• Simple ways to update your look instantly!Simple ways to update your look instantly!Remember when a new year inspired a new you? Finding the time - or funds - for a large-scale makeover may seem impossible. So instead of going Gaga and aiming for complete reinvention, why not tackle a few tiny tweaks instead? Here are 7 easy and affordable ways to update your look that can make a big impact - instantly!

    Change your partChange your part
    1. Change your part
    If you're anything like me, you resolve to get a new look each time you go for a haircut, only to chicken out and wind up with the same 'do you already had. Luckily, my hairdresser taught me the simplest way to change things up without scissors: simply switch the location of your part (best done fresh out of the shower, with wet hair before styling) to instantly transform your look - without spending a dime!

    Don't be raggedy handyDon't be raggedy handy
    2. Don't be raggedy handy
    Remember those old Palmolive ads, when women were accused of having "dishpan hands"? Unfortunately, a daily dose of domestic drudgery coupled with harsh weather - be it strong winter winds or a blisteringly hot,

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  • Photo: ThinkstockPhoto: ThinkstockWhat would it take to change your life for the better? It may be less than you think.

    Edit Your Online Self

    Deleting old Flickr photos and closing Myspace accounts do only so much. If you want to seriously revamp what pops up when someone searches for you, consider turning to an online reputation management agency. Such sites, like Reputation.com and MetalRabbitMedia.com, reverse engineer search-engine algorithms in order to drive favorable content towards the top and bury unflattering posts. One DIY to hiding embarassing content: Create Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages; Google and Bing generally put content from social networking sites toward the top of search results.

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    Send a Smarter Message

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