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  • By GalTime Teen Parenting Expert, Barbara Greenberg, PhD

    Summer Camp

    Summer Camp

    Talk to a group of teens and they will tell you that they can't wait until the summer so that they can return to the sleepaway camp that they've been going to for years.

    They just can't wait to spend several weeks living together in a cabin often on bunk beds with others that they have come to regard as part of their extended family.

    And, many of these teens grow up and become too old to be campers and go on to become counselors at these same camps. Many, also, keep their camp friends for years and include them among their closest friends.

    For many teens, there is something so special about being away from home, feeling independent, and creating and sharing special moments with their peers.

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    I recently spoke to my own daughter about why she loved sleepaway camp and she said that the girls in her bunk really gelled and formed incredible bonds. Oh, yes. Sh

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  • Fitness routines are easy to talk about but more difficult to do, especially for families. Parents may work different schedules. There's always housework to be done. Kids have after-school activities. There are work and social functions. Usually, exercise is the last thing I want to think about after work, cooking, chores and errands. That's why I suggest low-impact, low-maintenance family fitness tips.

    * Keep it simple. I'm a busy mom and I know how hard it is to keep up even the simplest routine. Exercising together will fall by the wayside if I over-think it. Just as education is striving to "get back to basics," so is our family. Bike rides, evening walks, jogging--these are easy to manage.

    * Mix work and play. Walk kids to school or to the bus stop. The dog needs walking? There's a perfect excuse to get some exercise. Shoveling snow, cutting the grass, weeding the garden, cleaning the garage, raking leaves--these chores do double duty as a family workout. Kids have a paper

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  • Kids love to put their own stamp on their rooms and what better way than with easy, fun decorations they can make at home. See 5 ideas here, then head to for over 30 more kids' room decoration crafts!

  • Source: 4 Simple Tips to Encourage Your Kids' Creativity

    Painting and drawing are great artistic outlets, but creativity means more than simply diving into a box of crayons. To encourage your kids' creativity in other areas, it's best to step outside the box and introduce them to fresh, new activities and environments. Whether it's a quick cooking date or a day spent out on the town, we've come up with four simple tips to help your little ones exercise their imaginations:

    1. Invite them into the kitchen. Make a space for your kids in your cooking routine and teach them about different spices or food combinations. Let them create their own recipes, have taste tests, and bring them to the farmers market to introduce them to new foods. Giving them a glimpse of what goes into their meals is a great way to stimulate their curiosity and maybe even kick-start a new passion.
    2. Turn off the TV and turn up the music. Whether it's during arts and crafts or while your kids do their homework, t
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  • Big and Little, free to fly

    A couple months ago, the suburban chatter started. Camps, classes, vacations, day trips. After all, my kindergartner has an especially long summer break due to some construction in the district. (And my preschooler always seems to have an especially long summer break.) Three and a half months. Three kids -- ranging in age from one to six. What on earth are we going to do?

    The answer is simple. Whatever we want.

    When I say that, there's a bit of panic, I'll admit. But there's also a lot of excitement for me. You see, this is the first summer I've been at home with my kids that isn't a maternity leave. (And let's face it, having a newborn is no vacation!) I've always been a working mom, but now I'm working a lot less and doing it from home. I know this may not last, so this is my chance to make the most of it.

    So, while my plan is really to have no plan at all, I know the, "What are we going to do today?"s are just 29 days away. It's time to get my calendar and pencil out so

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