Natural makeup is back, and it's prettier than ever. Stash your dark eyeliner and colorful eye shadow-a healthy flush and nud…

  • By Beth Shapouri, Glamour magazine

    If you're fighting dullness like it's the Big Bad of the Hellmouth*, these awesome skincare recipes from Oasis Day Spa will help you do that before spring comes.

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  • Blaine Moats/Fitness Magazine

    Blaine Moats/Fitness Magazine

    By Amy Ahlberg
    It's easy to be green these days. Just make sure you add the springy shade to your plate, as well. From fruits to veggies and more these superfoods are stocked with perks for your health and weight.

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    This leaf is quickly rising in popularity, and for good reason. "Kale is a nutritional powerhouse with tons of cancer-fighting properties, as well as 3g of fiber and 4g of protein per two-cup serving," says Rachel Beller, RD, founder of the Beller Institute and nutritionist for The Biggest Loser season 13. Add on to its résumé an exceptional source of health-boosting chlorophyll, calcium, iron, and vitamins A and C and it's clear this veggie is here to stay. It's also versatile, says Amy Chaplin, vegetarian chef and author of the blog Coconut & Quinoa. "I love it raw in salads, steamed, marinated, baked into chips, sautéed, or blended into soups."

    Don't let the size fool you. Peas are often overlooked as a source of nutr

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  • Dr. Seuss' environmentally-conscious tale of The Lorax (starring Taylor Swift and Zac Efron) hits the big screen this month, so we rounded up the best natural beauty products.

    Pick #1: A Beautiful Life Nail Lacquer in Cuke

    A Beautiful Life Nail Lacquer in Cuke

    How it's eco:
    Keep your manicure Mother Nature-friendly with these non-toxic polishes. We're sweating the latest shade, Cuke, which is green in every way.

    Pick #2: Schick Xtreme3 Eco Razor

    Shick Eco Razer

    How it's eco:
    How's this for spring cleaning: Schick's first-ever sustainable razor (and packaging!) is created from 100 percent recycled plastic hangers.
    Pack of four for $7.50;

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    Pick #3: Neal's Yard Beauty Sleep Concentrate

    Neal's Yard Beauty Sleep Concentrate

    How it's eco:
    A whopping ninety percent of the ingredients in this serum are organic, including water (yup!), grape seed oil, aloe vera, orange peel, and flower oil. Massage it into your s

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  • By Jessica Press, REDBOOK

    Stop feeling guilty about the environment-and honor Earth Day on April 22-by taking a few ideas from this list. They're all simple, easy moves with major eco-impact.

    1. Quiz yourself by taking the fast, free "How green am I?" test at, a site started by mompreneur Susan Hunt Stevens, 41. It will give you an overall view of how you stack up - levels include "sorta kinda green" and "wicked green" (yes, Susan is from Boston!) - and generates an individualized to-do list of simple switches you can make. Susan was motivated to green-over her own life after her son was diagnosed with a number of food and environmental allergies. "I started by making really small and easy changes, and it inspired me to help others do the same," she says. Bonus: Practically Green offers feel-good rewards such as virtual merit badges and free product samples as you adopt eco-friendly habits.

    2. Drive a bit less and walk, carpool, or ride your bike to

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  • By Devin Toth, REDBOOK

    The key to low-maintenance hair is to embrace your hair's natural texture. If you know what your hair's natural texture is, then you already know its natural style tendencies (i.e. "My hair tends to fall flat!").

    From there, it's just a matter of choosing the right haircut that will help your hair do what it does best and choosing hair care products that enhance your hair's natural tendencies rather than downplaying them. Here is the recipe for a low-maintenance haircut that can air-dry.

    Low-maintenance hairstyle formula:
    Hair texture + proper haircut + tendency-enhancing products = an easy, air-dried style.

    High-maintenance hairstyle formula:
    Hair texture + improper haircut + products that downplay tendency = a forced style.

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    Gwyneth Paltrow

    Thin, straight hair likes to stay flat. This type of hair doesn't like to hold volume, so why fight with it? Instead of cutting layers to create volume, you should

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