• Common Core: Why Are They Making Math Harder?Common Core: Why Are They Making Math Harder?As I've mentioned before, math is not my thing. I still don't have my multiplication tables memorized and generally farm out the tabulation of a 20 percent tip because numbers equal brain hurt.

    My oldest child isn't in elementary school yet, but I'm starting to hear lots of rumblings about Common Core math. The latest is a frustrated father who posted a subtraction problem from his second-grade son's math quiz on Facebook this week with a note to the teacher calling it ridiculous.

    The worksheet shows a complex Common Core formula for solving a math problem as opposed to just subtracting the small number from the larger one. The worksheet instructs the student to explain why a fictional kid named "Jack" should be using common core strategies to solve the problem: "Jack used the number line below to solve 427 - 316. Find his error. Then write a letter to Jack telling him what he did right, and what he should do to fix his mistake."

    Jeff Severt's reponse:

    "Dear Jack, Don't feel

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  • I thought I couldn't love Wil Wheaton any more than I already do. I mean, Stand By Me -- COME ON! And if you aren't following his Twitter feed you're missing out.

    But you should know that Wheaton isn't just some guy from Star Trek or The Big Bang Theory, he's a husband and father and a self-proclaimed nerd.

    I spotted this story on WTVR, and it's a good video to show your children. Nerds aren't the dorks with tape around their glasses our generation knows them as … Nerds are cool guys like Wil Wheaton and every single character on The Big Bang Theory. I mean, who doesn't love Sheldon?

    So a little girl asked Wheaton a personal question during his appearance at Denver Comic Con last June. The question:

    "When you were a kid, were you called a nerd and how did you deal with it?" a child asked Wheaton.

    Wheaton's powerfully emotional response was recorded and is now trending as a viral video.

    "When I was a little boy I was called a nerd all the time because I did not like

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  • Advice to My 4-Year-Old Daughter: If Anyone Ever Calls You Advice to My 4-Year-Old Daughter: If Anyone Ever Calls You Dear Little One,

    Yesterday, I overheard your brother tell you, "You'll always be a little sister." And you responded, with all the fire we have come to expect of you, "I'm not always going to be a little girl -- I'm going to be a big person!"

    You are 4 years old, and you may be little on the outside, but there is nothing little about you on the inside.

    However, your brother will not be the last person to make you feel little on the inside. And I'm guessing someone will try to keep you feeling small with one teeny, tiny word:


    With that word, they want you to remain small in the one place that really matters: your heart. They know the truth: sticks and stones can break your bones, but names can really shame you. Shame you into silence.

    I don't think they're doing it on purpose. They're just doing what powerful people do -- instinctively clinging to their power. Men, in particular, will be inclined to use BOSSY on you. I don't blame them. Most men have been taught

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  • New Research Says Helping Kids With Homework Has Negative ResultsNew Research Says Helping Kids With Homework Has Negative ResultsHow involved are you in your child's education?

    My wife and I are pretty aware of what's going on in our son's school, though this is largely because of his slow-to-develop socializing skills. Before his teacher told us about Felix's trouble playing with his friends, we had no idea what was going on, and when it comes to what he's learning in the classroom, or who he's playing with at choice time, I still keep myself relatively out-of-the-loop. I'm not even on the class email list, only my wife is. And no, that isn't because I'm a dad and dads don't do this kind of stuff. My wife works, I'm actually the parent who has more time to deal with his schooling! It's because I believe part of going to school is learning to become independent, something my son struggles with a lot, and so I try to keep out of his way as much as possible. That wasn't an easy decision at first, but as I wrote before, I figured that if he has something he wants to talk with me about, and that he needs help

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  • Jennifer Scollin delivered a surprise baby boy(Newser) - Jennifer Scollin hadn't been feeling well lately and chalked it up to a stomach bug that was going around. But when the Connecticut woman woke up Saturday morning with bad stomach pains, she called her boyfriend to come home-and minutes after he did, her water broke. They called 911, and she ended up delivering their second child in an ambulance parked in her driveway.

    "We didn't know at first it was a baby coming, but once we did it happened fast," she tells the Connecticut Post. "Two pushes and he was out." Scollin says she never suspected she might be pregnant: "I had been feeling fine until the past few days and I had been getting my 'womanly thing' every month until last month," she says.

