• A 13-year-old huntress in Mongolia defies tradition.Ready for your daily dose of breathtaking wonder? Allow us to introduce Ashol-Pan, a 13-year-old eagle huntress in Mongolia, and perhaps the world's only female apprentice falconer. Ashol-Pan belongs to a Mongolian tribe known as the Kazakhs. Inhabitants of the Altai mountain range on the west side of the country are the only people that use golden eagles to hunt.

    Apprentices, generally Kazakh boys, start honing their craft at the tender age of 13, learning how to use the magnificent creatures to hunt foxes, hares and other game, though the massive birds weigh heavily on their still-developing arms. Ashol-Pan, as the daughter of a particularly celebrated Kazakh hunter, has been gifted with a rare opportunity and astonishing natural talent, according to Asher Svidensky, photographer and travel writer.

    It's not an easy profession, as one could well imagine. Hunts occur in winter, when temperatures reach as low as negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Prior to the hunt, falconers spend

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  • 8 Birth Stories Crazier Than Yours8 Birth Stories Crazier Than YoursThe group of us sat around the dining room table, gaping at a cellphone. I was hanging out with a bunch of other moms from the neighborhood, and one had just told us that years ago she'd given birth on a local highway. Even more incredible: they'd gotten a copy of the recording of her husband's call to 911, and she had it on her iPhone. It lasted nine minutes, and we all listened in fascination as the husband grew more and more nervous ("When are you getting here?!") and the officer on the other end of the line advised her not to push (!!!). She had the baby before the ambulance arrived.

    Like meeting cute stories, you never get tired of hearing about birth stories. These are some of the most memorable ones out there.

    1. Woman gives birth to twins on separate highways

    "The babies are coming!" yelled Siobhan Anderson. She and her husband, Bryan, were on a highway in Long Island, New York, en route to the hospital. He pulled over and called 911. As the EMTs got her onto the

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  • Life Would Be Easier Without My Youngest Child"What's your favorite animal?" My 3-year-old asks, green eyes wide, blonde hair haloing her face.

    "Giraffe?" I mumble. It's barely 6 AM.

    "Me, too!" my daughter cries gaily. Then she grows serious. "I also love bunnies and hippos and those other ones with the big horns on their noses. What'rethosecalledMommy?"

    I stumble into the kitchen to get breakfast ready. She stands beside me on a chair and makes "little eggs" in the flour with a teaspoon, bellows to her big brother and two big sisters, "PANCAKES ARE READY!" and then helps me do laundry by folding dishtowels into messy squares and squishing them into the drawer.

    Before this little girl was born, I worried we were being greedy. My husband and I were already blessed with three healthy children, could we really be lucky enough to have a fourth?

    I adore this child. She is good-humored, philosophical and bright. She has a question -- and an answer -- for everything. But sometimes, more often than it is safe to admit (and

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  • 6 Reasons My Toddler Hates Her Parents6 Reasons My Toddler Hates Her ParentsI was in the gym locker room last week as a mom and her teenage daughter readied themselves for the day after working out together. While there were a lot of similarities between this angst-ridden teenager and my 9-year-old, the similarities between her and my toddler were even more apparent. The biggest difference between the teenager and the toddler? The teenager quietly stewed and rolled her eyes at her mother, while the toddler has no problems screaming her distaste and throwing herself to the floor in epic meltdowns.

    If Vivi were capable of understanding or using the word hate, these would be her major complaints against us -- her terrible, terrible parents.

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    1. We wash/comb/style/touch her hair.

    HOW DARE WE?! I don't know how in the world we got two kids with these amazing heads of hair, and both of them HATE having anything done with it. As soon as I begin combing Vivi's hair she begins rubbing her hands through the

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  • By Sarah Smith, REDBOOK.

    Confession: I was unmoved by the "World's Toughest Job" video. You know the one. It's popping up in Facebook feeds faster than a "What character on New Girl are you?" quiz (wait, does that exist? I'd take that), usually accompanied by comments like "Love!" and "So true" and "Crying now."

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    Perhaps I did not cry myself because I knew what was coming, thanks in part to who I saw sharing the video. Hint: It was not the people who usually post their "Where am I now?" vacation pictures, but the ones who share their kids' funny observations on life (I love those, btw--not knocking them). But honestly, even if I'd clicked on it blind, wasn't it a bit obvious? Don't we all know the trope that moms have the worst, most thankless job in the world?

