the

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  • Adapted from a blog by Otro Stylo for Yahoo! Mujer

    A mixiote is a traditional, pit-barbecued meat dish from Central Mexico which can also (luckily!) be prepared in an oven. It is usually made with mutton, rabbit or even chicken and seasoned with chiles and other spices including cumin, thyme, marjoram, bay leaves, cloves and garlic. It is then wrapped in small packages made out of the tough, semi-transparent outer skin of the maguey (or century plant) leaves which give the dish a unique flavor.

    VIDEO: How to Grill Mexican-Style

    Even if you don't eat much fish, you'll want to prepare this easy, colorful and unique recipe as soon as you can. You can use tinfoil to wrap and cook the fish if you don't have access to maguey leaves. For a well-rounded and healthy meal, serve over a bed of brown rice and grilled vegetables.

    A mixiote is a traditional pit-barbecued meat dish from central Mexico.A mixiote is a traditional pit-barbecued meat dish from central Mexico.

    Yield: Serves 4
    Total time: 1 ½ hours
    Level: Easy

    1 ½ handfuls of parsley
    8 fish fillets
    Salt and pepper to taste

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  • iStockphoto / We all know, money doesn't grow on treesThere are common mistakes about money that may be getting in the way of your monetary success. Financial expert Andrés Gutiérrez shares some "baby steps" for getting out of the financial hole.

    Whether you were born and raised in this country or immigrated from another part of the world, the importance of responsible financial planning in the midst of a troubled economy is probably not lost on you. In the process of trying to establish a stable income and reach ambitious goals, some are given false information or incorrect advice. We asked financial expert and creator of the Paz Financiera seminars, Andrés Gutiérrez, to help us divide fact from fiction to find out what it really takes to make our money work for us.

    Bounce back from a foreclosure

    Gutiérrez finds that first generation immigrants tend to be guided by three major misconceptions:

    • · MYTH #1 - It's easy to make money in the US: Most of us know by now that it takes hard work to become well off in this country,
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  • In English, they're called womanizers; we call them mujeriegos! They're handsome, rich, famous and elusive when it comes to commitment. Here are some of the most notorious Lotharios and their conquests.

  • This Yahoo! original series will introduce you to success stories, to the public figures who have crossed cultures and languages to leave a mark in the Latin and US markets. In this episode, get to know Carlos Ponce, the "Cuborican" actor/singer who has attained success crossing over, just by doing what comes naturally.

    Many may know him as the flamboyant yoga-instructor from "Couples Retreat", and your abuelita probably likes his music. And that was probably Carlos Ponce's plan all along; to reach as many people as possible no matter the generation, language or cultural background.

    Born Carlos Armando Ponce, Jr. in Puerto Rico to Cuban parents, the actor considers himself a "Cuborican" and moved to the US in 1986. As a teen, her pursued the arts, and a part in school play made him realize he could turn acting into a dream career despite aspirations for the music industry.

    In his own words:

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  • Diva and multi-hyphenate Jennifer Lopez set the standard for style when she took Hollywood by storm, and it seems reality star Kim Kardashian has taken a page from the Boricua's book to model her own career. Whether it's flaunting her curvas or building a business empire, we think Kardashian has been paying homage to the star she considers a fashion icon. Who's copying whom? You decide!


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