• While we're getting ready for Valentine's Day, many Latinos are rounding up their Christmas in February! And leading the final holiday festivities are these traditional, fruity tamales.

    Adapted from Geraldine Romero

  • Latin YouTube personality Alba Mayo teaches us how to create a manicure look inspired by the film "Warm Bodies", a comedic look at the fantasy films viewers are currently obsessing over.

    Zombie-glam nailsInspired by the upcoming, lighthearted movie "Warm Bodies", about a zombie who finds love, Alba Mayo has dedicated her latest video tutorial to creating a glamorous nail design that's actually quite easy to create. All you'll need is your favorite polish in shades of red and gray, as well as silver glitter and some clear tape. Follow her instructions below, and voilà, you'll have nails to die for.

    Fashion trends we expect to see in 2013

    Check out Mayo's step-by-step tutorial on how to get "zombie" nails:

    1. With a piece of tape, cover half of each nail diagonally.
    2. Apply at least three coats of red polish to the uncovered half of the nail. Using a more opaque or matte shade will work great with this design.
    3. After removing the tape, apply three coats of gray nail polish to the other half.
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  • By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

    Torta de maizTeatime has always been a must in many Latin families. We usually gather around the table in the afternoon to enjoy a cup of coffee with a snack in a ritual called onces. I always thought our version of teatime was meant for adults only, but in my family, while my parents worked, my sisters and I stayed home doing our homework under the care of our nana. At around 4:30, nana would ask us to take a break and come to the living room for onces. At the time, my four sisters and I (ranging in ages five to eleven) pretended to be adults sitting around the coffee table, talking like grownups while enjoying some of nana's torta de mazorca (or corn cake) with a glass of milk

    Every time I travel to Colombia, I call nana and ask her to make me onces. She already knows that what I'm really asking for is her delicious torta de mazorca. I finally wrote down her recipe to duplicate on my own. Here it is!


    Corn kernelsIngredients
    (6 servings)
    2 cups corn kernels
    ½ cup

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  • By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

    Arroz con lecheArroz con lecheAbuela used to sing a children's song called Arroz con Leche as she cooked desserts, pastries and her famous rice pudding. The smell of the sweet treat invaded the entire house making it almost impossible not to ask for a sample. And once the pudding was fully cooked, we still had to wait a few hours until it cooled down in the fridge. Finally, we were allowed to try the anticipated dessert after dinner…and it never lasted through the night.

    I always thought it was very difficult to make arroz con leche, until I conquered it with my sister Marcela a few weeks ago. There's no way of messing this one up!


    Pouring the milkPouring the milkIngredients
    (6 servings)
    1 cup rice
    ¾ cup water
    1 cup milk
    ½ cup condensed milk
    1 cinnamon stick
    ½ cup half & half
    ½ cup raisins

    Indulge in this dish after succulent pork chops with cilantro tzatziki

    Creamy and sweetDirections
    Place the rice in a pot set at low heat. Add the water, and let the rice cook for about 30 minutes or until the water has

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  • What can relax muscles, calm your mind, detoxify, moisturize and stimulate circulation, all in one simple swoop? Take time tonight to submerge yourself in a glorious, warm bath. You'll thank me in the morning!

  • A product that stimulates cell-regeneration, a lip balm with the power of a lipstick and nail art delivered right to your door. Check out these exciting new launches for makeup and beauty in 2013!

    By Charleen Gonzalez for Shine Latina

    New Beauty ReleasesA ton of new beauty products are launching this year, and I'm especially excited for spring makeup collections. This year nail art will be as popular as ever, and there's a new product to help you create easy DIY nail art that gets delivered straight to your door! Also hot this year are neutral eye shadows, and products like Benefit's World Famous Neutrals take the guesswork out of your morning routine. This year, keep the resolution to get even and brighter looking skin. I'll take a look at Alba Bontanica's line of skin products that help you do just that. New releases from Urban Decay, Stila and Hourglass round out my top picks for 2013.

    Monthly nail art service

    You may have heard of beauty subscription services that send out monthly picks for you

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  • From famous rebels to romantics, we celebrate Latinos who were born in February, with special loving nostalgia to one "Chavo del Ocho". A happy birthday to all with mucho amor.

  • BabyCenter® en Español, an online resource for Latin families, announces the most popular trends among moms in 2012.

    Each stage of pregnancy has become a cause for modern celebration; gathering family and friends to announce a new baby, for example, has been replaced by mass messages through social networking sites. The surprise of meeting your newborn in the hospital room is traded for the instant gratification of a 4D ultrasound. There are new trends every year in the world of maternity; here are some of the few that grew in popularity in 2012.

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  • A friendly recipe exchange brings to light a long-held secret among Latinos. When it comes to food, the same language can have different meanings.

    Puerto Rican rice and beansMy mom was excited. Her first Latina friend in the states was coming over to have coffee and chat. Netty and Mami had lots in common: four kids, a love for cooking and the same language-or so they thought. When my Boricua mom and her new Colombian friend sat to sip café con leche and exchange recipes, they quickly realized that even though they were both native Spanish speakers, the other lady might as well be speaking Chinese when it came to talking about food! It got even funnier when they started using a dictionary to bridge the gap between their own, unique versions of Spanish.

    The fact is that even though Español is the mother language of all Latin Americans (with the exception of Brazil), the words used for some of the most common items- especially food-can change drastically from one country to another, leaving many Latinos shaking

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  • By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

    Avocado saladIn Latin America, it is very common to add lime and salt to fruits and vegetables. Mango and radishes are two of my favorite lime-salted treats. My mom found this to be the only way I ate my veggies, so she began to add limón y sal to everything.

    My mom is a weekday-vegetarian by choice. She has a unique passion for vegetables, and through the years she's found delicious ways to satisfy her semi-vegetarianism. My all time favorite recipe is her avocado-lime, leafless salad filled with color and crunch. This is the same concept of fruits and vegetables with limón y sal, but she adds olive oil to make the salad less tangy. I make it at nighttime when I come back from work and want to eat something light, yet filling.

    Prepping the veggiesIngredients
    (4 servings)
    ½ red pepper, julienned
    ½ red onion, julienned
    3 celery stalks, chopped
    1 tomato, chopped
    ¼ cup carrots, shredded
    2 Hass avocados
    2 1/2 tbsp. olive oil
    ¼ tsp. sea salt
    11/2 tbsp. rosemary leaves

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