• By: Ivy Jacobson for TheKnot.com

    Amy Mae PhotographyUsually, the religious aspect of a wedding ends at the ceremony - but not for Eliot and Greta Prisby.

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    To possibly get in the Easter spirit, Greta posted a picture from their January wedding this week that shows the entire bridal party re-enacting Leonardo da Vinci's famous "The Last Supper" painting - just for fun.

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    The couple's photographer, Amy DeMar, told The Huffington Post that she looked up a photo of Leonardo's painting to pose the party.

    "Everyone was great and went with it because they are such a fun crowd," DeMar says. "Guests were laughing and that is what weddings are all about. Just having fun and celebrating."

    Compared to the original, we've got to say that it's not too far off. What do you think?

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  • Esquire

    By Ned Hepburn

    Not to come across like a Cathy cartoon or a middling 1980s stand-up comic, but men can be pretty terrible. For centuries, we've killed and pillaged and farted and blamed it on the dog and developed the nuclear bomb. Plus, have you ever seen an apartment just inhabited by dudes? Messy as all hell. In short: We are in need of women.

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    But not so fast. The University of California, Davis released a study. And, oh, what a study it is. In societies where men outnumber women, it says, there is less violenceand crime. The exact language is:

    Rates of rape, sexual assault and homicide are actually lower in societies with more men than women, the study found. And, evolutionary theories predicting that when males outnumber females, males will compete vigorously for the limited number of mates don't bear out.

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    Men are, without question, the major

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  • Sure, it's nice to hear "I love you," or have it pop up in a spontaneous text, for that matter, but it's even better when you just get it. By Brie Schwartz, REDBOOK.

    1. When your girlfriends come over to vent, he doesn't disappear to the other room. He pours himself a glass of wine and joins the conversation--which is good, because they love hearing his relationship advice.

    2. He brings you fro-yo (extra crunchies on the side!) without you asking. He may not understand how you could possibly crave it over ice cream, but he instinctively knows when you need the stuff--unlike when you just casually want it, a.k.a. every night.

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    3. He agrees to take couple selfies in public, even though he finds them embarrassing.

    4. When your daughter scores the winning goal at her soccer game, or you get to attend an exclusive event together, he'll post the "braggy" on Facebook so you don't ruin your social media cred.

    5. He

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  • There is No Right Way to Have a Baby

    There's no right or wrong way to be pregnantThere's no right or wrong way to be pregnantBy Jessica Grose, The Cut

    I love a good birthing yarn. Sure, most happy labor narratives have the same general shape (they begin with contractions; they end with a baby), but the emotional and physical details are so particular. I want to know how you felt in the third hour of pushing. I want to hear what your partner said to you. I want to find out if you pooped.

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    So I was excited to crack open my copy of the new anthology Labor Day: Birth Stories for the Twenty-First Century - and disappointed by the overwhelming sameness of the stories within. Whether or not the women involved had natural childbirth (and the majority did), with one or two exceptions they are all still marinating in the same birth culture. It's a culture that reveres midwife Ina May Gaskin, is populated by doulas with nose rings, and frames the decision to have a natural childbirth as a moral choice. And it's a didactic, judgmental

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  • Leo, Spotted at the BeachBy Kat Stoeffel, The Cut

    When a male contact sent me a 14-slide New York Post slideshow of paparazzi beach photos Leonardo DiCaprio under the headline "The Great Fatsby?" I felt a pang of empathy unprecedented in my relations with A-list actors. Poor Leo, of all people: carelessly frolicking in the Bora Bora surf, his hair in a man-bun and a 22-year-old in his arms, without the faintest idea that his body would soon be served up for our evaluation. He was oblivious to his appearance, yes, but even so, his body hardly seemed to qualify as fat. No question mark! "I look like that," my friend said. He was actually a little bit hurt, I think.

