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  • Another Mother's Day has passed, and as the brunches, flowers, handmade signs and cheerful photos of moms and families fade from my Facebook feed, I'm reflecting on how different my Single Mother's Day looked from my friends', and for the first time since divorcing almost 3 years ago, I'm okay with it.

    When I first separated, holidays were unbearable. Any holiday without my son practically broke my heart, and seeing intact families celebrating Valentine's Day, Halloween, even President's Day seemed weighted and sad, even though I knew my son was having a blast with his dad. I felt like a part of my body was missing. Cue the melodrama.

    Cut to now--my first Mother's Day without my son. It was his dad's weekend, and we try to be respectful of our set times with our son. He's let me have K on past Mother's Days but I'm taking K on vacation soon and using some of his dad's days, so it all works out. After divorce, holidays become more arbitrary, simply because they have to. I try

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  • What will you do on Mother's Day?

    What will you do on Mother's Day?

    I sympathize with husbands and kids who are trying to plan the perfect Mother's Day for their respective celebrants. I'm a daughter. I help organize my mom's day with my siblings, and the pressure is high to orchestrate a blissfully wonderful day.

    I'm also a mom to two boys. And I have no expectations for Mother's Day. Okay, I do have one expectation: a simple card that my boys make on their own. But my kids are really generous with their hugs, kisses and words of thanks every day. On Mother's Day, I really feel like I should be celebrating my kids because even in their messiest, tantrum-y, emotional moments, they are plain awesome and make me smile every single day.

    So when the boys and their Dad are planning a Mother's Day celebration for me, I always make sure that they know the only thing I want -- besides the card -- is to spend the entire day with them.

    Who plans Mother's Day at your house? And what are your expectations?

    Share your Spring photos and any other fun, embarrassin

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  • Kids love to help cook

    Kids love to help cook

    "The key to cooking with kids is setting up a lot of little jobs that they can do quickly and aren't too messy or technical," Quinn Hatfield, who runs Hatfield's Restaurant in Los Angeles with his wife, Karen, tells Yahoo! Shine. Hatfield's son Bennett is just over a year old. "He's happy hanging out in his high chair watching us cook and being handed things to eat." But his daughter Paige, 4, "wants to do everything mom and dad are doing. She would be swinging knives around if we let her," he laughs.

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    Quinn and Karen Hatfield often spend "family time" with their kids making and eating breakfast or brunch around the kitchen island since both mom and dad work at the restaurant in the evenings. This Mother's Day, Hatfield plans to have his children help make brunch and let Karen sleep in. "I'll make the crepe batter the night before and set the fillings up before Paige and Bennett come into the kitchen," he says

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