• This 8 Days-A-Week planner's got more than enough room for the usual daily reminders to pick up the kids at soccer practice and show up at the neighborhood potluck with a dish to pass. But with an extra column labeled "Someday," you've got a space for those to-dos that can't be pinned down, whether that be to call the doctor (whenever you can find the time) or learn to bake challah. The dates are blank so you can start using this planner whenever the organizational spirit strikes, and the cheery mod color scheme makes you feel that even an ordinary Tuesday could be something great.

  • Whether it's a petty problem like forgetting to pick up your favorite dress at the dry cleaner or something more seriously annoying like a cold you just can't shake, for all of us, it's more than easy to get swept up in the stress of our day-to-day lives. In times like this, what you need is a week of aromatherapy and massage, but what you'll settle for is five minutes of self-centered bliss. And really, it's not being selfish-in order to keep functioning as a top-notch mom, employee, wife, or friend you have to take time to refuel. Because honestly, if you're running on empty, how are you going to have anything to give? Here are five ways to replenish your energy reserves in less time than it takes to actually fill up your gas tank (and for a teeny fraction of the cost!).

    Have a cup of tea.
    You don't have to be British for this one. Put a kettle on and drop a bag of your favorite black tea in a proper ceramic cup (preferably painted with your favorite flower). You probably already

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  • There's an aphorism that rings in my ear every morning when I wake up: "The way you spend your days is the way you live your life." The truth is, when we don't pay attention to the little moments, the days turn into months, the months into years, and we allow life's subtle, truly beautiful moments to pass us by. So how do you ensure that you make the most of each day? Here are some ideas to get you started:

    Consult the past. Do you remember your ten-year-old self? She was probably pretty scrappy and filled with curiosity about insects and how to play the violin. Before she started obsessing about eyeshadow and pimples, she was likely open to the world and interested in finding her place in it. Did she want to be a philosopher? A fashion designer? Sit down and remember yourself at this age. What got you most fired up? Did you love to read? Explore in the woods? Have tea parties? Really spend some time thinking about what occupied your mind and interests at this age, note which of these

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  • Earlier today we talked about some pretty big ideas like hopes, dreams, values, and goals. Now we're going to break those heavy concepts down into manageable chunks. The idea is to take those ideas out of the realm of dreams and into the stuff of our daily lives. And really, it's easier than it sounds.

    Make your dreams a reality Look at your list of dreams. Now we're going to figure out what we can do every day to chip away at it. What's the smallest, most manageable thing you can do to get closer to your dreams? Set aside a piggy bank on your dresser for spare change and use it to accumulate funds for plane tickets, language lessons, or new running shoes. Check out books from the library to learn the basic how-to's of starting a business or writing a novel and to read the first-hand accounts of people who have done it before (no need to reinvent the wheel here). Reach out to people who are working towards a similar goal by forming a club or by meeting with like-minded friends. Support

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  • We all know the feeling of not being able to come up with an idea, a solution, or a strategy. Sometimes my head feels as empty as the Diet Coke cans that rattle around the corners of my office. So what can be done to get those brain wheels turning?

    Here are seven tips for having an original thought. Some are backed up by hard science, some are folk strategies that I keep hearing about.

    1. Go for a walk. Nietzsche wrote, "All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking," and studies show that the combination of exercise and sunshine increases alertness, focus, and energy. Leave your cell phone behind to allow yourself to think without interruption.

    2. Do a headstand. People who practice yoga swear that a headstand stimulates ideas - whether by the increased blood flow to the brain, or the reversed view of the world.

    3. Think about a problem, then go to sleep. The dreaming mind keeps working and sometimes presents a solution. In one famous example, Friedrich

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  • There comes a time in most of our lives when we know we just really need to get AWAY, not "Calgon"-away to a tub full of bubbles, not an hour-long massage escape or a night out with the girls, but the kind of "I'm stressed as hell and I can't take it anymore" retreating that can only be achieved by new surroundings, abundant sunshine, and a boatload of stretching and quiet time. Luckily, these moments don't happen too often, but when they do, here's where we suggest you go:

    1. Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Bahamas
    Located on five acres of gorgeous beach in Paradise Island, Bahamas this highly rustic spot has catered to yogis for more than 40 years. It's a humble-crunchy place for sure, but it's also REALLY affordable: Included in the package price of $89 a night is your own little cabin, two vegetarian meals and two yoga classes per day, and morning and evening meditation instruction. For additional fees you can indulge in ayurvedic spa treatments, and depending on when you're

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  • By Jane Powell - www.MeditationsForWomen.com

    "Change is a good thing - really."

    It's easy to get into ruts, and some of them are so deep rooted we don't give them a second thought. If we're honest though, we'll realize that much of what we routinely do works against our goals.

    You can't change what you don't acknowledge, so today, try to examine of some of your routines that might be sabotaging your ambitions. Do you have any?

    Over the next week, pay attention to things you do automatically. Then, in each situation, figure out ways you can fine-tune your routines to make them a little more goal oriented.

    For example, if you have been trying to fit exercise into your day, instead of hanging out in the lunch room, use your break to walk with a friend. If you're trying to save money and you have a habit of stopping at Starbucks, why not bring a thermos of coffee to work instead?

    Sure, it won't be easy at first, but with a little tweaking here and there, you really can find ways to

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  • First came the self-esteem movement. Then came the backlash to the self-esteem movement.

    It's pretty clear that repeating "I'm the greatest" or winning a trophy along with every other participant isn't a good way to build self-esteem.

    At the same time, it's a rare person who isn't sometimes - or often - plagued with painful self-doubt.

    When you're feeling lousy about yourself, what can you do to feel better?

    Here's the secret.

    To build your self-respect…do something worthy of your respect. To like yourself better…do something that makes you likable. Here are some suggestions:

    1. Do a good deed. This is as selfish as it is selfless; you'll benefit as much as the person you're helping. When I'm feeling low, thinking about the time I helped some friends get a book contract makes me feel much better than recalling every compliment I've ever received. In the same vein…

    2. Make small gestures of good citizenship. Bring your old magazines to the gym so other

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