• Photo: GettyThis isn’t a post about baby giggles or exciting firsts or even that well-deserved glass of wine at the end of the day. Plenty is written about those parenting perks. Today I want to talk about an underexploited joy of motherhood: How we learn to enjoy the hell out of some seriously mundane crap when we actually get to do it alone.

    It may sound a little sad but it’s true. Once you have kids, something as simple as food shopping solo becomes like a day at the spa. Tooling around Target? Yes, please! A wait at the doc’s office? No problem, pass that Bon Appetit magazine from 2012. Airport delay? Four words: Book and Bloody Mary. Moms enjoy actually enjoyable things too but this ability to find bliss in the previously blissless is a great side effect of motherhood. Maybe a superpower, even.

    I was with a few stay-at-home mom friends the other day and one told us she had just been selected to report for jury duty. We all groaned for her, but then I recalled my own recent jury duty

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  • Josh Duboff

    Kate Middleton, crawl-misserKate Middleton, crawl-misserA few weeks ago, Kate and William caused something of a stir when they visited the Maldives without their little prince (a brief tangent: Will George ever read The Little Prince? He'd likely be taught it in school at some point, right? Probably would be kind of fun for him, actually, like what it must be like for girls named Charlotte when their classes are assigned Charlotte's Web.) Anyway, Kate and William went on a swanky vacation at a five-star resort earlier this month and George stayed behind, taken care of by Kate's parents in Bucklebury (which is also where Hermione Granger attended summer camp one year, incidentally).

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    Now, we're not sure if Us Weekly employs the Middleton family gardener as a source, or whether a disgruntled George called them up himself ("I got a whopper of a story for you guys," he squeaks, punctuated by a burp). But the magazine is reporting that Kate and William Read More »from Kate Middleton Missed Prince George's First Crawl
  • New Research: Autism Starts Before Birth

    Symbol of Autism Tattoo(Newser) - Autism appears to start with changes in the brain months before birth, according to new research that highlights the need for early identification and treatment of the disorder. Researchers studying the brains of deceased autistic children found abnormal patches in the cortex that suggest something went wrong either during or before development in the second trimester of pregnancy, NPR reports.

    The researchers say the patchy nature of the changes could explain why very young children with autism can improve if treated when the brain is still plastic enough to rewire itself.

    The changes were found in different regions of the brain from child to child, which could explain why the symptoms of autism can vary so much, a researcher says. Experts say the findings provide new hope for treating the disorder.

    "If this new report of disorganized architecture in the brains of some children with autism is replicated, we can presume this reflects a process occurring long before

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  • Katheryn Deprill says she feels 'pure joy'(Newser) - On Sept. 15, 1986, a worker and a customer at a Burger King in Allentown, Pa., heard an infant crying in the women's room. They found the baby, later named Katheryn Deprill, just hours old, wrapped in a maroon shirt and lying on top of a plastic bag. Deprill's mother was never found, and the infant was adopted and raised happily. But Deprill always wondered about her birth mother, and on March 2 she launched a public search via Facebook for her, which netted almost 33,000 shares.

    Little did she know that about six months ago, her birth mother had launched her own search. When she heard Deprill was looking for her, she got in touch with a lawyer-and the two women met at his office Monday, the Morning Call reports.

    "It was pure shock to see it was actually her standing there," says Deprill, now 28. "The first thing I got was my hug that I wanted."

    Then, she got answers. Her birth mother (who remains publicly unidentified) explained that she was raped and impregnated

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  • Remember: They're always watching
    By Markham Heid, Men's Health

    You know it's not cool to smoke and swear in front of your children. But watching television? "If you want them to be active, you can't just order your children to go play while you watch TV," explains Carrie Contey, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and parenting expert. (Find Out: What Type of Parent Are You?)

    Just as your kids learn how to speak by listening to the sound of your voice, they learn how to live by observing your actions, Contey says. And even if you exercise every day, unless your kids see you working out--or at least putting on your workout gear and heading out the door--they won't understand that it's part of your routine. "If you come home every night and immediately turn on the television, they're going to assume that's what you're doing the rest of the day, too," Contey adds. And so they'll want to do that--and only that--themselves. Save your TV time for the hour or two after you've put the tykes to

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  • By: Ivy Jacobson for TheBump.com

    Photo: Shutterstock / The Bump

    If you've ever thought that you've pumped so much breast milk that no other woman could have possibly pumped as much as you (which is definitely a common feeling), you've still got a ways to go before you catch up to Amelia Boomker.

