• My Wife Banned Me from Video GamesMy Wife Banned Me from Video GamesMy wife thinks she can ground a 30-something-year-old man from video games - that's right, Addie gets to tell her friends that mom grounded dad. Let's get past the first hurdle here: Why is a 30-something-year-old man still playing video games? Well, I don't play video games very often. In fact, there was a period of around five years, after my first child was born, when I didn't play video games at all. But then one of my friends got me hooked on a game called Assassin's Creed.

    I only play Assassin's Creed when the developer comes out with a new game in the series, which is about once a year. Also, at the start of each football season, I'll get hooked on Madden for a few weeks. Outside of that, my video game console is mostly used as a fancy Blu Ray player.

    Unfortunately, the latest installment of Assassin's Creed came out at the end of October and I've been fascinated with it ever since. I am still a few days away from beating the game and being done with it forever.


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  • "I love that outfit, you're so brave." I'm wearing a bodycon dress, not saving twenty-seven handicapped orphans from a burning schoolhouse.

    By Anna Breslaw

    1. You look so skinny!
    As opposed to before, when you had Velveeta running through your veins instead of blood.

    2. You look so healthy!
    You look fatter than you did last time I saw you.

    3. [if your hair is not straight naturally, but you straightened it for a day] Your hair looks so good today!
    When you tone down your unique physical attributes to align with conventional beauty standards, you actually look kinda pretty!

    4. You're pretty for an [ethnic group.]
    Thanks? You're about as ugly as most racists are.

    5. Your shoes look so comfortable.
    Ew, those are such sad "I-don't-even-try-to-be-a-woman-anymore baby boomer hag with three wolf moon t-shirts who lurk in the self-help section of Barnes & Noble" clogs.

    6. You're such a strong person.
    If I had experienced the series of misfortunes that comprise your miserable, lonely

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  • Source: Girlie Party Ideas to Get Into the Holiday Spirit

    If you're feeling a little scroogey transitioning into the cold month of yuletide and mistletoe, get a little help from your friends. The best part of the season is spending quality time with the people you love - a sentiment that can get lost in the crowds at the mall. We've rounded up some of our favorite holiday party ideas fit for girlfriends that will have you ready to go door-to-door Christmas caroling (well, or something like that). Check them out below, and feel free to share your ideas in the comments!

    Holiday crafting party: Have your favorite crafting buddies over to make some holiday decor. Everyone ends up with their own DIY project to dress their home, like this easy-to-make mason jar glitter candle or personalized snowglobe.

    Christmas movie marathon: Grab some cozy blankets, gather 'round the tree, and get your Christmas movie marathon on! We especially love the oldies but goodies like White Christmas, A

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  • POPSUGAR Love & SexSource: 6 Ways to Find Alone Time During the Holidays

    Christmas is almost here, and spending time with family can be the best - and worst - part of the holidays. Cramped quarters, conflicting personalities, and childhood baggage means tensions can run high, especially when you don't have any time to yourself. But with a little creativity, you can find ways to squeeze in alone time, and avoid a meltdown. Here are a few:

    • Offer to be the errand-runner: If you're craving a little time to yourself, speak up when your mom mentions she's out of sugar. Even a few minutes in the car blasting music (or just sitting in silence) can be enough to pull you back from the brink.
    • Go for a walk: Can't take another second of togetherness around the fire? Suggest a brisk after-dinner walk. True, you usually can't get away with doing this one all by yourself, but even the most grating of family members can be more palatable outdoors in the crisp air. And if all else fails, walk fast.
    • Put on
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  • The Wheel card suggests that your relationship or romantic game plan may take an unexpected turn. If you go with the flow, let it run its course and remain flexible, the odds are that you may find something you like, get lucky, break out of negative patterns or cycles or set something new in motion.

    Free Sample Love's Choices Tarot Reading

    Check your horoscope on Shine.

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  • You'll be sexy no matter what on New Years Eve!It doesn't matter if you're going out or staying in - everyone needs a fun New Year's Eve outfit! Whether you're hitting a friend's house party, taking the cheap flight home after the holidays, or braving the crowds to watch your local ball drop equivalent in person. Here are six great outfits that will help you kick off 2014 in style. Here's to a freaking awesome 2014!

