THIS WEEK IN MOM…Lil kids, BIG MESSES! Oh dear, you only turned your back for a second…

  • THIS WEEK IN M.O.M…Is anything more adorable than watching animals and their little ones?! Whether you're watching them at the zoo, an aquarium, or your own backyard…this mother/child relationship is one that amazes us. As parents, it's intriguing to see how similar their protective instincts are compared to ours. Watch and enjoy this peak into animals and their families…

    Which animal do you think is the cutest with their offspring? Leave us a comment below and for more funny animal videos click here!

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  • Most kids start celebrating Valentine's Day in preschool. You'll likely be asked to have your child bring in a pack of cards to distribute to the entire class. (Don't address the cards! Just identify who sent them.)

    And despite how you may feel about Valentine's Day, your kid will be super excited. Why? Because the class has probably been crafting up a Valentine's Day storm.

    If you're looking for an inexpensive and easy way to make Valentine's Day cards with your kid(s), look no further. All you need is a pack of blank index cards (you can get a pack of 300 for two bucks!), markers or washable acrylic paint, scissors, and if you want to get fancy, a glue stick, a washable ink pad, and colored construction paper. (All stuff you probably already have, right?)

    Fancier still? Pick up some Valentine's Day stamps, felt heart stickers, decorative pencils or lollipops.

    Check out the slide show for details!

    Share your family photos and any other fun, embarrassing or incredible moments that

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  • By GalTime Parenting Pro Jennifer Powell-Lunder, Psy.D.

    Are you supporting or smothering?

    Are you supporting or smothering?

    There's a mantra I use with all my clients, no matter what their age. I tell them "When your parents aren't anxious, life is beautiful." I use this so often that one of my clients printed the saying on decorative paper and framed it. This frame is prominently posted on my office wall.

    Almost all parents worry about their children, no matter how old they are. The difficulty is that children whether they are age 14 or 40 often experience this expression of love and support as overbearing interest or meddling. As a parent of an adult child, how do you strike a balance between support and smothering? Here are some thoughts:

    • Don't assume, ask. If you think there is a way you can be helpful to your adult child, don't just assume they will appreciate your efforts, ask first. If for example, you see a dress that would be perfect for the work function your daughter had told you about, ask her before you buy it. If you

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  • Yup, they're just like us. Expectant stars like Jennifer Garner, Hilary Duff and Jessica Simpson get food cravings too. Here's the scoop on exactly what they indulged in, from salted cantaloupe to Lucky Charms.

    By Sarah Yang for

    Jennifer Garner

    PRphotos / The Bump

    Junk food is apparently Jennifer Garner's pregnancy vice. The actress, who's already mom to Violet and Seraphina, is reportedly craving cookies and cheese puffs. We'll cut her some slack on that one -- she's a pretty fit mama. She'll probably lose the baby weight in seconds.

    Pregnant cover girls: Who's your favorite?

    Hilary Duff

    PRphotos / The Bump

    The actress and singer, who's expecting a baby boy, tweeted about her love for Rice Krispies treats. She's also admitted she craves Red Hots candy, chocolate-covered pretzels and pickles.

    Jessica Simpson

    PRphotos / The Bump

    Naturally, we thought that she would crave tuna (or was it chicken?), but Jessica's go-to snack is cantaloupe and salt.

    Kourtney Kardashian

    PRphotos / The Bump

    When she was pregnant with her first child,

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  • This Week in M.O.M…Was it just me, or were the Golden Globes overflowing with moments of motherhood?

    From a grinning Jodie Foster showing off her two sons,

    Jodie Foster and sons

    to a radiant Jessica Alba, who only delivered 4 months ago, moms were representing big time at the 2012 Golden Globes.

    Jessica Alba

    One highlight was Michelle Williams' touching acceptance speech for her role in My Week With Marilyn, where she said that she "considers herself a mother first, and an actor second" and thanked her daughter Matilda for sending her off to work every day with a hug and a kiss. She also shared that for weeks, she read all the princesses' voices in Matilda's bedtime stories in a Marilyn Monroe voice. Now, that's a mom who knows how to multi-task, and knows the importance of job #1. Love her!

    Michelle Williams

    And not to leave the dads out, Peter Dinklage's acceptance speech for his role on Game of Thrones was one that every parent could relate to. He revealed that it was he and his wife's first night away from t

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