THIS WEEK IN MOM…Lil kids, BIG MESSES! Oh dear, you only turned your back for a second…

  • Our first broken bone…and although it's his bone, it feels like mine too.

    Other moms had told me that this was coming. I've seen their pictures on Facebook, of various ER trips when their kids have broken something or needed stitches. In the end, it makes a colorful story, but as it's happening, the sheer panic and fear takes years off your life.

    I was out of town this weekend meeting my Manfriend's family, when I received a call from my local urgent care telling me that my son's orthopedic referral was ready. Excuse me? Orthopedic…What?! Terrified, confused and fighting back tears, I begged the receptionist to tell me what happened.

    "Is this the mother?"

    "Yes. I'm out of town and this is his father's weekend. What happened? Is he okay?"

    "You'll have to speak to his father."

    "Please can you just tell me now what's wrong with my son?"

    "I'm sorry ma'am, you'll have to speak to his father."

    I burst into tears and call my ex. He doesn't pick up the phone. Panic,

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  • Twelve years ago, filmmaker Frans Hofmeester embarked on the greatest work of his life: becoming a father. Every week, the Dutch video artist would hover over his newborn daughter Lotte's crib and capture stills. Those weekly photo shoots continued, even as Lotte began sitting upright, her features growing more defined by the day.

    Over a decade later, Hofmeester had taken 600-plus photos of Lotte, tracking the minutiae of her development in ways that albums and scrapbooks simply can't capture. Stringing each photo together with the editing tool Final Cut Pro, Hofmeester created a remarkable time-lapse video of Lotte's evolution from newborn to tween in under 3 minutes. In the video her emotions run the gamut, from curiosity to bleary-eyed frustration to wide-eyed enthusiasm. The only thing that remains unchanged is a baby blanket. The keepsake that Lotte lay on as a newborn remains in the background of every photo throughout her 12-year journey.

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  • Let me rephrase…it IS okay to not miss your kids.

    Once a year, I work in Vegas for a week. One glorious, indulgent, sleep-filled, adult week. "Vegas Baby!" takes a whole new meaning once you're a mom. To be clear, I'm not a what-happens-in-Vegas-stays-in-Vegas type of person, unless what's happening in Vegas is uninterrupted showers and reality TV watching in bed, and since I know that those activities will be staying in Vegas, I'm about to get it on!

    I feel like I should miss my son terribly, but I'm too busy marveling at how dark blackout curtains make my hotel room, and how spacious a Queen bed is without a 4 year old's bony knees pressed against my spine. And the quiet! Casinos have nothing on the vocal power of my son. I glide through them blissed out, a perma-grin on my face, relishing being solely responsible for myself. It's a decadent, sinful feeling.

    I have one week to go to the gym, sleep, work, shop, and be alone. I have dinner with co-workers and we eat slow

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  • Enjoy spring!

    Enjoy spring!

    We're one month into spring but the weather already feels like summer! We don't mind at all. Happy to see that April showers have moved on their merry way, we'll just take our spring celebrations outdoors. We'll add a little summer spice to it, too.

    Celebrate spring with your kids by adding one of these 10 activities to your weekend fun:

    -Blow bubbles.
    -Plant flowers. (Herbs and other edibles are fun for kids to grow because they can enjoy their bounty!)
    -Make homemade lemonade. Let the kids host a lemonade stand!
    -Have a picnic at the beach.
    -Climb trees.
    -Grab a blanket and some books and hit the local park for outdoor story time.
    -Go for a hike.
    -Have an outdoor movie night.
    -S'more party, anyone?
    -Take an evening stroll and listen to the birds as they end their day.

    Share your Spring photos and any other fun, embarrassing or incredible moments that you have captured on the Moments of Motherhood Flickr Group. While you are here take part in discussions with other moms.

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  • Think Green!

    Think Green!

    Happy Earth Day! Living green is something I am genuinely passionate about and although Earth Day comes once a year, there are plenty of easy changes we can make to show our love for Mother Earth every day. I've chosen some of my favorites that any busy family can try, whether you've got 5 minutes, 5 days, or 5 months…

    In 5 minutes you can:

    1. Cancel catalogs with your kids: All over America, kids are joining the "Catalog Canceling Challenge" and saving thousands of trees throughout the world.

    2. Save water by setting a timer for showering. Turn it into a family competition to see who can take a shower in under 5 minutes. Keep the timer in the bathroom to remind everyone about this good habit after Earth Day is over.

    3. Replace paper napkins and paper towels with cloth napkins and micro fiber towels.

    4. Make your own eco-friendly all purpose household cleaner: mix ¼ vinegar, 2 teaspoons borax, 1 table castile soap, 1 liter hot water. Store and keep

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