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    For women, this is a familiar experience, of course. How many times have I read earnest reports that impossibly, exquisitely sculpted women like Jennifer Aniston were looking a little round lately (possibly preggers?) and contemplating how I compared. But even though the tabloid

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  • Twitter sexBy Ben Collins

    Twitter users are more likely to cheat on you and participate in other activities detrimental to a healthy relationship, like setting the TV on fire while you're watching it and then immediately leaving the house*, according to a new survey from Mizzou.

    It's only one doctoral thesis, but it's a pretty good sample size - 581 committed Tweeters (both to a partner and to aTwitter) at an average age of 29.

    "Twitter use leads to greater amounts of Twitter-related conflict," the study says, "which in turn leads to (real-life) infidelity, breakup and divorce."

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    Of course, there's some causation/correlation stuff to work through here. Does more time on Twitter generally mean more time on the computer, therefore less time spent doing activities together, for example? The study seems to think that's part of it.

    Go outside with your wife and, hey, you might like her better. Here is your diploma, doctor! Now can you look at

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  • Jessica Simpson served as a bridesmaid while pregnant (multiple times!) Photo: FameFlynetGetting married and having a baby are two momentous occasions. So you'd think that when a woman is about to tie the knot and one of her bridesmaids announces that she's expecting a baby, there'd be congratulations all around, right? Well, not always.

    Some brides have turned to wedding forums to vent about pregnant bridesmaids. And rather than being happy for a friend's impending bundle of joy, some have expressed anger and resentment. "When I think about my vision for my day, it doesn't include a bunch of 9 month pregnant girls," one woman, who had three expectant bridesmaids in her wedding party, wrote. "I feel like my whole day is ruined." Bethany Ramos of Mommyish.com rounded up a few of the angriest bride rants, and her post quickly became a flashpoint for wedding etiquette conversations, generating more than 200 comments. 

    Another woman expressed concern that a pregnant sister-in-law whose due date was close to the wedding might go into labor during the ceremony and thus get more

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  • Richard Lawson

    Tom Cruise and Laura PreponTom Cruise and Laura Prepon

    Richard Johnson at Page Six ran an interesting item this morning suggesting that Tom Cruise, an actor, and Laura Prepon, an actress, have been secretly dating for months. There have been rumors about this couple for a little while now, as Cruise was alleged to have been seen picking Prepon up in an old car and taking her to the Scientology retreat, the Manor Hotel, where they supposedly had fancy wine and laughed and chatted and then flew to space or whatever it is that people in that particular situation do.

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    That was reported by the British magazine Grazia a while back, but now Johnson seems to have new information. He writes that everyone on the set of Prepon's show Orange Is the New Black is buzzin' about the relationship. Specifically, the source told Johnson, "It's the buzz on the set of her show." So the buzz is on the set, you see. Of her show. That's where theRead More »from Are Tom Cruise and Laura Prepon Dating?

  • The Sun card suggests that when you accept and love yourself, you are poised to fully enjoy a healthy and balanced love life or relationship. You may thrive in a partnership as each of you brings out the best in the other, and you may be content to exist in a world of your own creation. Just make sure that neither of you relies too much on the other for self-worth or support, as this can become an unwanted burden.

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    Check your horoscope on Shine.

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  • Does Size Really Matter?

    by ScrewingTheRules Dating Coach Laurel House

    Porn for WomenPorn for Women

    Just as some men are boob men and others are ass men, some women like it large, and others prefer more petite- it's true. So, in short… depends. Depends on the person you're trying to please.

    You've heard the "short d**k, big stick" concept of men who are "lacking in the pants make up for it in the pocket," or "If he drives a red Ferrari, you know that he does have much to show off under the hood." It's clearly a sensitivity. Guys will joke about it both ways- advertising their size if they are endowed, and dissing other dudes as being duds because they're small. But really, what do chicks want?

    In one study of over 50,000 heterosexual men and women, 85% of women were satisfied with their partner's penis size, while only 55% of men were satisfied with their own size. Where is this disconnect coming from?

    Aside from the locker room shower, most exposure that men get to others equipment is in porn. Not the most accurate point of

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