• Ready for a new spring perfume that won't make you sneeze? Try a mixture of sustainably harvested essential oils that blend with your body chemistry to create a signature scent, rather than a synthetic blend that can trigger allergies.

    We're addicted to Red Flower's Champa, which smells like the essence of yoga, to us: Warm and sweet with notes of champa flowers, rose geranium and jasmine. The oils are organic, the roll-on is perfect for your pocket or purse, and it's packaged in recycled glass!

    If you're looking for something a little richer, try Aveda's new Ancient Attar. It's rich and woodsy with base notes of sandalwood and light touches of rose, like a walk through a forgotten Moroccan garden.

    Zuzuzpetalz is a white-flower bonanza featuring jasmine and gardenia essential oils, hand blended and individually poured to order. It's luscious and sexy and smells like nothing else-and is sure to have the most unique name in your beauty cabinet, to boot!

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  • It's pretty easy to get weighed down by the shoulds of eating and exercising, especially when you add in new studies and other people's opinions that aren't exactly positive. What would it do for you to put all that aside for a few minutes to focus on the good stuff you are already doing, the healthy habits that are a part of your daily or weekly life, the resolutions that have happily stuck?

    Here's the challenge: For two minutes, stop thinking about pounds, calories, failures or pants that you sit down in comfortably for more than the salad course. Instead, give some good thought, words, and validation to 3 healthy things you do.

    I'll kick us off with mine (and I have to admit, it feels pretty empowering to type these things out in a little "yeah, me!" sort of way).

    1. I drink a lot of water. Stashing a bottle of water in my car, my purse, and at my desk help keep me well-hydrated almost all day, almost every day.

    2. I start my day with yoga. This is a new thing for me. Or rather,

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  • Many of us have put off projects we want to do at home because the cost is not something our budgets can handle this year. But in keeping with my DIY, a little at a time mantra, why not pick three affordable DIY projects to do this year? They don't have to be grand projects. Even refinishing or painting one garage-sale find can be just thing to refresh a room. So here are three simple, affordable DIY projects anyone can do to recharge at home.

    Paint. Yes, you can. You can change a room dramatically by changing the color of the walls. And, even if you're intimidated by the thought of taking brush to a wall, the beautiful thing about paint is it's easy to paint over. Expect to pay between $200 and $350 for paint and tools for one room, but by using your time, you'll save a ton of money if you do it yourself. Need some help? Here's a How to Paint a Room buide from This Old House. As for choosing colors, here's how to use a color wheel guide to find the right colors for you. Remember, the

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  • Whoa, are the holidays over? Well, then it's time for the "FF Top 5 Fitness Gifts gift-giving guide to things you could give to the exercisers in your life" aka the FFTFFGGGTTYCGTTEIYL. (If you say that acronym out loud, you will incidentally be making the noise I make when I do experience muscle fatigue and fall down into the fetal position and just rock.)

    Yes, this comes direct to you on your computer or other web-surfing gadget, culled from other people's timely holiday gift guides, just days too late to be any good to anyone! But if you must know, it's really just an excuse to riff on some stuff, and anyway, if you see anything you like you could buy it for yourself or return the Baywatch Beach workout tapes you got in exchange for some of these beauties. So here we go! Let's count down backwards, just like we did for last seconds of the New Year.

    5. The Road ID.
    Because it's always nice to send a gift that says, "I fear your running/cycling habit is going to end up with you

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  • Do you find yourself fixating on the stars to a harmful degree? Are your weekly tabloid purchases cutting into your food budget? Do you base your outfits and wardrobe pieces on critiques by the Fashion Police and "Who Wore it Best"? Do you devote more time to thinking about J.Lo's marriage than your own? Follow our 12-step program and nip your celeb addiction in the bud this year.

    1. Admit that you are powerless over celebrity obsession-that your life has become unmanageable due to reading too many blogs, watching too much "Access Hollywood" and endless stacks of US Weekly back issues.
    2. Remind yourself that they are real people and shouldn't be looked at as higher beings. In the scheme of things they're completely insignificant.
    3. Make a decision to cut back on your pop culture intake. Seriously.
    4. Take inventory of all the tabloids you read, all the blogs you visit daily, and all the celebrity-driven television you watch.
    5. Time yourself doing each activity and admit that,
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  • 1. You hear yourself say to your sweetie, "Come to bed, hon…and why don't we leave all the lights on this time?" (Remember that can't-wait-to-do-it feeling? Here's how to recapture it, even after a stressful day.)

