• By: Ivy Jacobson for TheKnot.com Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's latest tales of their French wedding planning extravaganza sound like you'd want to be a guest at their reception, based on the favors alone. Sounding more like a VIP gift basket at an awards' show than a small memorable souvenir, Grazia UK reported that each of the 200 guests will receive a "goodie bag" containing:

    -$500 bottles of Bollinger champagne -$200 Creme de la Mer products -Handmade souvenir trinkets with Kimye's initials etched in Swarovski crystals -Bottles of scents from local French perfumeries -$250 vouchers for treatments at the hotel spa We're sure that you'd love to send all of your guests to a spa, but if you'd rather not spend money like Marie Antoinette, here are four stylish alternatives:

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  • by Jennifer Cress

    Courtesy of Instagram/@BridesCourtesy of Instagram/@Brides
    Once again, Oscar de la Renta sent a stunning collection of wedding dresses down the runway at his Spring 2015 bridal show this morning. Classic silhouettes were updated with super-dramatic bustles, Chantilly lace embroidery, and intricate beaded detailing. But Oscar didn't only offer picture-perfect options for brides-to-be: There were plenty of adorable flower-girl looks and even a crazy-chic honeymoon outfit. Check out a few of the first looks below, and stay tuned for the entire collection!

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    The bride searching for a classic, but short wedding dress will love the above-the-knee number pictured above. The traditional lace long sleeves are offset with a fun-and-flirty bubble skirt. (Bonus points for the silver metallic ankle-strap peep-toe heels!)

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    Courtesy of Instagram/@BridesCourtesy of Instagram/@Brides
    One of our favorite looks from the entire collection is this strapless silk gown

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  • How to Destroy Your Marriage in 8 Easy StepsHow to Destroy Your Marriage in 8 Easy StepsMarriage counselors will tell you how to keep your marriage together. If you want to know what destroys a marriage, the experts you want to consult do not necessarily have psychology degrees. Rather, they went to law school.

    Divorce lawyers see relationships at the bitter end. They see couples at their worst. So it makes sense to me that they must have a clear sense of what not to do if you want to keep your relationship happy. I asked family lawyer Lisa Helfend Meyer, who happens to also be a happily married parent of a special needs child, if she'd be willing to share what, in her opinion, are the top eight things that land couples in divorce court. This is what she told me.

    Destroy Your Marriage Tip #1:
    Be secretive. Pretend you're both in the CIA.

    "It's so easy these days to avoid a real conversation with your partner," says Meyer. After all, after a long day of work and diapers and traffic, sometimes the last thing you want is to actually talk with your mouth. Leaving

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  • by Lauren Frankfort

    Courtesy of Getty ImagesCourtesy of Getty Images
    Cameron Diaz's Emilio Pucci beaded gold shift was seriously major at the German premiere of her new movie The Other Woman. Dresses with bold hardware have become must-haves in the ready-to-wear realm, and this metallic, long-sleeved shift easily translates that trend to bridal world. Can't you just see it stealing the spotlight at a luxe reception or rocking out at an after party? It would even be a great way to stand out at your rehearsal dinner.

    If, like us, you can't keep your eyes off of Cameron's Pucci power-shift, here's how to get similar looks for yourself.

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    Courtesy of PronoviasCourtesy of Pronovias

    Although the embellishments on this short Pronovias dress slightly differs from the star's design, this gold organza sheath, with heaps of embellishments is just as textured and eye-catching.

    "Yoko" strapless short embroidered organza and gold tulle sheath wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline, Pronovias


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  • 5 Ways to Snag a Man Without Scaring Him Away5 Ways to Snag a Man Without Scaring Him AwayTimes have changed, ladies. We no longer have to wait by the sidelines while every other girl dances with a cute boy. We can ask him out to dance because it's no longer taboo to tell a man you're interested. It's 2014 and women are encouraged to be proactive. And so we are.

    But what about the myth that chasing a man reeks of desperation? It can if you do it the wrong way. As Rori Raye states in this YourTango post, "When we find ourselves falling for a man, it's normal to start feeling that if we don't show enough interest in him he might get the wrong message and drift away." That's when we act like boy-crazy teenagers.

    So, yes, show him you like him! Just make sure to do it right. Here are five ways to chase a man without scaring him away.

