Odyssey of Marriage

5 Easy Steps for a Happier Relationship

Simple tips to help you and your partner feel happier and more connected with one another!

  • life's beautiful moments, dispite it's downfalls.

    When spring is in the air, it often seems that is love too. It makes sense: During the winter, we have less daylight, tend to bundle up, and opt to stay indoors or at home. During the spring, however, days are longer, we show more skin and are eager to get outside and be social. This spring, enjoy the season of romance with some of these fantastic date ideas that won't cost you a fortune:

    1. Wine Tasting: It turns out that all 50 United States are in wine production. So, more likely than not, you can find a winery nearby. (Check here for a state-by-state locator.) Most wineries offer wine tastings for free and allow you to taste a good number of their wines. If you don't live near or don't have access to transportation to get to wineries, check listings in your local paper for restaurants and wine shops that offer wine tastings.
    2. Concerts in the Park: Many towns and cities offer free outdoor concerts in their parks during the warmer weather. Depending on where you live, these con
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  • Melissa Wiliams, HL&S Editor | Co-Owner, Yoga Junction

    Instead of your typical date night this weekend, give something entirely new a try- partner yoga
    And while there are a crop of nude yoga DVDs showing up on the market, we're not talking naked yoga. We're talking the real deal.

    Partner yoga is a therapeutic way to practice.

    Certain poses require that you each balance together; others require you to communicate without actually speaking a word.

    Balance and communication? Sounds like something we all need a bit more in our love lives.

    And before you move on because you're not in a romantic relationship, or because you're certain your partner won't participate, know this: Partner yoga can be practiced with any type of partner: Sister, best friend, mother. Someone you trust is key, and someone you can laugh with.

    If you've tried yoga, or experienced the feel in a yoga class when the teacher gives you a much-needed adjustment, you understand that yoga can be greatly assisted when

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  • By Aaron Traister & Lauren Le Vine, REDBOOK

    We've all had it-the dreaded "I want to watch this; he wants to watch that" debate. Allow us to suggest compromises you'll both enjoy for a fight-free flick night.

    1. The Romantic Tearjerker, His Pick: The Professional

    From Gary Oldman chewing up the scenery as a dope-dealing crooked cop to Natalie Portman as the ingénue who falls for a middle-aged, mentally-challenged hitman who can't read, this tragic early May/late December romantic tearjerker has it all. It also somehow manages to retain its innocence despite its creepy Lolita theme (as long as you don't think about it too much). Show me the person who doesn't get a little misty during the scene where [SPOILER ALERT] Leon and Mathilda share their final goodbye before he shoots and explodes his way out of the building in which they were hiding. Leon was so close to having a real life, but he knew it wasn't meant to be-and his final sacrifice proves to be the wind beneath Mathild

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  • April Daniels Hussar, SELF magazine

    has sprung! Daffodils, tulips and cherry blossoms are in bloom, and love is in the air (along with all the pollen!). It's time to store your winter boots, come out of hibernation and make the most of this time of regrowth and new beginnings, starting with your romantic life. No more movie nights on the couch! To get you inspired, we've got five great ideas, whether for your next outing with your long-term guy or for your next first date.

    "Because of the great weather, spring dates are typically much more active than their fall and winter counterparts," says Ariana Anthony of HowAboutWe.com, a new kind of dating site where, instead of focusing on lengthy profiles, members show who they are by posting date ideas that begin with the words: "How about we..."

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    Anthony and her team analyzed over 500,000 date ideas proposed and accepted on HowAboutWe.com, and for spring, "outside" is in! "Outdoor dates such as

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  • By Fernanda Moore



    The world is full of advice for married couples, newlyweds or not -- some of it commonsensical, most of it well-intentioned, and much of it wrong. In the 14 years we've been married, my husband and I have broken all the rules at least once -- and when I copped to friends, most of them gleefully admitted they'd done the same. So I asked them to go on the record as we figured out the biggest myths about marriage. With the help of a few experts (themselves veterans of long, kid-filled relationships), we've decoded what bits of conventional wisdom are worth tossing -- and what are worth tweaking -- from the suggestions we've all heard since walking down the aisle.

    Myth: Never go to bed angry
    It sounds reasonable -- why risk letting a fight smolder overnight only to flare up again the next day? Better to resolve things, sleep soundly, and start fresh.

    What we say: Just agree to disagree until morning -- especially if it's midnight, there's no resolution

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