THIS WEEK IN MOM…Lil kids, BIG MESSES! Oh dear, you only turned your back for a second…

  • THIS WEEK IN M.O.M…Easter has arrived and it's time to celebrate! Candy, eggs, and the Easter Bunny himself make this one of the happiest holiday for kids. Happy Easter from our family to yours!

    What is your family's Easter tradition? Leave us a comment below…

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  • I love nothing more about this job than connecting with other moms and talking about all the stuff that bonds us as women, moms, wives, and parenting bad asses…or rather hopeless amateurs depending on the day, right?

    Mama Mantra

    Mama Mantra

    Last week, while waiting for the crew to set up at a This Week in Mom shoot, a fabulous clothing designer, her lovely publicist and I, struck up an organic conversation about our post-partum depression. I find it remarkable that three women who met mere minutes ago can sit on a dark sound stage sharing post partum war stories as if we were 3 margaritas in…but such is the bond that motherhood creates.

    "Ever have that feeling when you're pushing your stroller on the 2nd story at the mall and you can picture yourself pushing your child off?"


    "Not that you'd ever do it, but it's just so scary. Where do those thoughts come from?"

    "Hormones are no joke."

    "What about every time I held a knife in the kitchen and thought about that mother who cut off

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  • THIS WEEK IN M.O.M… What did you have for breakfast? We want to know! It's all part of the Kellogg's "Share Your Breakfast" campaign. Did you know 1 in 5 children live in a home where breakfast is hard to come by? That statistic is about to change because Kellogg's has teamed up with Action for Healthy Kids in their mission to share 1 million breakfasts with children in need, and you can help!

    Log on to and simply tell us what you ate this morning, and then a breakfast will be shared with a child who needs it. It's that easy! Together we'll see the power of breakfast in action!

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  • To lie or not to your kids?

    To lie or not to your kids?

    I try not to just dabble in honesty, I strive to live there. But how much is too much? Is it possible to parent with complete, unflinching honesty?

    With myself, in relationships, work, and parenting, I've experienced how insidious secrets and lies can be, so to avoid drama, my mantra is this: total honesty, coupled with kindness, is universally the best policy. But, how do you go about teaching and instilling that in your kids?

    It's hard for a preschooler to navigate truth from lies, and I've begun to catch my son lying to me without even realizing it. I want to nip this in the bud before we get to the tween years, so at my house we are at Honesty def-con 2. Red alert. But it may not be working out quite the way I had anticipated…

    I've tried a few different tactics and thought I was doing a pretty good job modeling honesty. Until, last week, feeling self-righteous, and a little grandiose about my parenting skills, I made this bold proclamation to K:

    "I have NEVER lie

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  • Looking for a way to add some fun to breakfast with the kids? Whip up a batch of waffles and decorate them with the silliest faces you can make. Better yet? Let the kids get their creative juices flowing and they can design their own funny waffle faces. Use all sorts of fruit and whipped cream (if you want). Turn it into a competition! Game on.

    Share photos of your child and any other fun, embarrassing or incredible moments that you have captured on the Moments of Motherhood Flickr Group. While you are here take part in discussions with other moms.

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