• As my high school Spanish teacher once said, "pretty girls do pretty things."
    By Kerry Pieri

    A couple of weeks ago, Faran Krencil made a solid case for eschewing bridesmaids duties, but the fact remains most of us will continue to do our due diligence as friends and sisters and cousins and in-laws and stand next to a lady we love as she promises forever to a tuxedoed gent (or another lady). Also, women are notoriously bad at saying no-so bridesmaids, as a species will most certainly continue on. Two years ago I had nine bridesmaids at my wedding in Bermuda. I like to believe that they loved me-and liked me-just as much before I got engaged as they did after I made it down the aisle. I believe I was a fairly laidback bride, but I can see how the stress of a wedding can turn even the even-keeled into a snippy, histrionic stranger to herself, her loved ones and her betrothed. Below are 10 ways to maintain solid relations through this very happy time. Warning: brides are not going to

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  • The right guy will think you're awesome whether you're eating a dainty salad or not.

    By Anna Breslaw

    The right guy will think you're awesome whether you're eating a dainty salad or not.

    1. Don't sleep with him until the _____ date. Like many of these "rules," if he's the kind of guy who's looking for a girl who follows them, he's the wrong guy. Whether you have sex in the first five minutes or the first five months, he should respect you just the same, because when a woman wants to have sex and has sex, that doesn't make her slutty. Getttt thatttt D. If you want it. OK I'll stop.

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    2. Don't ask a guy out. Just let all the guys you don't want to go out with ask you out, while you stare wistfully into your glass of wine wishing you could be having dinner with someone you actually like. Yup, that's a great rule that wastes nobody's time. DUDE. Ask a guy out if you want.

    3. Play hard to get or else IT'S ALL OVER, AND HE WILL BE TURNED OFF. Again, if you text a guy within the first 24 hours of a date

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  • The Ten of Chalices card reversed suggests that a loss or lack of support or passion might be threatening to upset the comfort of your domestic status. It may be causing feelings of separation, rejection or exclusion. As a result, your family, love life or relationship could be in crisis or incomplete. Trust may be an issue along with disappointed expectations, pride or self-acceptance. Ultimately, this disruption to your plans or dreams might actually be an opportunity for transforming your future, ending the cycle and letting go of self-imposed limitations. Take responsibility, refuse to settle and rediscover simple, spontaneous pleasures. Be more realistic in your expectations, you can enjoy the journey rather than look only to the destination, enabling you to look inward for forgiveness, completion and gratitude.

    Free Sample Extreme Makeover Tarot Reading

    Check your horoscope on Shine.

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  • Do you really have reason to worry?

    By Anna Breslaw

    And others that absolutely are.

    1. Not a red flag: He lives at home.

    We may officially be out of the recession now, but it's completely understandable to want to accumulate some savings by living with your parents for a while rather than spending hella bones on an apartment in a big, expensive city. You probably have some vaguely annoying thing your dates have to put up with, too. Like a recently paroled ex. Or a goiter.

    Red flag: He lives at home, mooches off his parents, and acts like an ungrateful brat.


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    2. Not a red flag: He doesn't always pick up the check.

    Look, if you wind up dating for five years, getting married, and spending 70 happy years together until you die together while sleeping in one another's arms, that's a LOT of dinners he's expected to pay for. He may be The Guy, but you're … a human? You should be rational enough to understand that it's important for you

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  • by Terri Pous

    Courtesy of Instagram/@krisjennerCourtesy of Instagram/@krisjenner
    Relationship status: It's complicated. We're guessing that's how Kris and Bruce Jenner are seeing it these days, that is. The matriarch and patriarch of the Kardashian/Jenner clan announced their separation in October, but they've been everything but separated recently. In fact, the couple, who wed on April 21, 1991, are celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary today in a very public fashion: Kris posted the above throwback Instagram photo of herself dressed up with Bruce. "Happy Anniversary to one of the most amazing men I know!!!!" she captioned the shot. "I love you, Wow 23 years!!!!! #love #weareofficiallyvintage".

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    This isn't the first time they've made us wonder if they're rekindling their romance. Since the separation news broke, they've been pictured together at family events and outings practically non-stop. The reality duo even returned from a recent family vacation in Thailand hand-in-hand!

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  • 6 Pieces of Marriage Advice to Ignore

    By Brie Schwartz, REDBOOK.