    By Charles Manning

    1. House Party
    You never want to be too dressed up when you're heading to a house party, whether it's a low-key hangout with friends or an up-all-night rager. A tuxedo jean is festive, but not too dressy. A fun, colorful sweater offers a laid back, approachable vibe (wear a cute top underneath in case you get too hot). Flats will ensure you're comfortable enough to last the whole night, even if you can't find a place to sit down.

    2. Home Hangout With Your Boo
    Sometimes staying in on New Year's Eve can be even more fun than going out, especially if you're with your lover. Heighten the

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  • Why You Should Treat Your Spouse Like a DogWhy You Should Treat Your Spouse Like a DogIn the Greenwich-Post, Joe Pisani writes of a nasty divorce in which two no-longer-in-love people are viciously fighting over the custody of their miniature dachshund, Joey. "I suspect every man wants to be loved as much as little Joey," Pisani writes. "If we loved our spouses as much as our dogs, there would be peace on Earth and fewer divorce lawyers."

    Seriously, right? The expression "treat like a dog" has a strange negative connotation. We usually don't say, "He's treating me like a dog" or "I treated that guy like a dog" when we're talking about people we revere and shower with affection, but this makes no sense. Most dog owners treat their dogs with more kindness and affection than they treat their spouses, mothers, and in some cases, their own children. When my dog is sick, I talk to her soothingly. I clean up her upchuck for her, and I gently stroke her fur. Do I do the same for my husband? Not. Exactly.

    Related: 7 ways you're hurting your husband (and don't even know

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  • Spending Your First Holiday After Marriage with Your In-LawsSpending Your First Holiday After Marriage with Your In-LawsThe first time my wife spent a holiday with me and my family was at my parent's house and we had one of those, "Dd that really just happen??" moments. We were only dating at the time, so it could have been the first and last time she spent a holiday with my family. The "best" part about it was the moment happened on camera.

    I wasn't big on having girls spend holidays with me. So, this was not typical for me to bring a girlfriend home, although we weren't brand new to dating each other. Apparently, my mom realized it wasn't typical and seized the moment.

    It was Thanksgiving, and the previous Christmas my parents bought video cameras for us kids who didn't have one. Our family had begun a tradition of sharing what we are thankful for in front of the entire family.

    Everyone would take a few seconds, or minutes (depending upon who was talking), and share something they were thankful for. But this year, since almost everybody had video cameras, somebody decided to record

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  • 21 Ways You Can Become a Better Man

    How does any guy make his resolutions stick? By thinking small. Very, very small, says columnist Aaron Traister. REDBOOK.

    Whenever I start the New Year with a plan to overhaul my bad eating/drinking/living habits, I wake up some time in March, on the couch with an empty bottle of Jack Daniel's at my feet and a half-eaten honey-baked ham clutched under my arm. Well, not this year, Mister. I'm wising up and scaling back. I'm making super-achievable mini-resolutions that'll get me off on the right foot for 2012, or whatever year it is. Maybe some of them will work for you too. If not, I've got half a honey-baked ham you can have instead.

    1. Curse less. Maybe I'll get a jar or something. During a contentious meeting about funding Philly public schools last year, I told a representative from the city council that the state could "s--- my b---s." Now I'm known for this. I walk my son to school and women I've never met are like, "Hey, SMB!" So, yeah: less cursing, get a jar.


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  • Gabrielle Union and Dwyane WadeActress Gabrielle Union is engaged to Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade! The couple, who have been together since 2009, shared the happy news on Instagram.

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    "Sooooo this happened... #Yessss @dwyanewade," Union wrote, along with a picture of her stunning ring. Wade also posted, "She said YES!!!"

    Gabrielle Union's engagement ringFriends and family of the couple may have seen the engagement coming; the pair recently sent out Christmas cards from the "Wade-Union Family."

    This will be the second marriage for each. "We both kind of rushed into marriage [the first time around] and neither one of us was successful at that, so we're both kind of like, let's take our time. If the goal is forever, what are we rushing for?" Union has said about their relationship.

    "She makes my eyes sparkle," Wade told Oprah Winfrey last summer on Oprah's Next Chapter. "The biggest time she makes my eyes sparkle is when [my son] Zaire comes home and homework is a little hard that

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