    And the 9-pound, 3-ounce Cole Michael Thomas Dillman is Scollin's second child, so she is well versed in what pregnancy (usually) feels like. Scollin and her son are both doing well and were discharged from the hospital yesterday. Notes a hospital rep, "This sort of situation is

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  • photo: McDonald's commercialAs the parent of a 6-year-old, I’m constantly fielding questions I have a tough time answering. What are eyeballs made of? Why can’t I live with you forever? But how do babies get in your belly? The latest: “Does Lebron James really eat McDonald’s?!”

    We’ve been watching a lot of March Madness at our house, so my son has caught a few glimpses of the fast food chain's commercial starring Lebron James. In it, James joins some secret McDonald’s club (password: special sauce) where Johnny Manziel and other top athletes are members. They all have the privilege of eating the new Bacon Clubhouse Sandwich, a burger topped with cheese, bacon, onions, and more. Why I’m not loving it: My son is obsessed with Lebron James and totally confused by the fact that he would be singing the praises of fast food, which I’ve always told him is not healthy. “Isn't Lebron James the strongest, most healthiest man in the world, Mom? How come he's eating that?!"

    My son is really into sports, so we talk a lot about

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  • CorbisIt's girl power at its best: A 13-year-old with a passion for surfing has a major problem with what she calls rampant sexism in the sport. Not about to keep her feelings to herself, she recently criticized a popular monthly surf magazine in her home country of Australia by writing a letter to its editor in chief, scolding him for the way women are portrayed in the magazine’s pages.

    Her claim that the magazine applauded men for their surfing skills, while delegating women to scantily clad decoration, began circulating in the Australian media a few days ago. In the letter, the girl, Olive Bowers, writes, “Dear Tracks Surf Magazine, I want to bluntly address the way you represent women in your magazine. I am a surfer, my dad surfs and my brother has just started surfing. Reading a Tracks magazine I found at my friend's holiday house, the only photo of a woman I could find was ''Girl of the month''. She wasn't surfing or even remotely near a beach. Since then I have seen some footage of

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  • A Colorful Surprise

    Put blue food coloring in the milk before serving a meal or snack, and watch your children's eyes widen in surprise.

    A Surprise Shower

    Wrap a rubber band around the kitchen sink sprayer so whoever turns on the faucet gets a big, wet surprise.

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    Who Will Bug Out?

    Place a big ol' fake roach in the slipper of the family member who's likely to scream the loudest.

    A Tricky Tint

    Green eggs and bacon is a twist on Dr. Seuss -- just add green food coloring to eggs until they are the desired color.

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    Drawer Confusion

    Rearrange your spouse's drawers to make him wonder if he's still asleep.

    Morning Mix-Up

    Salt in the sugar bowl is a classic switcheroo.

    A Savory Surprise

    A mashed-potatoes-and-gravy sundae is a good gag for the afternoon,

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  • By: Ivy Jacobson for TheBump.com

    Photo: Jason Bell / Camera Press

    Unsurprisingly, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince George and Lupo's new family photo is gorgeous - there's just no other way to put it.

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    Royal photographer Jason Bell, check. Kate's dainty white $660 Temperley London blouse, check. Immaculate shabby-chic - yet slightly edgy - exposed brick window setting, check, check and check. Not to mention George's adorable love-struck gaze at Lupo.

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    Gorgeousness aside, here's what we really want to know about the picture.

    1.Will George's personalized sweater become more of a fashion phenomenon than Kate's nude L.K. Bennett heels? His blue cashmere sweater from Scottish brand Johnstons of Elgin was reportedly a gift from Prince Charles, according to Us Weekly. We also wonder how long George wore the sweater for that day before he spit up on it, as babies tend to do.


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  • A sobering thought: Each week, 50 children are accidentally backed over by a vehicle and 228 are killed annually by those accidents, which typically occur in parking lots or driveways, according to statistics compiled by public safety awareness nonprofit KidsAndCars.org. That’s why Monday’s passing of a rule issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)that would require most new vehicles — cars, SUVs, vans, and light trucks — to come equipped with "rear visibility technology" (which will allow the driver to see a 10-foot by 20-foot zone behind the car) by May 2018.

    "Safety is our highest priority, and we are committed to protecting the most vulnerable victims of backover accidents — our children and seniors," U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said Monday in an NHTSA statement. "As a father, I can only imagine how heart wrenching these types of accidents can be for families, but we hope that today's rule will serve as a significant step toward reducing

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