• Janice Lobaugh finally got to hug her son, Spencer Parrish Williams, after 30 years apart. (Photo: Mary Ann Ch …

    After 30 years of combing through databases and Internet search results, a mother and the son she gave up for adoption have been reunited, thanks to a random message posted on the family history record-keeping site Ancestry.com.

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    Janice Lobaugh, a 48-year-old married mom of two who owns her own real estate company in Wasilla, Alaska, was just 17 when she was forced to give her 5-month-old baby boy, Therman Randall Blair, up for adoption.

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    "I had a very stressful childhood," Lobaugh told Yahoo! Shine in an interview on Friday. She and her younger sister discovered they were both pregnant on the same day, and their mother — a single mom already struggling to raise three kids — was not supportive. One Friday when Therman was just a few months old, Lobaugh left him with her mother so she could pick up her paycheck. When she called

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  • What happens when you enter the search term "Mother" in a stock photography website? You get lots of sunshine, hanging laundry and salad bowls. You also get a month's worth of nightmares. Moms made of plastic, moms wielding weapons, and even worse, moms whose emotions we just can't read. In honor of Mother's Day, we bring you the scariest stock images of our nearest and dearest.

  • In this edition of The Weekly Flickr, we asked the Flickr community to help us celebrate the most important women in our lives: Mothers. We wanted them to share their photos and tell us “The Best Advice She Ever Gave."

    We received countless photos and wanted to share a few testimonials from the photographer. Happy Mother’s Day!

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    “The best advice she gave me is to lead a happy, healthy and full life, such as hers, I need to be mentally and physically strong, which is possible if I keep myself fully engaged in activities I enjoy and avoid worrying.” -KV Gopalakrishnan

    "The best advice my mother gave me was: Don't ever let the negative things in life get you down." -- Sean Marc Lee

    “The best advice my Mom ever gave me was to save money. It sure has come in handy at times when I've wanted to buy something that wasn't necessary, and I would think of Mom, and usually decide against the purchase. My Mom is the best,

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  • We've heard a lot about the work-life balancing act lately, but seeing it is a different story. Twelve years ago, photographer Ali Smith, decided to capture real moms in their daily lives. Not the power-suited mom of '80s movies or the happy homemaker of '50s advertising, but real women with real parenting challenges. One botched book deal, forty moms, and $35,000 in donations later, Smith has self-published Momma Love, a pictorial homage to the tightrope walk of motherhood.

    The original goal, says Smith, was to "present an honest portrayal of it to counter the copious amounts of slanted B.S." She recruited both friends and total strangers to serve as muses. Then, halfway through her project, she saw her savings drained when the company planning to publish her book was shuttered. "Emotionally, it was devastating," Smith tells Yahoo Shine. "I cared about the women and the subject too much to let it drop."  Enter the fundraising site Kickstarter, where Smith found a groundswell of support (and was able to meet her $35,000 goal to self-publish in time for Mother's Day.) In the process, Smith gained a new perspective on the pressures of work-life balance.

    "It's easy to make yourself feel guilty about not being with your child when you have to work, or neglecting your life's passions when you're with your child," says Smith, who lives in New York with her husband and three-year-old son, Harper. "From making this book, I learned I'll probably be okay as a parent, and that my kid will likely be okay too." Here's a look at Smith's photos, and the moms who inspired her.


  • Food52 co-founder and editor-in-chief Merrill Stubbs, revisits a former brunch staple that makes the perfect Mother's Day breakfast in bed: croissant french toast.

    Croissant French Toast

    - Merrill

    It occurred to me recently that I hadn't written about anything breakfast-y in a while. And for whatever reason, I was reminded of a former brunch staple I used to whip up regularly: croissant french toast.

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    Yes, it's rich. And for this I make no apologies. If you're typically a breakfast purist who enjoys nothing more than a bowl of fat-free yogurt sprinkled with toasted wheat germ, this may not be the dish for you -- then again, it just might be!

    The truth is, it's a special breakfast, not meant for every day (even for those of us who don't gravitate to yogurt and wheat germ), but for an occasion. You know, like having friends over on a Sunday morning, or dishing up a decadent breakfast in bed on Mother's Day.


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