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    The Bolingbrook, Illinois, mom of four just broke the Guinness World Record for breast milk donation with a whopping - ready? - 16,321 fluid ounces of breast milk to the Indiana Mothers' Milk Bank between 2008 and 2013.
    According to the milk bank, that's more than 127 gallons, or equivalent to 816 Venti lattes at Starbucks or 241 two-liter bottles of Coke.
    And even though Amelia's contributions are selfless and help feed thousands of ill infants in neonatal intensive care units, she didn't initially start pumping tons of breast milk for fun. She couldn't successfully breastfeed any of her four sons for various reasons, but pumped after each pregnancy and Read More »from This Mom’s Supply of Breast Milk Broke the Guinness World Record
  • Carolyn Weinand's mugshot(Newser) - Not that unusual: Cops show up to bust a teen party involving booze, and find someone hiding in a bedroom. Unusual: That person is the home's 56-year-old owner, and mother to the 18-year-old who threw the bash. Police say they arrived at the home in Naples, Fla., just after midnight yesterday, to find beer cans, bottles, and pot in the yard; as they approached, the partiers went inside and shut lights off, reports ABC7.

    Mariel Weinand, 18, answered the knock on the door-with the assistance of the two girls who were keeping her upright, say police-and passed along her mom's cell phone number. Police rang Carolyn Weinand, who said she was unaware of the party and out of town.

    She also gave them the OK to break up the party, which they moved inside to do. And that's when they say they found people hiding in a number of rooms and closets-and Carolyn Weinand hiding in a bedroom. She then changed her tune: The Naples Daily News reports that Weinand kept making "statements

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  • 7 Things Your Kid Will Spend Their Life Doing If You Give Them a Weird Name7 Things Your Kid Will Spend Their Life Doing If You Give Them a Weird NameIt took me years to like my weird name, which - now that I'm 35 - isn't all that weird anymore. But growing up in a sea of Stephanies, Lauras, Lisas, Jennifers, and Jessicas, I longed for a normal name.

    Life with a weird name was rough as a kid. (It's not that much easier as an adult; I've just gotten used to it.)

    And while I appreciate the diversity of names, a little part of me cringes inside when I hear a parent call to their daughter, Anais. Her life is going to be tough.

    Don't people know this by now? Don't parents know that their desire for uniqueness is going to make their kid's life annoying?

    I mean, come on, even Buzzfeed knows it - and wow, did they nail it!

    I took a few of my favorites from their master list, and added my own from years of living with a weird name. So, here are 7 Things Your Kid Will Spend Their Life Doing If You Give Them a Weird Name:

    1. Give a fake name at Starbucks:
    Or anywhere that requires a name for ordering. I use my last name

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  • The Postpartum Impact of Hyperemesis GravidarumThe Postpartum Impact of Hyperemesis GravidarumWhen I was only a few weeks pregnant, I woke up to the very familiar feelings of nausea followed by intense vomiting. It wasn't a surprise; I was expecting its arrival, but the fierceness of the sickness was a surprise. A few weeks later, I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum, and for the following 33 weeks, it was a daily and consistent force in my life.

    I was medicated with eight doses of anti-nausea pills daily to keep the vomiting to a limit of only a handful of times a day. I picked up a large list of food aversions and struggled to find anything that was not going to immediately be rejected by my body - a list that was very small. As the end of my pregnancy drew near, I was not only excited to meet my child and bring him safely into the world, but to be able to be around food again, to eat when I wanted, and to stop feeling so sick.

    Twenty pounds lighter at 38 weeks pregnant after a complication-free c-section, my small-to-me son was brought into the world, and I was

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  • Scarlett Johansson on Motherhood: Scarlett Johansson on Motherhood: A few months ago I was at a press junket for a film and someone asked the lead actress how she juggled parenting with performing. Everyone in the room had their pens poised at the ready to write down pearls of wisdom. The actress paused and sort of chuckled and said, "You know, I bet [male lead] never gets asked these kinds of questions."

    Wall Street Journal Magazine just published a fantastic piece about Scarlett Johansson, and when the conversation shifted towards motherhood and balance, Scarlett got directly to that point. She said:

    "There must exist a world in which I can balance those things, be able to raise a family and still make a film a year, or work on my own, develop things, do theater. I want to be able to have it all. [She laughs.] Selfishly.

    I know that with that there will be some sacrifices. I know that's the struggle with working mothers and successful careers. It happens. With [male actors] it just doesn't happen that way. You can be every woman's fantasy,

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