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    #2 After a drunk make out you regret and don't want to pursue#2 After a drunk make out you regret and don't want to pursue

    Texting is a passive form of communication. Despite the often immediate gratification nature, when texting you don't have to invest much into each message. You can let someone know that you are thinking about them, without having to commit to a 10 minute call. You can confirm a date, without having to interrupt their day. You can also flirt, engage in witty banter, and get to know someone's off the cuff personality.

    But how do you use it to deliver important information… when it comes to dating? Here are 5 responses to common dating texts:

    1. After an awesome date where you're really hoping to see him again
    "Thank you so much for last night. Your upcoming trip to Bali sounds like a blast! Before you go out there and get caffeinated by arguably the best coffee on Earth, I would love to see you again."
    Why: Men are like dogs (in a very good way), they need to be rewarded for good behavior. He took you out and paid (yes, he

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  • 7 Do's and Don'ts of Online Dating — Post-Divorce7 Do's and Don'ts of Online Dating — Post-DivorceOk, so you're 40+ years old, divorced with a kid or two (or possibly more - God bless you!), and you have just awoken to the realization that you're single, too.

    Let's face it: Dating after divorce is really weird. And I know getting divorced is weird enough without having to add, "Finding another mate to fill up your loneliness," to your already long to-do list that you're probably doing alone.

    For a while, you went out and did all the things people told you to do: You found a hobby, you took a yoga class, you went on a trip around the world - or you stayed home and wished you had done all of the above. But the truth is, we like companionship. We were built to "co-stuff" - you know, like co-going to a movie, co-going to a concert, co-walking on the beach and looking at the sunset. And if we're being honest, it's a lot more fun to co-stuff with a guy or a gal that we're actually into. My mom and my girlfriends are fun, but come on - snuggling up on the beach is way more fun with

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  • 8 Signs You're in a Marriage of Equals

    You know it as well as we do: A well-balanced union is hardly as simple as divvying up chores--though it's certainly nice when he picks up a vacuum. It's about being able to rely on each other in every situation. By Brie Schwartz, REDBOOK.

    Ben may have famously said marriage is work, but behind the scenes, Jen told US Weekly that they talk through each movie role to make sure it's what's best for the whole fam.1. You're each other's biggest cheerleader. That may not mean hashing out every single thing that went on in your day, but you better believe your fridge is covered with as many of your accomplishments as those of your kids. That marathon bib deserves to be seen!

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    2. If you've had an epically bad day and need some pampering accompanied by a pep talk, he'd sit with you at the salon while your nails dried. Not that you'd ask him to, but he would. And it still counts if he complains about the weird fumes.

    3. He cooks, you clean, or the other way around. As long as you both get to eat, who cares about traditional gender roles? You've totally overhauled the antiquated notion that women should

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  • by Gena Kaufman

    Getty ImagesGetty Images

    Somewhere between the first few butterfly-inducing dates and the committed-for-life stage, there's the period of wondering if you're both on the same page about how serious you feel about a future together. If you're not quite at the point of That Talk but you're looking for a few clues you're heading in that direction, here are some signs he's in it for the long haul as your relationship progresses.

    He takes you on nondrinking dates. Nothing wrong with a few cocktails on dates, whether you've been out twice or for 20 years. But the beginning of a relationship tends to be pretty socially lubricated, so when he starts asking you to hang out in broad daylight without a beer, he's getting comfortable with you.

    He expects that you have plans even when you don't make them. In the beginning, he asks, "What are your plans for this weekend?" to see if you're available. When he's serious, he asks, "What are our plans for this weekend?" because he just assumes you'll want

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  • The Seven of Swords card suggests that a bold approach might give you the upper hand in this matter. In fact, the possibility of being caught with your hand in the proverbial cookie jar might be half the thrill. You might need a cover or lookout, so enlist those on the inside to keep watch during your daring escapade, deception or tryst. To avoid unnecessary confrontation, be certain not to leave any little reminders of your intentions. This might be difficult -- you could be tempted to do so just to prove your ability to outwit people, particularly if you are simply playing games. Watch your back and be careful in whom you place your trust, for you could be in league with people who have motives of their own.

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    Check your horoscope on Shine.