    1. Ask Him Out

    A man will notice you if you are bold enough to ask him out. It isn't desperate; it shows confidence. Besides, many women don't go this route so you will stand out from the crowd. What can you say? You're a woman who knows

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  • Thinkstock / The Bump

    By Sarah Yang for TheBump.com

    Did it suddenly seem like babies and baby bumps were popping up everywhere the moment you started thinking about getting pregnant? And all you want to see is that BFP, and still nothing. We know how it feels, so we asked a pro how to cope.

    Throw yourself a pity party…but don't overdo it

    Yes, you can feel sorry for yourself. "I do believe in throwing pity parties," says Shoshana Bennett, PhD, a clinical psychologist. You don't even have to stop at one pity party. If you need to do it each month until you're pregnant, go ahead. But here's the trick: You want to end on a positive note each time, or else it could lead to more depression. So pick a time and place and let it all out -- cry, yell, write in a journal -- however it is that you can get your feelings out. But give yourself a time limit: Party's over in 15 minutes (that kind of thing).

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    Don't compare apples to oranges

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  • Hang up the phone! This week is off the hook.

    There's serious malefic energy at work when it comes to communication this week. Adding to the tension will be an emotionally-charged Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the relationship sign of Libra, right in the midst of the communication drama.

    Fortunately, we'll enjoy a slight reprieve by later in the week, as the benefic planets (Venus and Jupiter) play nice. By Sunday, however, big changes loom ahead. Are you ready? The best advice for early this week will be to keep your mouth shut. Listen to conversations around you, but don't respond. You'll be glad you exercised this incredible control if you listen, but be warned: It will be quite difficult to listen.

    See what's going to happen in your near future with a Timeline Tarot reading, and here's the lowdown on the key cosmic events the week of April 13-19, 2014.

    Monday, April 14 and Tuesday, April 15: Mercury in Aries square Jupiter in Cancer; Mercury conjunct Uranus; Pluto Retrograde; Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra; and

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  • The King of Swords card reversed suggests that the question may be, 'Do you want to be right -- and alone?' Consider softening your approach. Reconsidering a criticism or hard-line stance on a matter could improve your relationship or love life. In matters of love, reason, statistics or facts may not add up to happiness and they could mean a cold heart, particularly if you are holding out for this King's conditional approval. In an ironic twist, it could be your respectful, compassionate refusal to defer or obey that breaks him or melts his heart or gets him to make an exception to the rule. Avoid the temptation to retaliate in kind or to take preemptive measures that could be premature. Know that love and truth will find a way, with or without him.

    Free Sample Daily Grind Tarot Reading

    Check your horoscope on Shine.

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  • Sure, being single has its perks--flirting with countless guys, going to work still smiling from an epic date the night before, and feeling utterly elated when a guy you're into asks you out again. But all that excitement and uncertainty can't beat the comfort of knowing that the man you're with is the real deal. By Brie Schwartz, REDBOOK.

    Marshall and Lily are living the dream.1. You have a built-in wingman who you can drag to awkward dinner parties and weddings.

    2. No more waking up in a post-night-out panic, reaching for your phone, and praying you didn't booty-text your ex.

    3. Having an adult to watch Frozen with--and knowing he's not just doing it to get in your pants. He actually learned the Elsa parts.

    4. Being able to "accidentally" toot in front of your guy without feeling like you're about to die a slow, humiliating death.

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    5. Going to a bar and knowing the man you're taking home will 100-percent-guaranteed call you the next day.


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  • Study finds couples are more perceptive than you might think(Newser) - If what you and your partner do between the sheets is no longer doing much for you, but you're faking satisfaction for appearances' sake, you may be fooling ... no one.

    A study of 84 heterosexual couples by researchers at Canada's University of Waterloo has found that men and women in a relationship "have fairly accurate and unbiased perceptions of their partners' sexual satisfaction," the study's lead author says per the university's site.

    The study's participants were either married or lived together, and were asked to report on their sexual and relationship satisfaction, sexual communication, and ability to recognize emotions-as well as that of their partner. The study found that men and women were pretty accurate in gauging their partner's satisfaction level; no significant gender difference emerged, though the study notes that "one sample t-tests" showed men actually "slightly underestimated their partners' levels of sexual satisfaction."

    Two factors apparently

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