• The Seven of Chalices card reversed suggests that setting your romantic sights too low or too high might be an attempt to deny signs of internal dissatisfaction and could put a damper on romance and intimacy. These obstacles or losses, however, could actually help you to reconcile your heart's desire by putting true love within reach or by identifying what has authentic value and appeal on a soul-deep level. After all, it might be a faulty sense of self-esteem that stands between settling and having the confidence to go for what you secretly desire. Being able to finally identify what it is you really need can expand your capacity to love. You could begin to envision your true potential or rediscover your authentic, creative and playful self, which could then enable you to better connect with what you deserve.

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  • Grand Central ceilingEach week, we at EMandLO.com predict the course of your love life for the week with our own version of irreverent horoscopes - ignore our advice at your own peril! (Hyperbole intended for dramatic effect.)

    aries (Mar. 21st-Apr. 20th)
    You're acting like a Garbage Pail Kid, when what your partner really needs is a Cabbage Patch Kid. Clean up your act.

    taurus (Apr. 21st-May 20th)
    We admire your gusto, but we're not sure your special someone feels the same way. Are you sure they're ready for that racy gift? Maybe they were just being polite when they said that shopping for a toy sounded like a fun Saturday night. This doesn't mean they won't ever be ready for spicing things up, but take it easy there cowgirl, okay? Maybe start with some lavendar massage oil and work your way up from there.

    gemini (May 21st-June 21st)
    You're a very generous person: You give out help like it was growing on trees, you're a lender but not a borrower, and in the bedroom you're quite the

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  • He may have played an anxious groom who had the most hell-raising bachelor party in history, but offscreen, Justin Bartha's wedding was picture-perfect!

    The Hangover actor, 35, got hitched to his longtime girlfriend, Lia Smith, at Kualoa Ranch in O'ahu, Hawaii over the weekend. The ceremony took place at the venue's historic fishing pond, followed by a reception in the same valley where scenes from The Hunger Games were filmed.

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    Their intimate yet star-studded guest list included Reese Witherspoon and husband Jim Toth (Bartha's agent), The Social Network's Jesse Eisenberg and Bartha's Hangover co-star Ken Jeong. (No word yet on whether anyone from "The Wolf Pack" attended.)

    An eyewitness tells Us Weekly that "They were sweet together and looked very in love. He was holding her bouquet for her and walked with his arm around her after the vows. She had a big smile on her face and nuzzled her face up to his neck. Their family

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  • Lacey Chabert with her sister Crissy

    Just days after celebrating her friend Kaley Cuoco's New Year's Eve wedding, the Mean Girls star shared some happy news of her own on Twitter:

    "I'm starting off 2014 as a Mrs! Over the holidays, my best friend & love of my life…we became husband & wife! #soblessed #love," she wrote.

    While the private star is keeping her husband's name under wraps for now, she did show off a sneak peek at her gown in a sweet photo with her maid of honor, her sister Crissy.

    Chabert also promised to share more photos from her wedding when she receives them next week - we'll keep our eyes peeled! Congratulations to the newlyweds.

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  • Is It Ever OK to Lie to Your Spouse?Is It Ever OK to Lie to Your Spouse? One of the foundations to a great marriage is truth. If your relationship is built on a lie, then it won't last. Maybe it will last a little while, but eventually the truth will come out. But what about those little white lies? Or withholding information because you don't want to hurt your spouse? Not hurting your spouse is a good thing, so keeping something from him/her that is potentially hurtful has to fall into that category. Right?

    This video on YourTango.com addresses this, but I feel it is wrong to tell lies to your spouse in any situation. There is no place in a marriage for being untruthful. Telling lies provides a short-term gain but a long-term loss. So maybe you didn't tell the truth to keep your spouse's feelings from getting hurt. And just maybe he/she will never find out. No harm, no foul, right? Just because the foul wasn't noticed doesn't mean there is no impact.