    I'm so bored by that idea, I can't even tell you.

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    One day when my son was tiny, when he was so

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  • 10 Tips and Tricks That Prepared Me for a Natural Birth10 Tips and Tricks That Prepared Me for a Natural BirthA little over two years ago, I experienced one of my life's greatest accomplishments: giving birth to my daughter Fern … naturally without so much as an aspirin. (You can read her birth story here if you're interested.)

    I don't share this to brag - truly. I'm kind of a baby when it comes to pain and quite honestly one of the last people you would ever expect to have a natural birth, so the fact that I did it? Well, it was pretty freaking empowering, and I have never been so proud in all my life.

    I totally get why some women want their epidurals and I completely respect that, but natural birth really is amazing. Birth is by its very nature unpredictable, but if a natural birth is what you're aiming for, then there are definitely some things you can do to prepare yourself ahead of time in order to increase your odds of having the birth you've dreamed of.

    I made a list of some of the things that helped me most in preparing for my natural birth, and I hope you'll find them helpful as

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  • Maria De Jesus had appendicitis, but her right ovary was taken out(Newser) - As far as medical mix-ups go, it's a horrifying one. In October 2011, a 32-year-old woman underwent an operation at Queen's Hospital outside of London; Maria De Jesus was suffering from appendicitis and needed to have her appendix removed. Instead, her right ovary was taken out, and De Jesus, who was 21 weeks pregnant with her fourth child at the time, ended up dying roughly three weeks later. The case is now in front of a medical tribunal, which is weighing the medical fates of the two doctors involved, then-trainee surgeon Dr. Yahya Al-Abed, and Dr. Babatunde Coker, who was supposed to be supervising him.

    During the Oct. 23 surgery, De Jesus began to bleed "quite heavily. ... In the midst of this, Mr. Al-Abed removed what he clearly believed to be the appendix. He thought he found it, removed it, and gave to a nurse what later turned out to be Patient A's ovary," the tribunal heard. Coker, who was eating lunch at the time, was never summoned, nor was he aware the surgery

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  • Photo: Warner Bros.The Harry Potter series is unequivocally one of the most beloved collections of books ever published. With over 450 million copies in print, translated into 73 languages, and turned into eight movies that were distributed in nearly every country on Earth, the wonderful wizarding world is incredibly far-reaching. But the expansiveness of the franchise doesn’t necessarily translate into a diverse cast of characters in the fantasy fiction. Just ask college student Rachel Rostad.

    The junior at Macalester College in St. Louis called out author J.K. Rowling at an annual College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI) with a poem Rostad wrote from the perspective of Cho Chang, the only Asian at Hogwarts. (While she won the “Best of the Rest” award in 2013 for her work, the video has resurfaced because the 2014 CUPSIs recently took place.) The piece, titled “‪To J.K. Rowling, from Cho Chang,” speaks to the lack of diversity in the Harry Potter plot and the stereotypes Rowling uses to portray

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  • By Lauren Le Vine, REDBOOK.

    We love when Josh Duhamel shares photos of his adorable son Axl on social media, and REDBOOK readers have made it abundantly clear that they do too. We couldn't wait to ask Josh about his favorite Instagram subject, and we finally got our chance when he teamed up with Advil's Relief in Action campaign to help kick off National Volunteer Week. Get ready to "aww"… a lot.

    What's changed the most in your life since Axl was born?
    "When a baby comes along, that just comes first. You want to be there for everything, so it's been about trying to organize my time a little better. We literally both want to be there and see everything. It doesn't feel like much of a compromise; it just sort of naturally happens."

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    What's been the best part about watching Fergie as a mom?
    "Her ability to entertain extends all the way to infants. I try to entertain, but Axl isn't as interested as he

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  • By: Ivy Jacobson for TheBump.com

    Photo: XYZ/GAMEPIKSWhat we know for sure about Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's adorable relationship is that the couple is engaged, due to the huge bling on her ring finger, Mila has effortless and chic maternity style and… not much else.

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    Sadly, the couple is known for being super-private, so we need to get over the fact that there won't be any gender reveal parties or colored balloons for them on Instagram and be happy about Us Weekly's reporting instead.

    Today, the outlet stated that Mila and Ashton are having a… baby girl! Woohoo! We bet Kelso and Jackie…ahh, I mean Ashton and Mila, are thrilled about the news, especially since Ashton is surrounded by guys all the time on Two and a Half Men.

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