• Choosing between a mini or a maxi dress is one of the best parts of this spring's fashion trends, and celebrities are getting in on the fun as well rocking short and long styles. Which looks better? You decide!

  • Forget the nachos and tacos! Give your Cinco de Mayo party real Mexican flavor with these traditional dishes.

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    Cinco de Mayo festivities are just around the corner, so let's bring out the nachos, tacos and margaritas. Right? Wrong! This most Mexican of US holidays, which against popular belief actually commemorates "La Batalla de Puebla" where a handful of poorly armed campesinos defeated the invading French army, should be celebrated with the same recipes used in Mexico for their national holidays. So, this Cinco de Mayo do as the Mexicans do. Ditch the tex-mex for some of these authentic dishes. ¡Qué viva México!

    PHOTOS: Real Cinco de Mayo Celebrations


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    Both versions of this traditional Mexican stew, Pozole Blanco and Pozole Rojo, are a must-serve at all Cinco de Mayo tables. The difference between them lies in the meat and the peppers used. For the Blanco (or white) version, the recipe calls for chicken and pork, as well as different kinds of green

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  • Spanish tapas have become very trendy nowadays, and they can be served as special hors d'oeuvres when you have guests. The original reason for having tapas in Spain was to have something to eat as a snack or appetizer before dinner along with the after-hours glass of wine or beer. Tapear, or eating tapas, can actually replace lunch or be eaten as a light dinner.

    Try a healthy tapas party

    According to history, Spanish farmers used to eat small snacks with a glass of wine between meals as a way to re-energizing during the day. The word tapas comes from the practice of covering glasses of wine with slices of bread or ham in Spanish taverns, in order to prevent fruit flies or dust from falling inside the glasses while patrons ate. In the past, tapas consisted mostly of olives, sausage and slices of cheese, but these days they are made out of seafood, meat, fried food or vegetables, depending on the region of Spain you may be in.


    Here is one of my favorite tapas recipes:

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  • According to Spanish psychologist Dr. Silvia Olmedo, the coming-of-age of single mothers and their daughters can be a daunting process. But if problems are nipped in the bud, the relationship can turn into a camino de rosas.

    With a large percentage of Hispanic families being single-parent homes and nearly 52% of Latina teens getting pregnant at least once before age 20 (almost twice the national average), raising a child as a young parent comes with its fair share of obstacles. Faced with the same conflicts as anyone else, single Latin mothers face unique challenges stemming from trying to grow up themselves, as well as the cultural differences with their child.

    "During the teenage years there is a disconnect between physical and emotional growth," explains psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Olmedo. "Teens seem to be in a hurry to grow up, but their brains, (specifically the frontal lobe, the part in charge of self-control), do not complete their development until age

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  • Latino athletes are taking the advertising world by storm with their good looks and fashion sense (and bodies!). These are 10 multi-talented chicos that have traded a sports uniform for high fashion. For content that speaks to you, visit Shine Latina.

  • Discover the real story behind this US-adopted holiday, and why it's about more than margaritas and tacos.

    Most Americans take Cinco de Mayo as their cue to indulge in nachos, tacos and tequila, mistakenly interpreting the occasion as Mexico's Independence Day celebration (actual date: September 16). While nowadays it's more celebrated in the US than in Mexico itself, Cinco de Mayo is really a story of courage and inspiration that shouldn't be forgotten.
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    Mexico had already gained independence from Spain in 1821, but two costly wars during that time had left the country indebted to Spain, England and France. When Mexico stopped making loan payments, France decided to assume control of the country by installing Maximilian of Austria as emperor of the land. Ahead of the new ruler's arrival, the 6,500 troops of the French army invaded the port of Veracruz and marched towards Mexico City. But, once they got to the town of Puebla they encountered strong resistance from a small

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  • Sometimes the way we treat our pets reveals more about our own human relationships.

    I'm a Latina (of the Boricua kind) through and through, but when I got a dog, I only spoke English to her. I had my first dog as a grown-up here in the US; I was already mainstreamed in the language and the culture, so when I got Blondie, the prettiest golden retriever mix you ever saw, I spoke to her in the language I used every day without realizing that my sweet doggie was being deprived of learning my birth language.

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    One day we were going over formal and informal commands in Spanish class when one of my students asked, "Entonces, ¿usa usted 'mandatos informales' con su perro?" "Sí, ¡por supuesto!" I answered, but quickly realized that I'd just lied; I spoke no Spanish to my dog at all! As a matter of fact, if I were to take Blondie to visit the other members of my family, she wouldn't have understood anyone. But wait, it got worse. I realized that I did speak Spanish to my dog, but only

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  • "Green" fashion has come a long way; today's Latino designers are staying ahead of the curve by getting behind eco-friendly styles with sustainable clothing. Check out some of today's environmentally-conscious looks featuring beautiful design and sensual fabrics. For content that speaks to you, visit Shine Latina.

  • Ahhh, the good old days of dating! Boy sees girl, asks her to be his "novia", and she says "sí". That's how it was when my mom was allowed to have boyfriends. Then came the challenges: he visited her home, her father decided to read the paper in the living room with them; he took her out, and her little brother had to come along. It was the era of the "chaperonas", and as far she was concerned, this dating scenario was pretty revolutionary. In generations prior, mothers and aunts chaperoned the budding couple. How did people ever get married?


    5 ways to stay positive during the dating process

    By the time my sister started dating, her trials no longer involved nosy chaperones and were more cultural in nature. She met Mikey only a few months after we left Puerto Rico to live in the American South. She spoke little English; he spoke no Spanish. Instead of being novios, they were just dating. Their outings included football tailgates (people eat out of their cars?!?), mountain

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  • Spanglish- a friend and enemy

    When it comes to the second most spoken language in the US, Spanish phrases sometimes bear the brunt of the grammatical evolution as they become part of everyday English usage. But other languages often get misused, too, as we continue growing into a cultural melting pot.

    We take a look at some of the most misinterpreted phrases that have become the norm and what they really mean.


    No problemo: The reason why this phrase became the Spanish-American version of "No problem" stems from the generalization that all masculine gender words in the language end in "o". But as many Spanish 101 classes will tell you, there are exceptions to every rule (words ending in "ma" are always masculine). So, if you ever want to say "no problem" with a Spanish accent, try No hay problema or Ningún problema.

    Es caliente: If you were trying to say "It's hot", as in the weather, try hace calor instead. If you're trying to compliment a sexy chica, you may want to

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