• You Bet I'm Raising a Mama's BoyYou Bet I'm Raising a Mama's BoyI didn't think I was on a stalwart mission to raise a mama's boy. It's the sort of pursuit that evolved as my relationship with my son has developed and deepened over the years. We are tight, my son and I. He's the sort who initiates luxuriant rounds of sweet cuddles and kisses. He has, in fact, dubbed himself my "kissy-bear."

    "I'm your kissy-bear, right mama?" he asked me, glowing with pride and a huge smile, immediately after coming up with the phrase all on his own.

    It was inevitable, I suppose, since I'm a hands-on, affectionate person. I'm secretly relieved that it hasn't blown up in my face yet and that my son still savors all of the physical touch, doting, and love I shower upon him. When I think about our tender, close mother-son connection, I don't think about whether this means I'm raising a mama's boy.

    I just think (and hope), that perhaps I'm raising a good human. A sweet and sensitive one, an emotionally-developed and confident one who will one day shower endless

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  • By: Ivy Jacobson for TheBump.com

    Photo Courtesy of the Manufacturer

    Evenflo announced a voluntary recall on more than 1.3 million child safety seats after finding that seat buckles in certain models were faulty and could become stuck in a latched position, making it difficult to remove a child from the seat in the case of an emergency.

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    Evenflo stated that this problem could be to due to exposure to various contaminants (like food and drinks), but there is no risk if the buckle is functioning normally.

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    Here's what you need to know about the recall:

    Evenflo's recall includes buckles from these children's convertible and booster seat models manufactured between 2011 and 2014:

    Momentum 65, Momentum 65 LX and Momentum 65 DLX, with model number prefix 385 and was manufactured between 3/4/2013 and 8/26/2013

    Chase, Chase LX and Chase Select, with model number prefix 306 and was manufactured between 6/12/2012

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  • The ongoing national debate surrounding vaccines has swept into its morass an unlikely player this week: the restaurant chain Chili’s, which canceled a planned fundraiser for the National Autism Association after finding itself under pressure by pro-vaccine groups.

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    The chain had announced plans to donate a portion of its Monday sales to the organization in honor of National Autism Awareness Month. But that prompted outcry on social media when critics pointed out the association’s controversial belief about vaccines. “The National Autism Association believes vaccinations can trigger or exacerbate autism in some, if not many, children, especially those who are genetically predisposed to immune, autoimmune or inflammatory conditions,” according to the association's website. The idea goes against that of the medical mainstream, which points to various studies to show there is no link between vaccinations and autism.

    On Facebook

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  • Greg Kinnear Plays 'Simon Says'Greg Kinnear Plays 'Simon Says'

    He's a big fan of "Heads Up!," and has an idea for a new game. Plus, he gave Ellen the update on his family.

  • Mom Dies so Her Baby Can Live

    Elizabeth Joice died March 9, six weeks after giving birth(Newser) - Cancer survivor Elizabeth Joice was told the chemotherapy that helped her beat sarcoma in 2010 would also leave her infertile, so when she and husband Max got the news that she was in fact pregnant last year, "it very much felt like a miracle," he tells CNN.

    The happy news, however, was short-lived. Just a month into her pregnancy, Joice's cancer returned, and though surgeons removed tumors from her back, there was no way of knowing how far the cancer had spread without a full-body MRI scan. But the dyes used in the scan could harm the baby, meaning she'd need to end the pregnancy before undergoing the procedure.

    Joice opted to continue with her pregnancy but began having trouble breathing in her third trimester; an X-ray revealed tumors in her lungs. Jan. 23 brought both joy and devastation. Joice had a baby girl, Lily, via C-section, but "there were tons of tumor[s]," her doctor tells ABC News. "It had spread all over her abdomen." Tumors were also found in Joice's

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  • Egg Chickens

    This brood is all smiles, er, beaks as they pose for a family portrait to welcome their latest addition. (The photo hanging behind them was taken before the baby was born.) Mr. Rooster crows that his new son is a good egg, and Mrs. Chicken is pleased that both children inherited the family's felt features.

