• It took some work to re-create the dessert he remembered from his childhood, but the result does both his mothers proud. Get the recipe for this homemade dessert.

    I had two mothers: Caroline and Dorothy. Caroline gave birth to me, and Dorothy helped her raise me. Caroline was an incredible foodie - she didn't cook everything we ate, but her fine hand was evident in every bite. Dorothy was a superb natural cook, and had what I call "the touch." They were an extraordinary team, and it's fun to write about them when Mother's Day is here because the original coconut cake recipe that I used as a springboard for this one was truly a joint effort. Sometime around 1981, Caroline watched Dorothy make this beloved dessert and wrote down everything she did. Dorothy intuitively cooked by feel, and although she had made the cake hundreds of times, this was the first time the recipe had ever been put on paper.

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    When I was doing research for my b

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  • By Raechel Conover, Cheapism.com

    It's officially spring and retailers are preparing for warm weather and hotter sales. In April you'll find deals on everything from laptops to travel, as well as some March deals on winter gear that have been extended a few weeks. Although the selection will be slimmer on last season's goods, prices may be deeply discounted.

    Car parts and tires are on a good buy this month.

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    Used cars and car accessories/parts. April is National Car Care Month, so car parts stores and service centers will be running promotions to sell car accessories. If your car needs a tune-up, this is a service to buy in April. It's also a good time to add discount tires to your shopping list. Used car dealers stock up on inventory in April in anticipation of warm weather and spring car sales. So beat the crowds for a better selection of used cars and hunt around for dealers willing to negotiate.

    Vacations. Spring is one of the best times of the year for travel. Sandwiched betwe

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  • If you're pregnant with your first child and live in the Los Angeles area, or you'll be visiting the area on May 9, 2013, Ellen would like to hear from you! Tell us why you deserve to be in Ellen's Mother's Day show audience right here.

    Apply for Tickets to Ellen's Mother's Day Show

    Apply for Tickets to Ellen's Mother's Day Show

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  • By Sarah Kulchar for TheBump.com

    Photo: Getty / The Bump

    Being a mom. There is a lot of change that comes along with becoming a mom but there are some parts of it that are simply great. I've got to admit that there are a lot of (unexpected) things that "being a mom" has helped me out with. Not that being a mom should be used as an excuse on purpose, but let's be honest - sometimes it is the best excuse. Whether its intended or not, let's enjoy the perks of it while they are there.

    Here's some that I thought of:

    1. You all of a sudden have a great excuse to look a bit ragged. Another plus - if you even look semi-presentable, people always comment on how great you look for having a little one to care for. Score!

    Unbelievable new mom confessions!

    2. You can sneak out of those pesky friend and family events. Whoops, baby has an early bedtime!" to jet out of a place sooner. Am I right or am I right?

    3. You finally have something to bond over with that super cool mom that you see at various social events. Nothing beats h

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  • Show mom how much you care with thoughtful gifts she'll love

    Moms do it all. They cook, they clean, they pay the bills, they change diapers, they take you to soccer practice, they go to PTA meetings, they buy you a nice shirt just because, they put thoughtful notes in your lunch box, they make sure you're prepared for your geography test or your sales meeting, and they often have their own full time job too. It's exhausting just to think about! This Mother's Day let your mom sit back, relax, and be truly celebrated. We've rounded up 10 thoughtful ways you can pamper the mom in your life so she feels like queen for a day.

    Cook her breakfast

    Wake up early to make Mom her favorite brunch. Kids can pitch in by creating a fruit salad, setting the table, and decorating or making a special centerpiece. Up the ante with hand-designed plates or coffee mugs (head to your local craft shop or try this kit).

    Give her flowers
    Sure it's cliche, but doesn't mom deserve some flowers as beautiful as she is? Let kids help pick out a florist bouquet or hanging plant f

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