    2. You can wear your favorite jeans on a cross-country flight without wondering if the circulation to your thighs will be cut off somewhere over South Dakota.

    3. You occasionally go spelunking in a vat of fettuccine Alfredo but don't flip out about it because you're confident you'll be able to eat healthier again tomorrow.

    4. You've retired the Spanx to the back of your drawer and feel just fine going bare-legged under your skirts. (Sculpt lean lges fast: Six ballet-inspired toners to resize your thighs, no tutu required.)

    5. You take your sweet time choosing accessories for a big night out because you're not wasting energy obsessing about the best outfit to camouflage your hips and butt.

    6. The only muffin top in sight is the one behind the deli

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  • The skinny on this eating plan-advocated by Nicholas Perricone and the Zone's Barry Sears-including recipes and menus, and advice from a nutritionist

    Looking to lose weight or just eat healthier in the New Year? Let us help you weigh the many options out there with our Diets 101 series. Today's diet is the Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

    The Concept

    Eating anti-inflammatory foods-and avoiding inflammatory ones-can make weight loss easier, slow down the aging process, and prevent disease.

    Distinguishing Features

    • Salmon, flax, walnuts, and other omega-3 rich foods are central
    • There's an emphasis on colorful, antioxidant-rich fruits andvegetables
    • Avocados, nuts, and olive oil provide monounsaturated fats
    • Liberal use of spices, especially the "hot" ones
    • Flagship flavors: curry, ginger, garlic, and chili peppers

    This Is Your Diet If...

    • You love exploring international cuisines
    • You're on an anti-aging crusade
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  • The lowdown on giving up meat to lose weight-à la Skinny B---- and The China Study-including recipes and menus, and advice from a nutritionist

    Looking to lose weight or just eat healthier in the New Year? Let us help you weigh the many options out there with our Diets 101 series. Today's diet is the Vegan Diet.

    The Concept

    • A plant-based diet will slim you down and reduce your risk of cancer and other illnesses.

    Distinguishing Features

    • No meat or fish (basic vegetarian)
    • No dairy or eggs (vegan lite)
    • No honey or gelatin (hard-core vegan)
    • No caffeine, alcohol, sugar, or processed foods (ultra-pure option)
    • Flagship flavor: soy

    This Is Your Diet If...

    • You have moral or ethical issues with using animals for food
    • You don't mind rowing against the current
    • You never met a vegetable you didn't like
    • You're worried about your cancer risk
    • You'd like to reduce the carbon footprint
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  • Looking to lose weight or just eat healthier in the New Year? Let us help you weigh the many options out there with our Diets 101 series. Today's diet is the Low-Carb and Smart-Carb Diet.

    You know the names: Atkins, South Beach , New Glucose Revolution, and Low GL. Find out how these carb-counting diets work-plus get our low-carb recipes and tips from a nutritionist.

    The Concept

    • Carbohydrates are the root of all evil.

    Distinguishing Features

    • The day starts off with a high-protein meal, and continues in the same vein
    • Fast-burning carbs such as white bread, rice, potatoes, and sweets are off the table
    • Beans, whole grains, and fruits are allowed in moderation
    • Nonstarchy vegetables add nutrients and fiber
    • Fat is your friend

    This Is Your Diet If...

    • You're looking for a high-protein diet
    • You're ready to give up white foods
    • You need to control your blood sugar
    • You'd rather count carbs
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  • Want to have smokin' hot abs NOW? Lose one size in one week? Tone all your muscles with just one machine? You've heard claims like these on infomercials for fitness equipment. But are any of them worth buying? Consumer Reports (CR) tested 9 products between $40 to $2500 sold through infomercials online or on TV and measured the muscle activity and calories burned as panelists used them. Here's what they found:

    Abdominal Exercisers:

    • The Ab Rocket ($100) says it will give you the body you've always wanted, but most exercises were slightly less effective than traditional abdominal exercises in CR's tests.
    • The Rock-N-Go Exerciser ($230) barely felt like a workout to those who tried it. And CR says it was less effective at working the abs than traditional exercises on a mat.
    • The Red Exerciser DX ($175) claims you'll lose four inches off your midsection in two weeks. Consumer Reports finds some exercises targeted obliques at least as much as comparable floor moves, but
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