THIS WEEK IN MOM…Lil kids, BIG MESSES! Oh dear, you only turned your back for a second…

  • Two-year-old Cooper gasps and laughs as mom says, "Hi Cooper!" No wonder--he's hearing her voice for the very first time. "Cooper was born with profound hearing loss," mom Lauren LaScala, a third grade teacher from Pennsylvania, tells Shine. "No one in our family is deaf, but my husband and I were each carrying a gene without knowing it."

    Cooper received cochlear implants in September 2011. "This video shows his absolute first response to any sound whatsoever," says LaScala. "Usually, when the implants are first activated, children cry or do nothing. His response is very rare--we got lucky." LaScala posted the video back in October, but over the last few days it's surfaced--LaScala isn't sure how--and gone viral on the Internet, receiving about half a million hits as of June 4 and comments from around the globe.

    Newborn screenings may miss hearing loss in some kids

    After eight months of using the device, LaScala says her son is "doing beautifully." He counts to five, recog

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  • Do you get tired making of the same, tired snacks for your kids? We do. And we know they probably get tired of eating those snacks, too. It's hard not to smirk at their subtle groans when presented with the options, "Carrots? String cheese? Sliced apples? Popchips? Ants on a log?"

    So change things up this weekend. We present you with some of our favorite homemade snacks. And we think your kids will dig them.

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  • THIS WEEK IN M.O.M…Find out what happens when you mix kids with water! Check out these clips of some silly summertime tikes and just try not to crack a smile!

    How do you & your family have fun in the sun?

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  • When I was married, certain parenting responsibilities just fell into traditional gender circles. I cooked. I did laundry. I grocery shopped. He set the sprinklers. He cleaned the yard. He killed bugs.

    Now a divorced single mom, I had to let a lot of that stuff go. I've learned (kind of) how the sprinklers work. I change the smoke alarm batteries. I kill bugs. I fix stuff…or call people to fix stuff. The buck stops with me around our house.There is no "waiting 'til your father gets home". If I don't do it, it ain't getting done.

    Nonetheless, I always thought that teaching my son to ride a bike would be his father's job. Don't know why, but just assumed that it would fall into the sprinklers/yard work/bug killing realm. But seeing as how I bought K a bike, which is at my house, and that my dad just helped me take the training wheels off, someone's got to teach this kid to ride. It was time for me to step up.

    I was afraid. My own gender assumptions had stifled me to think

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  • You really should make snow cone cupcakes this weekend. (Or, at least, dream about them!)

    You really should make snow cone cupcakes this weekend. (Or, at least, dream about them!)

    While Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer, it's also a time to remember and pay respect to those in the military who died while serving the U.S. Sometimes the latter gets lost in flurry of backyard parties and festive celebrations that take place over the holiday weekend. How do you encourage your kids to take part in this patriotic day while also acknowledging "Yay! Summer!"?

    Simple. We'll get you started with our list of eight ways to celebrate Memorial Day with your kids"

    -Bake red, white and blue Snowcone Cupcakes. (They look tough to make but it's not as hard as you think!)
    -Create patriotic chalk mural on your driveway.
    -Plant red, white and blue pansies or red poppies, a symbol of fallen soldiers, in your garden.
    -Make a star-spangled cake.
    -Participate in local Memorial Day events.
    -Play patriotic balloon volleyball!
    -Have a flag tag relay.
    -Make patriotic pinwheels!

    How do you get your kids involved in your Memorial Day celebrations?

    Share your Spring p

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