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  • Family breakfast or family chaos?

    Family breakfast or family chaos?

    As much as I love having dinner as a family, breakfast time is my favorite moment of the day. My kids straggle into the dining room with bed head, in their pajamas and toting a book (or several books). They sit at the table and get ready to eat their breakfast. And read. My husband and I serve up eats and sit down with our boys. And it's either a quiet morning meal or one full of chatter. And it does always end with a little bit of chaos.

    I'm a big believer that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I notice a huge difference in my kids' behavior if they have a less healthy breakfast or a breakfast that's rushed. So I'll always make the extra effort to ensure that we always sit down for our morning meal.

    As a kid, I used to eat breakfast at our kitchen counter with my mom or dad. I'd scan the newspaper while keeping an eye on the morning television news. And my brothers and sister, much older than me, would float in and out depending on their schedules. For all of us, br

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  • Time lapse pregnancy goes viral

    "Our little nine month project," is how an expectant mom and dad describe their YouTube video that has now been watched by more than 700,000 people. The time lapsed footage shows mom in sweats, a tank top, and a messy bun going from flat-tummied to nine months pregnant in about 90 seconds. Meanwhile cats wander through the frame, packing boxes stack up, and the couple moves house.

    The video has received over 7,000 likes. Comments from all over the world express delight in the sweetness of the project. Some viewers say they have been moved to tears. As one YouTube user says, "Yay for babies!" It's quite a welcome for baby girl Amelie Amaya.

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  • My son has a penguin obsession. A full-fledged, fully-indulged, mother-endorsed penguin obsession, mind you. I love this age and realize that it won't be long until penguins aren't "cool" anymore and he'll fully transition to the not-so-sweet land of Decepticons, Jedis and Spidermen. So, for now, it is all-penguin-all-the-time at my house and we love every minute of it.

    It began on a family trip to Hawaii, where we stayed at a resort with an African penguin habitat. Each day we'd stop and check the penguins, catch their feedings, and just observe. K was enthralled and the love of penguins stuck with us long after our vacation.

    Emperors. Fairy Blue. Magellanic. Macaroni. Chinstrap. Yup, we know our penguins around here. Walking into school that Halloween, where many of his classmates were dressed as robots, superheroes, and princesses, there was little K, beaming as the other preschoolers raced over to him, shrieking, "…a penguin! a penguin!" That's right, my son: the most ad

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  • THIS WEEK IN M.O.M…is your child smarter than you are? Some say kids are like sponges absorbing information much faster than adults. Well, we've found some impressive home videos of genius kids to share with you. Watch and be amazed at these geography, math, history, spelling, and musical whizzes!

    Does your child have a special talent? Share it with us below…

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  • Does your morning look this calm?

    Does your morning look this calm?

    I always find it ironic that I've got my family's weekday morning routine down to a science when they only have a few months of school left. It's also comforting to know that the mornings will (hopefully) continue to run smoothly because we've established a pattern that works for all of us. Well, at least until summer break.

    If you're eager to make your morning rush a little less hectic, there's still time. I've tested many tips over the past five years with my boys. What's worked so far?

    -Tidy up the house each night. A clean kitchen and breakfast table makes for a smooth transition when the kids wake up and sit down for their morning eats. If you take a few minutes each night to organize your kitchen and eating area, you'll find that the next morning, you can focus on making breakfast (and lunch!) and prepping to get out the door instead of cleaning up from the previous night's mess.

    -Wake up and get ready before the kids are awake. This single action, which sounds so simple an

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