• You most definitely don't need to spring into a state of hysteria just because we flipped the calendar to November. Time--and grocery store savings--are on your side. We asked money-saving experts how getting a jump on our Thanksgiving shopping can save our food dollars and our sanity.

    Make a plan
    "The key to saving on groceries," says Stephanie Nelson, a.k.a. the Coupon Mom, "is taking time to plan your list and shopping strategy." The time spent planning will be paid off in savings. "Sit down and list the dishes you plan to make and the ingredients you will need to buy." Take a full inventory of your kitchen to know what you already have on hand and what you still need.

    Let sales dictate the menu
    "Try to only buy items on sale," advises Ellie Kay author of Living Rich for Less. "With a specific menu, you're obligated to buy the groceries on your menu." But when you buy only what's on sale, you let your family eat well and at the lowest price point possible.

    Seize the day
    Take your

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