• By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

    Buñuelos ready to enjoy!Buñuelos ready to enjoy!

    Christmas in Latin America comes with an array of cultural festivities that can vary from country to country. In many families, the Novena de Aguinaldos (nine days of prayer preceding Christmas) has been a tradition for decades. During the Novena, we listen to parts of the Nativity story with songs and prayers alternating throughout the reading. Family members take turns hosting the Novena in their homes, and serve traditional holiday dishes after the reading.

    In my family, we gather around the Nativity scene, and each one of my sisters takes turns reading a prayer; this has been our ritual since we kids learned to read. When Grandma was with us, we had to make an enormous effort to keep calm and read each sentence correctly, because the moment one of us mispronounced a word, the rest of the sisters would burst out laughing during what should be a solemn moment. Once we'd calm down, we'd find Abuela staring right into our eyes.

    mixing the corn starch with the cheese mixing the corn starch with the cheese Christmas

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  • Newlywed television personality Mario Lopez talks family, career and fitness, and also gets some insight from a famous couple who's been there and done that- The Estefans.

    Mario Lopez: One on One with Gloria and Emilio EstefanMario Lopez: One on One with Gloria and Emilio Estefan"It feels great to be married!" says television host Mario Lopez, who spoke with Shine Latina days after his grand wedding in Mexico. The former Saved by the Bell actor has reason to be excited; besides marrying longtime girlfriend, Courtney Mazza, and raising two year old daughter, Gia, Lopez is busy with his own show on NUVOtv called Mario Lopez: One On One.

    Lopez, who has already interviewed fellow Latin stars like Eva Longoria and George Lopez for his program, sits down with music pioneers Gloria and Emilio Estefan in an upcoming episode to discuss marriage, careers and family. "If I could have the success of this couple, I'll be happy," says the host, who was glad to get some marriage advice during the interview.

    EXCLUSIVE: Find out the secret behind the Estefans' 34 year marriage:

    For Lopez, who took his vows

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  • Shine Latina sat down with child fitness and nutrition expert Nohelia Siddons to find out how to translate traditional holiday meals for younger palates.
    Holiday food for babiesHoliday food for babies
    The holidays give children the opportunity of expanding their culinary horizons and indulging in the treats usually reserved for this special time of the year. Having kids partake in the traditional menus served can be a real joy, but it's important for parents to keep an eye on what they're eating, and prepare kid-friendly versions of the dishes found at the grownup table.

    According to Venezuelan Nohelia Siddons, there's nothing healthier than preparing homemade baby food. "There are no preservatives added, the ingredients are not over processed, and the transition time from food preparation to the baby's mouth is much shorter," says the expert, who recommends commercially prepared baby food as a good option when away from home or travelling.

    Baby-friendly holiday recipes

    There's no reason why the babies in the family can't enjoy

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  • Learn how to give your manicure a festive touch with snowflakes and snowmen in this nail art video tutorial.

    By Charleen Gonzalez for Shine Latina

    Making a snowman designMaking a snowman design I love doing nail art during the holidays, because it's an easy way to get yourself ready for the season. Doing nail art doesn't have to be difficult as long as you have the right tools and patience! I decided to do a little muñeco de nieve (snowman) and some copitos de nieve (snowflakes) to give my manicure a really festive touch. These designs are lighthearted, fun, and are sure to get you noticed. So go ahead and "deck your nails"!

    The nail polishes I used are from Nails Inc. and are sold at Sephora.

    Creating the snowman
    Step 1
    Apply a base coat to protect your natural nail; I use Nails Inc. Caviar Base Coat. Then, paint your nails blue (or any other color besides white). I particularly like Nails Inc. in Baker Street. Make sure the color is opaque and evenly painted.

    Step 2
    Paint the tip of your nail with a white nail polish like

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  • Watch how to get Salma Hayek's simple, yet beautiful red carpet look!

    By Charleen Gonzalez for Shine Latina

    Salma HayekSalma Hayek Salma Hayek recently strutted her stuff down the red carpet for the British Fashion Awards, where she played up her natural curves in a fringed Stella McCartney gown and wowed with her effortless makeup. Hayek opted to go very subtle on the eyes and cheeks, while sporting a bright, coral-pink lip. A great pop of color to her black dress; it's the perfect look for holiday daytime fiestas or when you want a clean, yet sophisticated style. Besides, this look is really easy to replicate: just grab your bight pink lipstick, some neutral shadows, and you're ready!

    Flawless base

    Start off by applying a face primer; I used bareMinerals Prime Time™ Foundation Primer. Then, apply a matte foundation like bareMinerals SPF 15 Matte Foundation. It looks incredibly natural and leaves the skin looking flawless. Use a dense powder brush to buff in the powder like bareMinerals Precision Face

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  • Garnering respect and re-invented careers seems to be the common thread of an accomplished 2012 in the lives of many Latino celebrities

  • As the year comes to an end, we celebrate famous Latinos with cumpleaños in the month of December.

  • Before we ring in the New Year, let's take a look at the people and moments that made 2012 truly memorable for Latinos everywhere.

  • A woman with a vision for enhancing the lives of Latin girls creates a doll to represent their dreams and aspirations.

    There's nothing like a child's excitement on Christmas Eve, pondering what gifts Santa Claus will leave DIVA AbrielleDIVA Abrielleunder the tree for the next morning. For many young girls, the wish for a beautiful doll is usually included in their letters to Papá Noel. And for many parents, there is a growing concern regarding what dolls will mean to their child--will it encourage good character or place unhealthy expectations for an impossible appearance?

    Former business professor Dr. Lisa Williams has created the "Positively Perfect" collection of dolls that not only look like the girl who will play with them, but also aims to inspire the little one to be more than just a pretty face. Following her line of self-described "chocolate-color babies, toddlers and girl dolls", this year Dr. Williams added to two Hispanic dolls: "Marvelous Maria" and "DIVA Abrielle".

    "I wanted to provide

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  • By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

    Holiday NatillaHoliday Natilla

    In Colombia, we celebrate the holidays with a variety of festivities that officially begin on December 8th, or Día de las velitas (Day of the candles). Family and friends gather around to light candles as a sign of peace and harmony, but of course the celebration doesn't stop there. There will be celebrations, music and food. Lots of food. And more specifically- desserts.

    My family's choice dessert is natilla, a thick custard similar to flan or crème brûlée. I always thought it was a complicated dish to make, so I limited myself to eating instead of cooking it. A few weeks ago I found a natilla quick mix at the Latin supermarket, and gave it a try. It tasted just like the one we have back home, topped with a semi-sweet blackberry sauce just like abuela made. Now, I am ready for the holidays with a simple recipe that will bring great memories to the entire family.

    Try this recipe with my leftover turkey croquettes

    Holiday NatillaHoliday Natilla


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