• Why You Need to Stop Why You Need to Stop The other day, I came across this really interesting article by Serena Woods that called out all the wives who "fake it" for their husbands.

    She wrote:

    "Stop playing a role. Stop treating your husband like an annoying pet that you're obligated to feed. People who fake it are running from their own faults, so why don't you work on that? In the meantime, shave your legs every day. Wear a matching bra and underwear. Don't be a condescending dictator. Make yourself vulnerable."

    The post was all about being real with our husbands and not doing those fluffy things promoted in those "101 Ways To Improve Your Marriage" articles, like greeting your husband with a kiss or complimenting his shirt in the morning.

    And although I knew the words she wrote struck a chord with me, I wasn't sure just what chord that was.

    On one hand, I bristled at the piece, thinking: OK, hey, some of us need to "fake it" now and then, all right? If I was real and grumpy with my husband every time I felt

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  • The Four of Pentacles card reversed suggests that the time may soon be at hand where you have to change your mind or focus, or let go of the clutter or craving. Try to loosen up, give until it hurts or throw it away altogether. But remember that your motivations need to come from a place of humility and understanding. If you are giving just to satisfy ego concerns, the situation may become even trickier. If the situation is destructive or the collection no longer offers pleasure, you need to step up and be the bigger person. Think abut what benefits everyone in this situation.

    Free Sample Romantic Challenge Tarot Reading

    Check your horoscope on Shine.

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  • Overwhelmed with the logistics of planning your big day? Join the club! We asked top wedding professionals and real brides around the country to divulge their stress-less secrets.

    1. Consider choosing a singular location that offers hotel accommodations, as well as ceremony and reception capabilities. Mary Bradley, the owner of Mary Bradley Events, recommends selecting one site where all of the festivities can take place, which will help you save money, cut down on time and eliminate transportation logistics.

    2. Get married in an (almost free) space. Some public sites like parks or gardens allow you to tie the knot there in exchange for a small donation. Shannon Mcnay, a personal finance writer who recently planned her NYC wedding for less than $5,000, opted to wed at a community garden in the East Village. She reveals that "My husband and I are from different religions, so we chose to get married in a neutral place. It was beautiful and it provided exactly the setting

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  • Is your bed used for more than sex? Then yes.

    By Laura Beck

    Is your bed used for more than sex? Then, yes.

    1. He leaves stuff at your place, and vice versa.

    You used to stuff any evidence of your existence into a gym bag before you left - "Is that one of my eyelash hairs? Let me get that!" - and now you're leaving stuff laying around all willy nilly. He has a toothbrush at your place and stuff to sleep in, and you just washed a pair of his boxers and ironed his work shirt. WHAT ARE YOU MARRIED? No, you're just comfortable together, and ironing is your happy place. So zen.

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    2. He makes plans more than a week in advance.

    Are you his date for his best friend's wedding in July? Are you planning to rent a cabin in Tahoe together next season? Are you driving him to his fifth DUI court date in August because he can't drive himself? Yeah, this is the real deal. (Also, if it's the last one, we should maybe talk...)

    3. He cares that your friends like him. And

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  • The Today Show star shares how he's made love last for 19 years.The Today Show star shares how he's made love last for 19 years.

    The Today Show star shares how he's made love last for 19 years.

    How did you and Deborah meet?
    She was filling in on the Today Show reading the news, and I was filling in doing the weather for Willard Scott. It started as a friendship and over a two-year period of time, it turned into a romance.

    When did you know she was 'the one'?
    It was the first time she made me laugh. You don't find a lot of beautiful women who also have a great sense of humor.

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    You have the undivided attention of the nation every weekday morning. What do you do to keep your wife's undivided attention?
    The best way to get anybody's attention is dinner. I have good kitchen skills and good grocery shopping skills.

