THIS WEEK IN MOM…Lil kids, BIG MESSES! Oh dear, you only turned your back for a second…

  • My love of dance began at age 12. I saw my sister doing a dance combination from her high school P.E. class to Herbie Hancock's "Rockit" and I begged her to teach me. 5,6,7,8- I was hooked! I grabbed a boom box, and locked myself in my parents' garage for hours, creating new combinations, dancing my little heart out, falling repeatedly on the grease-stained concrete floor, only to get right back up for more.


    That seed, that passion, grew into a bona fide career. I danced professionally for over 10 years, and it has been the basis for an unconventional, yet very satisfying 20-year career. My dance training has been invaluable in shaping who I am, professionally and personally, teaching me patience, perseverance, passion and discipline. I still dance, not professionally anymore, or in my parents' garage, but just because it truly is the love of my life.

    As a mom, I wish nothing more than for my son to feel that way about something. To have a passion so undeniable and so dee

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  • Too cute!

    Too cute!

    My daughter, Sabrina, has stinky feet. The smell is like sour popcorn and so potent that it lingers long after she's left a room. When I get home from work and her sneakers are lying by the door, I am greeted with a whiff of stinky feet.

    I love it.

    To me, Sabrina's smelly feet are uniquely her, like her crooked front two teeth and the way she says "Do you renember?" instead of "remember." Odor-control spray helps (I am fully aware others won't find the smell charming) but by the evening, her feet stink once again. We have this little ritual: When she comes in from playing and asks me to pull off her sneakers I'll scrunch up my nose and exclaim, "Wow! You have some stinky feet!" and she'll laugh and says "I know!" They are the scent of tomboy-girl and childhood. Her brother's feet have no noticeable scent. Hers are Eau de Sabrina.

    I have been known, as I've picked up sneakers she's flung onto the living room floor, to inhale.

    When you have kids, you devour them with all of your

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  • THIS WEEK IN M.O.M…Have you heard of Belly Casting? It's a new way of preserving a mom-to-be's pregnant belly bump in a special casting that she'll get to keep! Gloria Newman of invited our host Diane Mizota to watch as she casted the belly of one expectant mom. Watch!

    Would you get a belly cast as a keepsake of your pregnancy? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think…

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  • By Charlotte Hilton Andersen, REDBOOK

    The first time it happened, we giggled. But this weekend when yet another little girl tittered and asked my 8-year-old son Jonas if he was named after the Jonas Brothers, the only sound was my son's sigh. "Couldn't you have named me Bob?" For the record, we named our son after his dad and it also happens to be a Bible name-no boy bands were invoked in the birth of our baby. And while I still love his name, I can understand why he gets tired of the jokes. At this age the girls are mostly reverential but if Nick, Joe and That Other One I Can Never Remember stick around the scene, by high school my son might have a legitimate complaint.

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    It turns out we're not the only ones having second thoughts about a child's name. In a recent survey done by, 54 percent of British parents had some regrets about their chosen moniker. Wondering if the same held true for my American friends, I did a quic

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  • Celebrate leap day!

    Celebrate leap day!

    Wednesday, February 29 is a leap day and since it only happens once every four years, it's a perfect opportunity for a mid-week celebration with the kids. (If you need some fun facts about leap year, be sure to read Claudine Zap's post.)

    Looking for cute ways to insert a little leap year fun into your child's day? Check out these ideas:

    -Make (Leap) Frog cupcakes for dessert.
    -Whip up a batch of Frog Eye Salad (via Talented Terrace Girls) with your kids.
    -Surprise your kids with these adorable (and super easy) frog cookies.
    -Get outside and play a game of leapfrog!
    -Jump rope and count by fours.
    -Read The Leap Year Turtle by Robert Paske.
    -Create a treasure hunt for your kids; they have to find 29 hidden prizes! (Don't forget to draw up a treasure map! I used this one from Craft Gossip for inspiration.)
    -Make a trail mix with 29 different kinds of pieces. Need ideas? Try marshmallows, cheerios, dried cranberries, raisins, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, sunflower seeds

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