• If love is the universal language, moms speak it best. Meet some of the cutest Hollywood "chicos" and their famous mothers.

  • Get an inside look at the groovy costumes created for Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer for the upcoming "Dark Shadows". The film is out in theaters on May 11th .

    When it comes to collaborating with Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, designer Colleen Atwood has found her calling. Atwood, who has worked with Burton since "Edward Scissorhands" and has won three Academy Awards for her designs in "Alice in Wonderland", "Memoirs of a Geisha" and "Chicago". She has reunited once again with her favorite creative pair for the upcoming "Dark Shadows", starring Depp as a 200-year-old vampire who is freed in 1972. Atwood shared her inspirations for creating the '70s themed wardrobe for the film's main characters.

    SLIDESHOW: The "Dark Shadows" costumes

    It's not just about finding the right kind of orange and gold polyester: Atwood had to integrate the characters with Burton's unique sense of irony and comedy. Not to mention the signature quirky fashion the director gives to all his

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  • Our mamis' greatest hitsEvery culture has its sayings and refranes, but when they come out of our Mamis' mouths, don't they just sound hilarious? Add to that their way of saying things, plus the contradictions in their advice and you end up with a Molotov cocktail of plain, unadulterated funny. In my house, we call it "free entertainment."

    Here are some of the most frequently heard pearls of wisdom at my house (and maybe yours, too):

    On eating: We come from a long line of gorditos in my family, so having a mother, aunt or abuela tell me I was fat was definitely the pot calling the kettle black. Amazingly, the contradictions on the subject were customary. An exchange like this was an almost every day occurrence:

    -Nena, ¡te estás poniendo gorda! ¡Mira que pipa! (Girl, look at your belly! You're getting fat!)

    A few days later, Mami would serve me a plate so large, a football player could never finish eating it, because…

    -Nena, te veo muy flaca. ¡Tienes que comer más! (Girl, you're getting

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  • They are gorgeous, Latina, plus-size and very proud of all that defines them. We spoke with editor and founder of PLUS Model Magazine, Madeline Figueroa-Jones, and Latina models Rosie Mercado and Denise Bidot about their journey into the fashion industry's "plus side."

    Madeline Figueroa-JonesMadeline Figueroa-JonesEighteen year-old Madeline Figueroa-Jones was thumbing through a fashion magazine when she came across one of the first makeovers ever done in publishing; the particular article took a few girls, put them on a diet, and then, made them over. This Boricua got so aggravated that she took three of her own larger-sized girlfriends, styled them to the nines, had her boyfriend take pictures and sent them along with a passionate letter proving how these girls could readily represent chic style and kick ass beauty in their own sizes. Years later, Madeline Figueroa-Jones (along with fellow Latina Valerie Amador) would launch PLUS Model Magazine, becoming one of the most influential publishers in the industry.

    Rosie Mercado/Oscar Picazo

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  • Shine Latina has a first look at nuvoTV's fifth season of Model Latina South Beach, bringing the heat thanks with 10 new models competing in Miami's glamorous backdrop for a $25,000 modeling contract.

    "I want to show the world that curves go very well on a runway," says an aspiring model in the clip, one of the 10 ladies hailing from countries all over Latin America, including Cuba, Colombia, Mexico and Guatemala.

    SLIDESHOW: Latino athletes turned models

    Mentored by sexy Puerto Rican actor Carlos Ponce (of "Couple's Retreat" fame), Argentinean Victoria's Secret "Angel" Ines Rivero and photographer Franco LaCosta, the ladies bring the drama on and off the runway in this exclusive preview:

    Get to know las modelos:

    Maytee Martinez (20 years old)

    Miami, Florida

    Cuban beauty Maytee is a popular staple on Florida's fashion scene, where she has strutted runways during Miami's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and SoBe's sizzling Funkshion Fashion Week.

    Brittany Peralta

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  • Adapted from Yahoo! en Español blogger Luza Alvarado

    Years ago, when people talked about a "single mother" they'd talk about a woman who had unplanned children out of wedlock. Now, a single mom is also a divorced or separated parent in charge of her children's upbringing, as well as someone who plans and decides to have a child on her own. According to a 2010 study by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, while 24% of Non-Hispanic white homes are single-parented, 41% of all US Hispanic households are led by a single parent, meaning that most likely the mother is the sole provider of the financial and emotional support of her children.

    Tips for Juggling Latinas' Redefined Roles

    There's nothing easy about the life of a single mom, but here are some tips and tools to help with the daily battles:

    Single mom and daughter/iStockphoto

    Know your rights. Search information that will help you find child support, health services, financial and psychological support. Even though the situation for single moms in the US

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  • Find out how these famous women fare without an ounce of makeup. Are they barely recognizable or should they go "au natural" more often? You decide!

  • Some of your favorite stars have immigrated to make a name (and home) for themselves; find out which Hollywood celebrities left their countries behind for a shot at American fame.

  • A survival guide for living with Mami and Papi after losing your job

    It's been all over the news: young adults returning home to live under Mom and Dad's roof because of rampant unemployment. Recent college graduates who not able to find work and unemployed adult children in their 30's and 40's are going back to their parents' homes in droves, financially unable to live on their own. As a matter of fact, a recent Pew Research survey found that currently one out of five US adults, ages 18-34, now lives with his or her parents. The result: American parents and their adult kids are struggling to find physical and emotional space for relating to one another again.

    Mother and daughter/iStockphotoMother and daughter/iStockphoto

    How to make it work when college grads return home to live

    This was not my experience with mis papás, though; they were elated! You have to understand: I left home to go to college and never looked back. Of course, I came home for Navidad, and to this day I call my Mom every day…but living at home…with them…again?

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  • The lives of Latinas have evolved rapidly during the last couple of generations in this country; Hispanic women are entering the US workforce at a dizzying pace currently making up 4.7% of the entire American labor force, a 100% increase from a decade ago. Gone are the (fairly recent) days of staying at home, having dinner ready for a husband and cleaning up after him and kids. Right? Not so fast.

    Culture taught them to be perfect housewives and doting mothers; economics forced them out of the house and into the workforce, and media expects them to balance home and work while becoming rockstars in bed. You know…like Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez bringing that "latin spice" at all times? The result is a constant feeling of inadequacy, restlessness and frustration.

    Struggling Mom/iStockphotoStruggling Mom/iStockphotoAre women to blame?

    If you grew up Hispanic a few years ago, you saw very clearly defined gender roles- women were lady-like, cleaned the home and had hot dinners ready for when their husbands came home. The men

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