    How do you achieve a sense of balance between work and family [Roker has three kids, ages 11, 15 and 25]?
    It's a work in progress, and that's how you have to look at it. I try to err on the side of family, but because of the nature

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  • ghost windowghost window

    Other people's dreams are never interesting…except when they're about love or sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty and/or romantic dream means. Got a dream you want Lauri to analyze? Click here to submit it (18 and older only, please). This week, a reader asks Lauri:

    I dreamed that my first husband, who passed away in 2007, was lying next to me, holding me from the back, whispering something into my ear. I was trying to turn around because I didn't know who it was. I'm currently divorced from my second husband as of last September. When I turned around and saw his face, he smiled, but I knew that he was gone and started crying and woke up. Once I woke up I really cried like a little baby. What did this dream mean? I haven't dreamed about him in a long time, and that situation threw me off. What do you think?

    lauri_loewenberg_100Lauri: Aw, I am so sorry for your loss. I know this dream was difficult. I hope I can bring some comfort and clarity

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  • The loathed-and loved-condom.(Newser) - It's not your everyday court decision: An Italian couple has been awarded $28,000 in relation to their bad sex life. But the case isn't quite as crazy as that might seem.

    Some two years ago, the female half of the couple was hit by a car while crossing the street; the injuries she sustained initially left her bedridden for three months, reports Italy's La Nazione, and have permanently damaged their ability to have a sex life on par with what they previously enjoyed. And there are also other limitations for the two, who say they can't ride bikes or travel together.

    The Local shares the rather creative line of defense offered by the driver's insurance company: that as a middle-aged couple, they wouldn't be having an active sex life anyway.

    "You cannot consider age in the couple's relationship-whether in sexual, social, or leisure terms," said the Tuscan judge per La Nazione, which reports the husband now has to handle all the cooking, cleaning, and chores. (In a

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  • Why I'm Taking a Child's Approach to DatingWhy I'm Taking a Child's Approach to DatingMy niece Nila looks at the world with innocence and wonder. Children are open, free, and untainted. They don't see color. They don't judge based on height, tone of voice, or looks. Children simply need attention, love, and protection. In reality, that's what we all want in love and life.

    So I've decided to take a child's approach to dating. Instead of seeing the negative first (he's balding!), I will see the positive (he has nice eyes). Here are three other ways that I will date like a kid:

    1. Focus on how he treats me
    When a child has a friend that hugs them and listens to their toddler woes (in baby talk, of course) that friend is their best friend. My niece Nila has about 10 BBFs but only because so many shower her with love and affection. As soon as one of us "crosses her," however, Nila crosses us off of her imaginary BFF list. Same goes for me when dating. I have a checklist of all the great things and take note of the not so great. If a man isn't treating me with love

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  • 10 Common Arguments You Have when You First Move in Together10 Common Arguments You Have when You First Move in TogetherI moved in with my now-husband before we got married. When we went off to college, we decided then that we would take the next step and move in together. It made sense - we'd been together for three years already and since we were both going to the same college, it only seemed logical.

    We fought and got into arguments about the strangest and silliest things. Back then everything seemed like a big deal, but the truth is, it makes sense we clashed. Living together with someone is hard, and while everyone has their own weird habits and quirks, we don't always like what they are - even in someone we love.

    I've been living with my now-husband for 12 years, and we've managed to work through many of those common first-year arguments when it comes to cohabitation. There are some things that I still get quite irritated by, but usually nothing too large. If you've recently moved in with your significant other or you're thinking you will be there soon, here are 7 common points of arguments

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  • by Terri Pous

    Kaley Cuoco and Ryan SweetingKaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting
    After a whirlwind 2013 in which she had a high-profile fling with Superman, met her future husband, got engaged, and got married (all within six months!), Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting has been having a relatively quiet year so far. Until now, that is.

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    The Big Bang Theory star just landed her first Cosmopolitan cover for its May issue, and the newlywed happily gushes about her husband, tennis pro Ryan Sweeting, and their wedding.

    "I admit it happened fast, but that's who I am," she says of her lightning-speed courtship. "When we met, I knew [Ryan] was the one. [At my wedding], I felt like a rock star and a badass."

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    And though we saw some Instagram photos from their New Year's Eve wedding at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch in California, the magic went beyond just her petal pink Vera Wang wedding dress and upside-down chandelier wedding cake. "What

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