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  • It's not every day that a wedding ceremony receives a standing ovation!

    Father Ray Kelly stunned newlyweds Chris and Leah O'Kane when he broke out into song during their nuptials in Oldcastle, County Meath, Ireland. His sensational, tear-jerking rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" has taken the Internet by storm - as of press time, it's been watched over 2.8 million times since being uploaded on April 7th:

    The tune in question is one of the most covered songs of all time - everyone from Bono to Susan Boyle has put their personal stamp on it - but Kelly customized the lyrics to fit the sacred occasion. Check out more popular wedding songs here ►

    Father Kelly tells BBC News that locals know about his musical talents, but this unsuspecting bride and groom were from different parishes. "We had the rehearsal on Thursday evening and at the end I said, 'sure maybe I'll sing an aul song for you myself' - Leah grinned and said 'OK sure' but I don't think she was taking it

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  • By: Ivy Jacobson for TheKnot.com

    TLCHolding hands and living together before marriage is seemingly normal behavior - except when you're part of the Duggar family!

    More from The Knot: 50 Romantic Ways To Propose

    Jill Duggar, part of the famously huge clan on 19 Kids & Counting, announced her engagement to accountant Derick Dillard today. "I am so happy," says Jill. "Our story is so very unique." Unique is right, since the couple started talking on Skype before meeting in person and got engaged with two special chaperones present! Here's six surprising - and sweet - details about their engagement:

    1. Jill's dad, Jim Bob, connected with Derick when he was doing missionary work in Nepal. He thought that Derick and Jill would hit it off, so the two started Skyping and texting (with each of their parents overseeing the conversations). Jill and Derick began courting in November, which means that they have chaperones supervising them when they're alone together, and have little to no Read More »from 6 Surprising Facts About Jill Duggar’s Engagement (That Included Chaperones!)
  • POPSUGAR Love & SexSource: 26 Perks of Being in a Serious Relationship in Your 20s

    Young, independent, and . . . committed? Yep, you heard that right. This is a declaration for anyone who's in a long-term relationship in their 20s and has felt pressure to "see what else is out there." Some people think that being in a relationship in your 20s makes no sense at all. They assume you're wasting away your youth; however, I couldn't disagree more.

    I've been with my boyfriend for almost three years. Since we've been together, I've studied abroad, lived alone, and still go out and have fun with my girlfriends. As a couple, we've traveled around Southeast Asia, gone to music festivals, and lived life like every other 20-something - we just happen to be in a relationship. I have a sense of stability that allows me to focus on my career rather than wasting energy worrying about if that guy will text me back or if I'll ever fall in love.

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  • Source: 9 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Wedding Planner

    You've decided to hire a wedding planner - but how do you know which person is right for you and your big day? Thanks to a growing industry and what seems like a million different wedding blogs, it's not always easy to sift through the hundreds of event coordinators out there. Not sure where to start? Ask yourself these nine important questions as you search for the perfect wedding planner.

    • Where is she located? It's smart to find someone who's located in the region where your wedding will take place, if only because she's sure to have plenty of connections. Plus, if your planner is near the venue, chances are she's worked there before and may be familiar with some of the regular vendors.
    • How many years of experience? Time doesn't say everything, but it certainly speaks to some measure of success. Look for someone with a reputation, not only because it will give you peace of mind, but also because you want to work
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  • POPSUGAR Source: Beyoncé Wants You to Own Your Sexuality, So You Definitely Should

    Beyoncé Knowles is looking seriously sexy on Out magazine's May cover, her first since dropping that earth-shattering surprise album back in December. Beyoncé goes topless in the issue and channels Marilyn Monroe in a short blond wig and layers of diamond necklaces. In the accompanying interview - which Beyoncé conducted by email while on her international tour - the superstar got candid about everything from putting together that now-famous visual album to feeling "sexually liberated" by her recent projects. She also revealed that she had a sinus infection while recording one of her singles! Keep reading for more from Beyoncé's interview in Out magazine:

    • On the Beyoncé album being one of her most sexually liberating projects: "I'd like to believe that my music opened up that conversation. There is unbelievable power in ownership, and women should own their sexuality."
    • On the backlash she received
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