    Here are three ways telling a lie, even a little white lie, will hurt your marriage:

    1.) It

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  • Selena Gomez and Justin BieberSelena Gomez and Justin BieberRichard Lawson, Vanity Fair

    A new year is a time for new things. For burying the past in a shallow grave and moving blindly on, memory and history be damned. Unfortunately, though, some of us are weaker than others. Some can't help but look back, to reach for some old thing and cling to it because we are afraid of the future. Enter Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, two young people who are not strong enough to leave their broken relationship where it ought to be, in the ruins of yesteryear.

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    No, instead they've sifted through the rubble and found each other here in 2014. And on only the second day! The two were photographed together yesterday, riding Segway personal clown machines around Justin's Calabasas neighborhood. There they were, scooting around suburban streets, already damning themselves to yet another year of push and pull, of will we/won't we. Another year of confusion and ache, of their hearts growing

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  • couple laughing on couchcouple laughing on couchBy Jenna Birch

    A wonderful marriage depends upon a lot of things. But the biggest factor just may be you. A new study from the University of California, Berkeley, showed wives tend to control the happiness of their unions, especially when it comes to diffusing conflict. "Women have more influence than they realize," says marriage therapist Carin Goldstein, creator of BeTheSmartWife.com. "Men are reactive, while wives are introspective and take a more effective approach." Beyond disagreements, you're likely to be more adept at helping your marriage in the following areas. Photo by Getty Images.

    1. With the in-laws. Besides having an innate desire to nurture relationships, "women are typically better at picking up familial nuances and dynamics," says Match.com relationship expert Whitney Casey. That's why it makes sense for you to take the lead on connecting with in-laws. Set times to spend with them (and apart from them) and establish what is and isn't acceptable with them-and

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  • The Lovers card reversed suggests that you may not be fully committed or have other ties (or apron strings) that are keeping you from making a decision or considering a proposal or rendezvous. Being jealous, avoiding responsibility, blaming or remaining in a self-deceptive love triangle can't go on indefinitely -- it only postpones the inevitable. Something's got to give or an impartial choice may need to be made. A third party could help to clarify things.

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  • A feel-good European ad campaign for Coca-Cola has left many feeling bad in Ireland, where the spot's image of a joyous same-sex wedding has been swapped with a straight one.

    More on Shine: Dunkin' Donuts Under Fire for 'Racist' Ad in Thailand, Issues Apology

    "Reasons to Believe," a minute-long ad airing in the Netherlands, Norway, and the United Kingdom (above), shows a string of negative moments—a guy tripping in front of a crowd, a heated argument—being offset by uplifting ones, such as a mom icing a cake, a group of young folks dancing, a newborn getting a kiss on the cheek, and two men celebrating their nuptials. But Ireland's version (below) has cut the male newlyweds out, instead showing a man and woman walking down the aisle.

    "Not cool Coca-Cola Ireland!" tweeted Dublin Pride 2013. Other Twitter users wrote, "Bad form," "Coca-Cola degrades love with excuse for cutting gay wedding segment from new Ireland ad," "Don't bow to bigotry, Coca-Cola!" and "It sickens me that Coca

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  • Spin the BottleThe iPhone app "Spin the Bottle!" says you must be 17 to download it, but what 17 year old still plays Spin the Bottle?! There are 18,695 (and counting) reviews of this app, almost all of them hilarious. And not one of them, we're willing to bet, is written by anyone 17 or older. Here are some of our favorites…

    5 stars

    this is an awesome app!!! i made out with 5 hot girls in 20 minutes!!! the one thing i have wrong with this game is if you land on your same sex. we just had to make a rule no kissing the same sex. maybe find a way to fix it??? great app though. two thumbs up!!!

    1 star

    Uh….ewwwww. I had a dare to kiss a chic, and Ima chic. That's discusying! It should say are you a boy or a girl…

    5 stars

    this game was awesome!! me n my friends played it FOREVER!!!! n when a guy landed on a guy they were just awkward n said "ummmmm…. i'll pass" lmao XD it wuz hilarious

    5 stars

    I had to kiss a guy that I had a crush on for years and we had to kiss for 4 min and we

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