    Utility knife
    Paper clip
    Paper towels
    Ear syringe
    Dyeing mixture: 1 teaspoon vinegar, 20 drops food coloring, and 1 cup warm water
    Homemade drying rack of pins and foam board
    White glue
    Tempera paint or marker
    Egg creature templates

    1. Emptying eggs lets you save your creations. An adult should pierce egg at both ends with a utility knife, widening one hole a bit. Poke a straightened paper clip through wide hole; stir yolk. Place ear syringe in smaller hole; squeeze. Contents will pour out. (Wash hands well.)

    2. It's easy to make dye: Cover the work area with paper towels. In a jar, mix 1 teaspoon vinegar, 20 drops food

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  • Thanks to Twitter, people all over the world can get real-time updates on everything from the earthquakes in Chile to the elections in Afghanistan. But the social media platform also works on a smaller and more intimate level, as one of the company's very own employees recently illustrated.

    Claire Díaz-Ortiz works as the Social Innovation Manager for Twitter. As a crucial member of the microblogging site's team, she has more than 333,000 followers and exclusive dibs on the @claire handle. So it seemed only natural that when Díaz-Ortiz went into labor, she broke the news — where else? — on Twitter.

    "Currently googling: did my water just break?" Díaz-Ortiz, who lives in Argentina, tweeted on April 5.

    Her Google search evidently yielded a "yes," and Díaz-Ortiz began making her way to the hospital. However, it was a comedy of errors. She didn't have time to pack a baby bag, and her cab overheated

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  • The royal family arrives at Wellington Airport in New Zealand. Photo: Samir Hussein/WireImageThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge touched down in New Zealand on Monday morning to kick off a much-anticipated three-week tour of New Zealand and Australia — the couple's first official trip with Prince George. And though it's only day one, there's already been a swirl of information to keep up with. Here's what you need to know so far:

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    Why is this a big deal?
    Besides the fact that any royal movement is always a major event, this trip holds particular significance. That’s because, while the British monarchy still reigns in New Zealand and Australia — both are part of the Commonwealth of Nations — it’s unclear how relevant the monarchy still is in both countries, and this trip will provide insight into that. Recently, a former prime minister of New Zealand noted that it was “inevitable” for the country to become a republic; in Australia, meanwhile, recent surveys have found that a third of citizens would be upset if

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  • Children will bloom with creativity when making these seasonally inspired crafts.

    Painted Umbrella

    Coaxed open by raindrops, umbrellas bloom like flowers in spring. Your child can turn hers into the prettiest of them all by painting it with a fanciful pattern. It only takes a few supplies and a child-size umbrella. Give kids this absorbing activity, and on the next wet day, they can show off their handiwork in the rain.

    Nylon umbrella
    Permanent waterproof paint

    1. Follow the paint manufacturer's directions: Some fabric paints require the addition of fixative; others require ironing the umbrella after painting.

    2. Carefully cover the work surface with newspaper before you begin, and have your child wear a smock.

    3. Once finished, keep the umbrella open overnight; the paint must dry completely before you close it or use it.

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    Canvas Checkerboard

    Kids who learn

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  • Thinkstock / The Bump

    We got new dads to dish on what they wish their partners knew. So, listen up, mamas!

    By Kylie McConville for TheBump.com

    Let's be honest: a new baby, a whole new lifestyle and a postpartum mama aren't exactly the easiest things for most new daddies to get used to. Though they usually try to be helpful, it's still a big adjustment. So, after hearing what moms wish their partners knew, we decided to pull a 180 and ask dads to share what they wish the women in their lives knew. Some of the answers may shock you.

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    #1. They miss you -- and your attention.

    "After baby was born, I did my best to help with everything my wife needed. And while I don't mind doing it, I need a hug or a 'good job' every once in a while -- some kind of appreciation for what I do!" -- Jake B.*

    "I really wanted to take a trip with my wife, just the two of us. Even if we went away for a day together or were able to get a family member to stay

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