    Pardon the cliché, but relationship rules are meant to be broken. Though people love to offer marriage advice--You don't have to be best friends! The path to your husband's heart is through his stomach! (I really hope that one's not true)--none of it matters if what you're doing works for you. Even if your system is in direct violation of all of those hackneyed guidelines, rebel away.

    1. Don't go to bed angry

    There have been times when I literally wept--yes, wept, not cried--myself to sleep because I was so frustrated. During those instances, I was hangry, hopped up on hormones, and acting completely irrational. That's when the best way to end the senseless string of insults and crazed behavior is to just go to bed. At some point in the middle of the night, I'll find my husband's arm around me, and the next morning, I wake up feeling silly, and I apologize, and we move on. Sure, it's not that easy with the big stuff, but sometimes a foul mood you

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  • Grand Central ceiling

    Each week, we at EMandLO.com predict the course of your love life for the week with our own version of irreverent horoscopes - ignore our advice at your own peril! (Hyperbole intended for dramatic effect.) This week's horoscopes are inspired by the best overplayed songs of all time...

    aries (Mar. 21st-Apr. 20th)

    I've tried to talk to you and make you understand. All you have to do is close your eyes and just reach out your hands and touch me. Hold me close, don't ever let me go. More than words is all I ever needed you to show. Then you wouldn't have to say that you love me. Cos I'd already know. - "More Than Words," Extreme

    taurus (Apr. 21st-May 20th)

    It's raining men! Hallelujah, it's raining men! Every specimen. Tall, blond, dark and lean, rough and tough and strong and mean. - "It's Raining Men," The Weather Girls

    gemini (May 21st-June 21st)

    Shake your arm, then use your form. Stay on the scene like a sex machine. You got to have the feeling sure as you're

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  • Must Love Dogs

    Scientific research about whether you should include a pet in your online dating profile pic is, not surprisingly, rather flimsy. So we decided to put together our own report on featuring pets. The following guide explains the message conveyed by different kinds of pet in your online dating pic. Depending on the image you want to present, consider posing with your pet, cropping your pet from the pic, or even borrowing a pet from a friend.

    Man with Dog (Regular Size)

    "I'm rugged and manly but can be tender and caring with the right woman. Every woman except the right woman, however, comes second to my dog."

    Man with Dog (Miniature)

    "I like pink shirts, skincare products, and making sure my partner comes first... in every sense of the word. And yes, I'm perfectly secure in my manhood, thanks."

    Woman with Dog (Regular Size)

    "I take five minutes to get ready in the morning and I'll never order a salad (dressing on the side) when we go out to eat. And no players,

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  • Last year, the Boston Marathon turned to tragedy for hundreds of participants and spectators. But this year, it turned into a celebration of love and overcoming for adversity.

    Greg Picklesimer proposing to Carla WhiteGreg Picklesimer was among the participants in last year's marathon; he finished the race well before the bombs went off but says the tragedy helped put everything into perspective. He ran again this year, and after completing the race, he proposed to his longtime girlfriend Carla White at the finish line. "After last year, I realized the people you love and your life can be taken so quickly," he told CBS. "I didn't want to lose that, so I decided to come back and seal the deal."

    Tom Louden was prepared to run his seventh marathon in Boston this year, but an injury sidelined him. Since travel plans had already been made, he and his girlfriend, Mary, decided to enjoy the weekend in Boston anyway. On Saturday before the race, they took a walk along the route, and Louden proposed at the finish line "of

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  • Refinery29By Justin Sedor, Refinery29

    The word "porn" remains a serious lightning rod in our culture. Some see it as a positive, empowering expression of sexuality, while others see it as degrading. It's clear, though, that porn isn't any one thing - and, it plays a significant role in the way we interact with sexuality. In order to get a more nuanced, impartial handle on the many sensitive issues involved in the porn conversation, we spoke with Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals, a sociologist who specializes in the adult entertainment industry.

    What is it like to study porn?
    "The best part is that it's uncharted - that's also challenging, because there's no path that's forged for you. In other areas of scholarship there's a canon that you're looking to sort of plug yourself into. But [the lack of research on porn] is also really exciting because it lets me know that what I'm doing is necessary...there is so little rigorous information known about [adult entertainment]. We don't know scale

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