• Boylan with sons Sean and Zachary and wife Deedie. Photo: Courtesy Jenny Boylan

    There are not too many people in the world who can say they’ve been both a mother and a father. But Jennifer Finney Boylan, née James Boylan, can.

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    As James—a dark-haired man with a “feminine streak” who was a teacher of literature and a fan of Grateful Dead music—he met and fell in love with his wife, Deedie, in his late twenties, and soon became a father to their two sons. But James was harboring a secret: He was transgender, and, in his heart, had never truly felt male. He suppressed the notion for several years after marrying Deedie, but it eventually racked him with debilitating anger and sadness.

    “I used to tear my hair out thinking, when you have children, you’re not only living for yourself,” Boylan told Yahoo! Shine in an interview this week. “I was willing to bear a pretty heavy burden that meant keeping the people around me safe, but I got to the point where I couldn’t take another

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  • Do you have one of these? (photo via AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com)

    Do you have one of these? (photo via AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com)

    As cool as you and your mom are now, we're willing to bet that like so many of us, you've shared some pretty awkward moments. Maybe as a teen you were obsessed with multi-colored bajas and your mom was a slave to pleated denim. Or perhaps you two enjoyed an off-beat family tradition that looking back, makes you cringe (tap lessons? Glamour shots?). Or maybe you have some funny outtakes from your recent family photo shoot—you know, the shots that didn't make it on the holiday card for good reason.

    In honor of Mother's Day (and inspired by Awkward Family Photos), we're rounding up our readers' most awkward "mom and me" photos, moments that are as timeless as the holiday itself. The most hilarious and painfully awkward photos will be featured in a wonderfully entertaining slideshow and posted on Yahoo! Shine for all the world to see.

    Send us your favorite ridiculous photo memories by end of day Wednesday, May 8.

    Email to imagesforshine@yahoo.com or tweet us submissions on @yahooshine with

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  • Real Simple staffers share the can't-miss advice we've learned from our own moms.

    Originally appeared on RealSimple.com.

    Melanie Acevedo

    Marty Munson: When my sister was picking out her wedding china, my mom encouraged me to select mine, too, even though I wasn't even dating anyone at the time. When she bought me a number of settings, she said, "You don't have to be married to have nice things." (BTW, I still love my china and use it all the time.)

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    Joele Cuyler: Every time I called my mother to boohoo about something, she would remind me that things could be much worse and point out some real-life tragedies for perspective. It always made me reflect and feel grateful for what I had.

    Jenny Brown: Whatever dire situation I think I'm in, my mom finds a way to make me laugh about it. She teaches me to approach life with a light heart.

    Amy Maclin: Always be curious. Curiosity cures almost anything-boredom, sadness, awkward silences.

    Casey Tierney: M

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  • By Alyssa Goldman, Cheapism.com

    It doesn't matter if you spend a lot, a little, or nothing at all on a Mother's Day gift. The important women in your life just want to know you care. So show them some love with one or more of these cheap Mother's Day gift ideas.

    Have her try something new. This one requires some listening: Pay attention to your mother's (your wife's, your aunt's, etc.) interests. Has she always wanted to take a pottery class? Does she love yoga, but can't find an affordable studio? No matter what her hobbies (or potential hobbies) may be, there's surely a cheap Mother's Day gift deal on sites like Groupon, Living Social, Lifebooker, or Gilt City.

    Celebrate Mother's Day on the cheap.

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    Buy her a membership. If mom (wife, significant other, etc.) constantly goes to the local art museum whenever a new exhibit opens, it's time to buy her a membership. Make her a member of her favorite museum, local park, or community center.

    Sweet treats. Almost e

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  • When May 12 rolls around, celebrate Mom with one of these creative gifts she'll never forget.

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